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Job seekers from America and Europe will soon come to Africa : Pastor Otabil



Because job seekers from the United States and Europe will soon arrive in Africa, Pastor Mensah Otabil, the General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), has urged Ghanaians and all of Africa to maintain hope.

The continent will soon be so prosperous, as predicted by the revered man of God, that job seekers from America and Europe will swarm here in search of greener pastures.

Speaking on the topic of “We will get it back” at this year’s Greater Works Conference’s opening night in Accra, Pastor Mensah Otabil made this statement.

Africa will get it back and it will be well with the continent, it will be well with our people!

“America has had its chance, Europe has had its chance, and Asia has had its chance. It’s Africa’s chance too,” he assured, saying his conviction was beyond the physical, adding more billionaires will emerge from the continent and “Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Jack ma will read about you”.

The renowned preacher backed his claims by quoting Jeremiah chapter 32 in Bible which talks about how God rescued Israel from external and internal enemies when it was in captivity and relief seemed impossible.

Below are some of the reactions from angry Ghanaians who have taken his prophecy in a bad fate;

Evans Ashong – Why not specifically mention Ghana? Take money from people in the name of our Father, give them hope as a motivational speaker – Easy job. Instead, why don’t you tell people the truth? Tell them what the developed countries are doing to provide opportunities for their citizens. If you were living in a developed country, you would have been prosecuted in relation to the banking saga. The Gospel according to Africa

Fred Senam Ahamey – With this kind of corrupt and greedy political leadership?come on ! political leadership has penetrated other leaderships such as chieftainship, religious,and civil leadership

Yaw Preku – John Boadu said this and he was insulted, a pastor says the same thing and he’s being defended. Politics and Religion will forever remain Africa’s BIGGEST problem

Qweku Yedu Gaisie – Ghana is far behind the western world in socio-economic, technology, education, application of H.R and moreover this is the country where appointment is based on WHOM YOU KNOW and not WHAT YOU KNOW, corrupt religious and political leaders..the most annoying part is religious leaders are refusing to tell themselves the simple truth and if corrected, our generation who will suffer out of wickedness of the old people of these days will be defending because of political and religious affiliation…. Wise Up.

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Elon Musk accuses Twitter of fraud in countersuit



Elon Musk has accused the social media platform, Twitter, of fraudulently holding back information about the company as part of a countersuit.

The countersuit by the billionaire and Tesla CEO alleges that Twitter committed fraud, breach of contract, and violation of a securities law in Texas, where Musk lives.

Musk’s counterclaims were filed confidentially last week and unsealed in a filing late Thursday at the Delaware Chancery Court.

Musk offered to buy Twitter earlier this year, then tried to back out of the deal by claiming the social platform was infested with a larger number of “spam bots” and fake accounts than Twitter had disclosed.

Twitter sued to force him to complete the acquisition. Musk responded by filing his countersuit.

Musk’s attorneys argue in the countersuit that Twitter “misrepresentations or omissions” distorted the company’s value and caused Musk to agree in April to buy it at an inflated price. They said Twitter’s own disclosures revealed that it has 65 million fewer “monetizable daily active users,” who can be shown digital ads, than the 238 million that Twitter claims.

The filing also said most of Twitter’s ads are shown only to a sliver of the company’s user base.

Musk’s team also accused Twitter of making too many major changes in recent months without consulting Musk, including personnel decisions and allegedly disobeying social media restrictions imposed by the government of India, which is Twitter’s third largest market. Musk had pledged to make Twitter a haven for free speech but has also said it must comply with the local laws where it operates.

In an unexpected twist, Twitter filed its response denying Musk’s accusations before Musk’s own counterclaims surfaced.

Twitter called Musk’s reasoning “a story, imagined in an effort to escape a merger agreement that Musk no longer found attractive.” The company, in particular, took issue with Musk’s estimate of fake accounts, saying the analysis relied on a “generic web tool” that designated Musk’s own Twitter account as a likely bot.

“The result is a distortion that Musk is hoping will nonetheless make waves,” Twitter’s response said.

The case is scheduled to go to trial on October 17. The Delaware court handles many high-profile disputes between businesses, such as Twitter, that are incorporated there.

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Adinkra Pie CEO and Anita Sefa Boakye expecting their first child



A few weeks after their rumored divorce, the CEO of Adinkra Pie, Barima Osei Mensah, and his wife, Anita Sefa Mensah, were spotted out in public.

The couple shamed their detractors and haters as they subtly revealed to the public that they are expecting their first child as a married couple in a new heartfelt video that has surfaced on the internet.

Anita Sefa Boakye’s baby bump is clearly visible in the video, and a background voice can be heard hyping the couple and hinting that something significant is on the way.

The hype man also instructed Anita Sefa and her husband to embrace in order to humiliate their adversaries who support the dissolution of their union.

Barima Osei Mensha and Anita Sefa Boakye were branded a ”celebrity couple” after they shot into the limelight due to their glamorous wedding in 2021.

The couple has since had media lenses and public eyes on their marriage, and recent hearsays had it that their young marriage had hit the rocks which were later found out to be fake news.

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Legon: Residents of Mensah Sarbah clash with Commonwealth hall residents



After residents of two halls got into a fight and some property was damaged, the University of Ghana was once again in the news.

The cause of the fight is currently unknown, but according to an unconfirmed report, a resident of Mensah Sarbah Hall visited the commonwealth hall, also known as the Vandals hall, and was attacked there by some vandals.

He hurried back to his hall while fuming and called for reinforcements, who joined him in storming the Vandals’ hall.

This sparked a significant altercation between the two halls, which resulted in the destruction of some campus properties.

A car on campus which was parked in front of Mensah Sarbah hall was also burnt by the angry students.

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