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‘It Was A Special Duel, And It Will Remain Forever’: Lionel Messi Speaks Of His Rivalry With Cristiano Ronaldo



Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi has admitted that his rivalry with Cristiano Ronaldo in Spain was special and it will remain forever.

Messi and Ronaldo played for Barcelona and Real Madrid, where they rivaled each other for the La Liga and Champions League titles from 2009-2018 as well as the Ballon D’Or, before the Portuguese footballer moved to Juventus.

Speaking to DAZN about their rivalry, Messi said: “It was a special duel and it will remain forever because it lasted many years and it is not easy to maintain certain levels for a long time.

“Plus the teams we played in were also very demanding, both Real Madrid and Barcelona were the two best teams in the world.”

The Argentinian also scored 472 times in all competitions for Barcelona between 2009 and 2018, while the Portuguese star registered 450 goals for Madrid.

Messi added: “Competing on an equal footing for so many years, I think it will remain forever.

“The sporting duel between us was very nice on a personal level and I think people had fun too, whether it was from Madrid or from Barca, or even only football fans in general.”



Messi: 472; Ronaldo: 450


Messi: 122; Ronaldo: 95

La Liga Trophies:

Messi: 7; Ronaldo: 2

Champions League Trophies:

Messi: 2; Ronaldo: 4

Ballon D’Or

Messi: 6: Ronaldo: 5

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Six Accra Girls SHS Students Test Positive For Coronavirus



Six students of the Accra Girls Senior High school have tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Citi News sources at the school said some students of the school showed symptoms of COVID-19 and were isolated in the school’s sickbay on Monday, June 29, 2020

Health officials from the Ayawaso North Health directorate were called in to deal with the matter.

COVID-19 tests were subsequently run on 11 students. Six of them tested positive and were on Saturday, July 4, sent to the Ga East Municipal Hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, calm has returned to the school after agitations over COVID-19 fears among the students.

Reopening of schools
Three days after Ghana recorded its first two cases of the novel coronavirus, President Akufo-Addo on March 15, 2020, directed the closure of schools at all levels to curb the spread of the virus.

But after almost 10 weeks of closure, final year Senior High Schools (SHS) students were asked by the President to return to school on Monday, June 22, whereas their counterparts in Junior High Schools (JHS) were to do same on Monday, June 29, to prepare for their final examinations.

Final year university students were also asked to resume on Monday, June 15.

All of these formed part of the phased easing of COVID-19 induced restrictions by the President.

Calls for mass testing of students, teachers
Before and after the decision by the government to reopen schools, many guardians and individuals expressed worry about their wards being put at risk by having to go back to school.

Although there were several calls for the government to conduct mass testing of students, teachers, and non-teaching staff to avoid the importation of the virus into the schools, it did not heed to these requests.

The Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS), for example, proposed mass coronavirus testing of students and all staff before schools reopen.

The opposition New Democratic Congress also suggested that all students, teaching and non-teaching staff be tested “to preempt any potential spread on secondary schools and university campuses”.

Four Teacher unions; the Ghana National Association of Teachers, National Association of Graduate Teachers, Tertiary Education Workers’ Union and Coalition of Concerned Teachers even registered their opposition to reopening schools.

But President Akufo-Addo has assured all parents and guardians that the government is committed to protecting the lives of the 800,000 students, teachers and non-teaching staff, who will be returning to school.

“I will be the last person to put the lives of the ‘Akufo-Addo graduates’ at risk,” he stressed.

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Coronavirus Spreads All Over Malawi; Country Likely To Face Restrictions



The invisible killer Coronavirus is fast spreading “all over Malawi” and “faster than before”, the country’s new President Lazarus Chakwera said in what was billed as a special address to the nation.

In a brief message, he underlined that things can be summed up in five words: “Malawi, we have a situation”.

The President made an indication that even though the country has only around 1,400 people who have tested positive, almost half of the cases came in the last three weeks.

He continued in his statement that the virus is now spreading within the community rather than coming from outside.

He added that some restrictions will be declared next week, but acknowledged that a balance had to be stuck with maintaining livelihoods.

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Coronavirus: Former President Kuffuor And His Wife Go Into Isolation



Former President John Agyekum Kuffuor and his wife have allegedly gone into self-isolation after being admitted at the University of Ghana Medical Center.

According to reports going viral on social media, the former first couple was admitted at the UGMC after one of their security personnel tested positive.

It’s believed they have gone into isolation as they await the results of their Covid-19 test.

However, the spokesperson of the former president of John Agyakum Kuffuor has come out to debunk the news going viral.

According to the spokesman, the couple is only testing at Peduasi lodge and not going under self-isolation.

Meanwhile, the president of Ghana, Nana Addo Dnwah Akufo Addo is going under self-isolation for 14 days after one of the people in his inner circle tested positive.

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