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The controversial radio presenter is pregnant, NsromaMedia’s Nsiah Asante has observed. The observation is backed with proof gathered from her recent activities as well as an insider’s account.

First of all, she posted this about her failed relationship:

And @1only_princess asked… Diamond :Is this worth your happiness??why will u remain in a relationship that brings out the worst in you and take the best out of you Me:For the fear of being Judged wrongly;my family;how will the church see me??? @1only_princess :okay when u die we will bury u and send your children to their grandfather Despite. I walked out and now I am very happy,in a better space and very successful…it is okay for people to talk about your mistakes….so long as you are learning from those mistakes and please cultivate the habit of laughing at yourself….it helps!!!! Failure is not you falling but you remaining on the ground….dust yourself and move on… We all make mistakes…you made a mistake doesn’t mean you are a mistake…don’t remain in an abusive unproductive relationship filled with lies for the fear of what people will say;yes u trusted the wrong person,loved the wrong person BUT…don’t hold on to their lies Atleast I have 2 white gold rings that I can sell someday or even give it away to my fans!!!! When you shut that door…you will see so many options…not everyone is worth your time or your emotions!!! “Marriage won’t stop a cheater from cheating nor will a ring cure a failing relationship” ~Afia Schwarzenegger~ Good morning Schwaralewas💋💋💋

A photo posted by Afia Schwarzenegger (@afiaschwarzenegger) on May 16, 2016 at 11:17pm PDT

It may sound nothing but NsromaMedia’s Gossip team is well aware of her decision to not marry again following her recent issues with the man who was married with kids in the UK. In this post, she cleanses herself by letting all know her past is better left in the past.

What gets interesting here is that she posted a photo of her little girl, Pena. In this photo, she asks to guess who wants a little brother.

Guess who wants a younger brother??

A photo posted by Afia Schwarzenegger (@afiaschwarzenegger) on May 17, 2016 at 9:45am PDT

If you have been with an expectant mother before, you’d know this happens quiet often. From this, Afia is expecting a baby and already throwing signals around.

In her next photo, she was at (going to) the Lapaz Community Clinic (although it is her house). At least, that was the location she named with the photo. Check out her face and tell me she is not pregnant.

Complete this sentence: I am An African Becos…..

A photo posted by Afia Schwarzenegger (@afiaschwarzenegger) on May 19, 2016 at 2:05am PDT

She has been spotted at the clinic and talking about her little girl needing a little brother says a lot. Well, like the Akans say, it is impossible to hide a pregnancy, lets wait and see..


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Lojay, the singer, has released a remix of his hit single Monalisa, which features Chris Brown.

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Hushpuppi trends as Chris Brown mentions him in new song

Hushpuppi trends as Chris Brown mentions him in new song

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Heard, 35, testified earlier in the trial, describing numerous instances of physical and emotional abuse by Depp, all of which Depp has denied, claiming he was the victim.

“I had a scratch on my back once that got him very, very angry because he insisted it came from me having sex with a person who wasn’t him,” Barkin, now 68, said in the video.

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