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During the past months the management of Impact Observer Africa has been on the look out for a Brand and advocate ambassador.

Finally they arrived at upcoming advertising model Deborah Fayose. Deborah Fayose, upon interview by IMEXMUL stated and I quote “I love to motivate and offer encouragement and I love children a lot,they are our future generation“.

When asked how she will contribute to Humanitarian issues,she said,I will help in raising funds and being a mouth piece for humanitarian works.

Deborah, whose face is represented on all Premium Bank Bill boards is willing to give her best in building sustainable lives in Ghana and beyond. IOA also promised to diligently work hand in hand with Deborah to in realizing Humanitarian works in relation to the 17 SDG’s launched by the UN in 2015.

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Impact Observer Africa

Maiden Edition Of “Ghana Gives Back” To Be Launched On June 30th



Impact Observer Africa is a non profiting organization which seeks to be the largest fundraiser and advocacy group for African NGO’s and also rendering charitable and developmental activities to burdened communities in Africa through insightful observations, research and partnerships.

This year’s maiden fundraising intended to support Mental Health Authority Ghana, Orphanages, Hospitals and Advocacy programs of the UN and NGO’s will be launched on 30th June,2017. More importantly, it is a very effective way to inform our community about Impact Observer Africa’s program titled Ghana Gives Back which is intended to support government, private and religious NGO’s in Ghana .

Ghana Gives Back is a team event. Teams are formed from every segment of our community; neighborhood groups, families, church and civic organizations.This teams serve as pioneers of Ghana Gives Back and help in the raising of funds for building sustainable lives in partnership with Government institutions and NGO’s. Also this pioneers will also serve as advocacy groups for projects of humanitarian benefits especially the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Ghana Gives Back is also the event that gives our community the opportunity to impact , develop beneficiaries of the event. Moreover names and contacts of members in the various institutions and communities shall be taken for further services that will be rendered to communities on our sustainable development tours.

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