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John Dumelo Donates Laptop To Brilliant But Needy Student Of Ghana Medical School In Korle-Bu



John Dumelo despite losing in the parliamentary elections wants us to know he’ll still continue his philanthropic works.

The latest he has done is donating a laptop to a student of Ghana Medical School called, John Yao Avu.

He completed Keta Senior High School in 2019 with A1s in all subjects and got admitted to Medical School at the University of Ghana as a fee paying student.

The fee-paying amount in his first year was GHC 6,773. 00, which was paid for after he went cup in hand rallying friends and the benevolent support of old students of Keta Old Student Association.

“In my first year I stayed at the Pent hostel and got support from the UGSRC scholarship, that is how I survived”.

But in his second year of schooling, Avu had no guarantee of further financial support as his school fees has now increased to GHC8,089 excluding accommodation.

It means a dropout from school looms for the young man described as a prodigy.

At the back of this new problem, a campaign was launched to help raise funds for him so that he can continue his education.

After a campaign was launched, well-wishers came to his aid.

John Dumelo as a way of also helping has donated an HP laptop to John Yao Avu to help in his studies.

Sharing photos of his donations, Mr Dumelo wrote:

“Donated a laptop to John Yao Avu of the Ghana Medical School in Korle-Bu today. This is to aid him in his studies. Thanks @MacJordaN for sharing Yao’s story. Together let’s make Ghana a better place. #istilldey4u”.

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