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I have been listening to the Touchdown on Live FM a lot these days. That is the show that airs after Sammy Forson’s late afternoon show and hosted by Berla Mundi Ardadey. At least I have been doing so since Jeremie focused on the morning show and left this for Mundi to host.

Thus Berla Mundi whose foray into radio began in earnest when Live FM was launched and she was the presenter of the entertainment segment on the Mid-Morning Show with Antoine Mensah and the late afternoon show with Forson.

Before making it to radio, Berla was a TV presenter. She hosted a few shows on GhOne includingRhythmz TV as well as OmniBuzz and Daily Buzz. She was also the presenter of Miss Malaikaand other shows on the channel.

My observation of Berla since she got on radio is that she is one person who can say anything on radio without any regard to how that would be perceived by her listeners. Sometimes you cringe when Berla is about to say something and bam! she says it.

Berla is a confident girl. She speaks her mind regardless of who is listening. The one other female presenter she reminds me of is Caroline Sampson, especially when she used to host The Y Lounge, which she incidentally also took over from Jeremie.

The topics are relevant to the age group that listens and both she and the panel address them as they ought to and it is obvious from the messages they read from Whatsapp and Twitter that they are tuned to the right people.

It is obviously not a programme for my age and of course I find myself poking holes in all the arguments both she and the guests make, but I am not the audience for who the show is produced so I can take the chill pill.

I also think the music is good and it goes directly to appeal to the young people I am certain the show is targeted at and so is the news and tidbits that she drops on the show every weekday.

All that said, I think she is carefree, but very relaxed on the show and that manifests in how well she flows with both those in the studio and the contributors from outside.

Her brazenness which I cannot decide whether it is confidence or daringness aside, I think Berla’s show is becoming one that addresses issues of young people in contemporary times. There seem to be no subject that Berla won’t touch including: sex, reproductive health, relationship, sex-tape and name them.

Touchdown looks that the show that would define Berla’s radio personality as a sassy, vivacious, informal and if you like very daring.  Listen to her on Live 91.9FM on weekdays from 7pm and decide.

By: Francis Doku (Twitter @TheGHMediaGuru)

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Hushpuppi Trends As Chris Brown Mentions Him In New Song



Hushpuppi is trending on Twitter right now after Chris Brown mentioned him in a new song.

Lojay, the singer, has released a remix of his hit single Monalisa, which features Chris Brown.

Chris Brown sang in his remix verse, “See for this life | Me and you chop like Hushpuppi | We walk and they stare | Please show them you’re best…”

This piqued the interest of Nigerians, and many of them took to Twitter to discuss it, causing Hushpuppi to trend.

Hushpuppi trends as Chris Brown mentions him in new song

Hushpuppi trends as Chris Brown mentions him in new song

Hushpuppi, real name Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, is facing fraud charges and is scheduled to be sentenced on July 11, 2022.

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He Was A Controlling Partner : Johnny Depp’s Ex-Girlfriend, Ellen Barkin Testifies



Ellen Barkin, who dated Johnny Depp in the 1990s, testified that while the two were dating, Depp tried to constantly monitor her.

Depp is suing his ex-wife, Amber Heard, for $50 million after she wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post in 2018 alleging domestic violence. Depp was not named in the article, but his lawyers claim she was referring to him indirectly, and it has harmed his career ever since.

Heard, 35, testified earlier in the trial, describing numerous instances of physical and emotional abuse by Depp, all of which Depp has denied, claiming he was the victim.

“I had a scratch on my back once that got him very, very angry because he insisted it came from me having sex with a person who wasn’t him,” Barkin, now 68, said in the video.

Barkin said Thursday that the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor was often using drugs and/or drinking alcohol while they were together, saying it affected their relationship allegations which Heard made in the trial too.

Barkin also claimed that Depp threw a wine bottle at her while they were filming “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.” She claimed Depp threw the bottle while fighting with friends in a hotel room.

Barkin claims that her relationship with Depp lasted three to five months and was more sexual than romantic.

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Abena Korkor Finally Explains Why She Leaked Her Naked Video



Abena Korkor, mental health advocate, has finally explained why she leaked her naked videos and photos online.

In an interview with Mona Gucci on Onua TV, the controversial media personality revealed that she was having a manic episode, which caused her to leak the videos.

Abena Korkor revealed that she took those photos with a professional photographer in order to sell them online and make money.

According to Korkor, she intended to make millions from her nude photos, but the incident she experienced derailed her plans.

“It was an episode, and the photos I took with a professional photographer were to be sold on another platform.” That was supposed to make me millions of dollars, but I leaked it because I was having an episode,” Abena Korkor explains.

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