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KubiLiveChat: Hello there!!! This is KubiLiveChat and I’m Baby your host.

Kaay DiFILMER: Hi thanks a lot for the feature, I really​ appreciate.

KubiLiveChat: You always welcome! So who do I have on my chat this afternoon?

Kaay DiFILMER: Well I am Kaay DiFILMER; Everyone calls me that. But my birth name is Agyekum K. Adarkwa.

KubiLiveChat: I like it.

Kaay DiFILMER: Haha! Glad you do! I get that a lot.

KubiLiveChat: Hahahaha. Nice. Kaay please tell us a bit about yourself, your educational background and all that.

Kaay DiFILMER: Erm well. Let’s start with my birth date. Lol. I was born on 6th March.Independence Baby. Did my primary education at Happy Home Basic School at Abeka-Lapaz in Accra. Then to Tema Secondary School in Tema obviously lol. I was a Science student but life choice got me in the Entertainment Industry.

KubiLiveChat: Wow!!!! He got the brains.

Kaay DiFILMER: Just trying you know? Lol.

KubiLiveChat: That’s great! From a science student to the entertainment industry, what influenced you to change your course?

Kaay DiFILMER: Erm. It still amazes me the transformation I went through. Well so you know the usual annual mixtapes which features all the dancers and rappers in that particular batch of students? So two house mates of mine-one had a digital camera and another a laptop so I pitched to them an idea to shoot our batch’s mixtape. So I shot a sample with my mobile phone first and edited on the phone as well. It was a sony ericsson back in 2008 I think. So it went well and they came on board as business partners we shot and sold the CDs on campus and made some little money lol. So it happened that the guy who always run away from school severally to go ‘burn’ this CDs at his studio in Pokuase; Zeddy Benson, a videographer, editor and director as well-being now based in Beijing asked to meet the person who shot and edited it and to cut the long story short he became my mentor and thought me a lot and still is.

KubiLiveChat: What a transformation! Lol.

Kaay DiFILMER: Lol Yes!

KubiLiveChat: And how did your parents take this transformation? I’m sure it must have been a blow to them.

Kaay DiFILMER: Not at all; unless they didn’t voice out their concerns lol. Dad actually helped me out finding the contacts of NAFTI; the film school I attended. My parents aren’t the usual African ‘dictating’ type and i’m glad I got them.

KubiLiveChat: Then you lucky, some parents are not like that you know. They just want you to follow their commands like that.

Kaay DiFILMER: Yes most colleagues of mine in film school dropped out because of same parents’ issues

KubiLiveChat: So bad.

Kaay DiFILMER: But well its all good. 21st century and now things are changing you know??

KubiLiveChat: Exactly, wish all parents are like yours.

Kaay DiFILMER: Yes. Same wish I have here because lots of dreams were and are still being killed due to this.

KubiLiveChat: Hmmmm!! Ghana for you…how we go do am

Kaay DiFILMER: Its actually same in other African countries you know?

KubiLiveChat: Can they be compared to our own?

Kaay DiFILMER: Yes.. I have heard a few stories..Hmm.

KubiLiveChat: Eeiii…. I see. Then Africa has a long way to go.

Kaay DiFILMER: A really long way.

KubiLiveChat: Anyways, that was just by the way. The road to the entertainment industry, how has it been so far?

Kaay DiFILMER: Well for me it has been an interesting and long one still on the road i should say. Lessons learnt and still on going.

KubiLiveChat: Any difficulties so far?

Kaay DiFILMER: Yes. Buying of equipment like cameras and accessories to support the career, since Ghanaian filmmakers whether we buy them from overseas or inland we still have to deal with Shipping and dollar rate compared to cedis has been a headache since our hustle has to be 4x in order to acquire the necessary tools for the trade. Another thing is the way, sadly our media organizations​ and the populace as a whole prefer foreign content to our local ones. It actually beats down the confidence and creative juices of our filmmakers down here and as such this influx of foreign content affects the industry as a whole. It takes perseverance and outstanding abilities as a filmmaker in this part of the world to make it big.

KubiLiveChat: Then this directing thing really entails a lot.

Kaay DiFILMER: Well yh. Challenges for me are Tripled because i am a director, videographer and editor.

KubiLiveChat: Directing, videographing and editing. Kaay can you enlighten us on this cause we’ve been seeing nice videos around and we don’t even know how they come up with it. You know what I mean.

Kaay DiFILMER: You mean combining all three as a person? Or?

KubiLiveChat: Ok let’s take it that way, like how you go about it?

Kaay DiFILMER: I would say it is a hard task but based on individual skill set. It becomes a daunting or fun task. For me; I have always been a multitasker, I used to study based in school with loud music playing along side. But the truth is all 3 directing, Videography and editing are interwoven. Mastering all 3 makes you a gem and as such a ‘walking workstation’ as my friends call it. But having all 3 skills takes you further than usual on this filmmaking journey. I have few friends who do same combo like me and as much as this is fun and requires a lot of passion and a sacrifice of social life to the career. I would say its best to have all 3 skills – better execution of work, better co-relation with crew and team members since you can speak same language they do and tell them what you want and look out for on each project. Clients appreciate you more when you do all three basically.

KubiLiveChat: Wonderful!! I’m really impressed. I must say!

Kaay DiFILMER: I honestly don’t know how to reply that. But thanks.

KubiLiveChat: Hahahah. You welcome dear. How many artists have you worked with so far?

Kaay DiFILMER: Artistes? Creatives like me or musicians?

KubiLiveChat: Both dear.

Kaay DiFILMER: Creatives like me, a lot I must say. I can’t even count since I have been on projects in and out of the country. Even Ghana alone has a lot of creative gems who are doing great works. Artistes out of film making. A lot as well. From the big names to upcoming. I have worked with a lot. I have shot a couple of music videos along the lines for musicians, shot videos for poets, actors and more. The word ‘artist’ you know covers a lot of people’s skills and I think I have met and worked with this ‘lot’. One thing I can say I love about my life and career is “I have to meet and deal with a lot of people”. And what I hate about my life and career? Lol same, “i have to meet and deal with a lot of people”.

KubiLiveChat: Woow!!! U really got love for your work.

Kaay DiFILMER: Yes. Passion above all dear.

KubiLiveChat: Great! Share with us some of your achievements and the wonderful moments in your career so far, dying to hear.

Kaay DiFILMER: Where do I start? Countless but will just list those that come to mind now. Back mind now. I got the chance to work on loads of music videos & projects with artistes like Asem, Pat thomas, Tinny, King of Accra, Yaw Sarpong & asomafo, Daughters of Glorious Jesus, Dr cryme, Deon Boakye, Medikal, Ruff & Smooth, Okra, Kwesi Arthur, Idd Aziz and Hart the Band of Kenya and some more upcoming artistes. TV productions wise I have worked on several Tv show episodes for renowned TV stations like Tv3 (Ghana’s most beautiful pageant, Guys’ Avenue & Trotro) in Ghana , NTV of Kenya, Voxafrica of London, SABC of south Africa, MTV and a whole lot I have lost track of lol. I edited the entire season one of Yvonne Okoro’s cooking reality show, ‘Dining with’ and have worked with crew members of the above mentioned corporations. Worked on countless projects with actors like Njugush & Nick Mutuma of Kenya, Kofi Adjorlolo, Yvonne Okoro , Lydia Forson, Majid Michelle and a whole lot of Ghana and a few more Nigerian & South African actors. Shot and worked on commercials and videos for brands like The Royal Senchi Hotel & Restaurant, Starbites Foods & Drinks, The Gold Coast Restaurant & Cocktail Bar, Zen Petroleum, Pringles Nigeria, BetaMalt of Accra Breweries Company, Kempiski in Kenya and a few more in South Africa, I wish I could list them all. There’s a lot to say dear, but I am currently overseeing content & video productions for OMGVOICE’s Kenya branch.

KubiLiveChat: I’m speechless! That’s real dope…wow!!!

Kaay DiFILMER: Thanks. Still working my way up.

KubiLiveChat: Kudos dear and more grease to your elbows.

Kaay DiFILMER: Thanks thanks.. I really appreciate.

KubiLiveChat: You welcome! Now tell me, if you compare our industry to that of those outside, do you think Ghana is really doing well?

Kaay DiFILMER: Well Ghana is doing well. It will surprise you to know that the industry outside Ghana. Majority of these renowned Media brands especially in South africa and Kenya are run by whites, which I wouldn’t really say is a bad thing but makes it a whole lot different especially from pre production to post production and such a very good experience. Mindset and professional workflow of the people in the different industry are affected by their respective cultures so I would say they all bear significant traits but in all Ghana I would say based on experience is still the gateway to africa in many aspects i cant talk about now.

KubiLiveChat: I see. Good to hear. Kaay who really inspires you?

Kaay DiFILMER: Zeddy Benson, google him lol. He still inspires me to be a better filmmaker, he and other black filmmakers across the globe , wish I could list them all. But I really admire Ben Affleck too.

KubiLiveChat: Hahaha. Alright, will check them out. So where do you see your self in the next five years?

Kaay DiFILMER: I dont know if I can answer that properly because I cant see into the future. But definitely, I want to be known if not world wide then one of Africas best filmmakers & hopefully award winning. Running a big time media corporation & part timing as a film lecturer. Would have settled with a woman by then. As for my location I can’t tell but I know I would be globe trotting

KubiLiveChat: Amen! Talking of a woman, you’ve brought yourself o…hahahaha

Kaay DiFILMER: Oh noooooo lol.

KubiLiveChat: I was coming to that though, lol.

Kaay DiFILMER: Eish asem aba.

KubiLiveChat: Hahahahaha. Its just something small ma dear, don’t get scared.

Kaay DiFILMER: Lol ok. lets see!

KubiLiveChat: Who’s this lucky woman?

Kaay DiFILMER: Hoooold on. Lol!

KubiLiveChat: Nooooo.

Kaay DiFILMER: She won’t want me to disclose, you know how these public figures. Lol

KubiLiveChat: Oohh noooo. Guess she’s also in the industry?

Kaay DiFILMER: Not really but I will gist you on another date privately don’t worry.

KubiLiveChat: Yeaaayyyy.

Kaay DiFILMER: Lol.

KubiLiveChat: But how long have you guys been together?

Kaay DiFILMER: Close to half a year I guess.

KubiLiveChat: Great! Wish you the best dear.

Kaay DiFILMER: Thanks dear. Is that it though??

KubiLiveChat: Yes o, I told you it was just a small kokonsa. Lol.

Kaay DiFILMER: Nice Lol. Had to make up the relationship part.. But hope it works.

KubiLiveChat: Eeiii, don’t tell me its a lie. Hahahaha!

Kaay DiFILMER: Hahahahah i am a filmmaker. Creating stories is my specialty. But it will work. Dont worry Hahaha!

KubiLiveChat: Jesooors. I pray it does though.

Kaay DiFILMER: Lol. It has to or i am gonna get attacks from all angles. You know how you women are.

KubiLiveChat: Hahahaha. I know dear. But let’s see, loyalty and money, which one will you go for?

Kaay DiFILMER: Loyalty anyday!

KubiLiveChat: Why?

Kaay DiFILMER: You could have all the money in the world. But disloyal loved ones, friends and family can bury you six feet deep.

KubiLiveChat: You real bro!

Kaay DiFILMER: I try.

KubiLiveChat: Keep it up! Let’s wrap up. We’ve come to the end of the road but before that, any words for those out there who wanna take your path?

Kaay DiFILMER: Ok. We not done? Lol ok lets wrap up then.

KubiLiveChat: Last one. Hahahaha

Kaay DiFILMER: AM actually enjoying this. So lets do this!

KubiLiveChat: Wow!

Kaay DiFILMER: Well, not much to say. A client and big sister once said to me. Passion will pin you to your purpose. And I always say to people and myself. Being the best version of yourself is the way to go. I have come this way because I always tried to do things my way and not watch people do. I wont say its the best way but it worked for me. I have being a rebel filmmaker since. Colleagues used to call me part-time-student back in school but I always preferred doing things my way because everyone is tied to his or her own different destiny. But in all; Passion is key for this line of work in order to break through all the obstacles.. Be you and do you and that’s where you discover your true self and lastly the world is very small and as such this industry is just a bit of it. Be truthful and honest. Work hard in your youthful age and chill and enjoy later when you don’t have the strength. Thanks and hope these words make sense to any one reading this.

KubiLiveChat: My young ones out there, the ball is in your court now. On this note, Mr Kaay DiFILMAKER, it was nice having you on our chat

Kaay DiFILMER: Thanks for having me. I really appreciate it. It’s DIFILMER though lol.

KubiLiveChat: Oops!!! Sorry, my bad hahahaha.

Kaay DiFILMER: Its ok.

KubiLiveChat: Give us your social handles so that we can reach you if the need arise

Kaay DiFILMER: Ok its basically kaay difilmer every everywhere. Facebook: Kaay DiFILMER Agyekum
Instagram: @kaay.difilmer
Twitter @kaay_difilmer
Will add my website for those who wanna watch my works or follow up:

KubiLiveChat: Thanks very much, enjoy the rest of the night

Kaay DiFILMER: You too Baby!

KubiLiveChat: Thanks a lot again.

By: Baby Da Model [KubiLiveChat]

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Kubi Live Chat

I Have No Mentor In The Music Industry : Gyidi




Gyidi, Ghanaian music rising star known in real life as George Kofi Asare has revealed he doesnt have any mentor in the music industry.

Revealing this in an exclusive interview on KubiLiveChat, he revealed honestly, he doesn’t look up to anyone in the industry.

He moved on saying, there are some people whose works he admires and get inspired by certain aspects of their crafts.

But outside the industry, he looks up to Apostle Vinny Max Bani, AVMB as he is all rounded and has the knowledge and skill for every area of life.

He also revealed he had once approached a label but now he doesnt want to be on any label.

Giving a reason, he thinks it’s better to start off on your own, build something substantial so that a label who comes looking for you will be able to have a better deal with you.

He told us; Yhhhh I think it is better to start off on your own, build something substantial, so that should a label come looking for you you have a greater negotiation or bargaining power. I don’t think it is advisable to go chasing labels, you may be at their mercies. But start something, learn the business, build a strong brand then if they come calling you can have a proper conversation where you’re not exploited or something. Yhhh. Get power so sey nobody go overpower you. Hehe.

Gyidi is out with a new EP called “Dawn”.

Listen and enjoy below.

Facebook: Gyidi.

Twitter & Instagram: @Gyidi_.

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Kubi Live Chat

Gyidi Reveals Inspiration Behind His “Dawn” EP




Gyidi, Ghanaian music talented musician in an exclusive interview with KubiLiveChat revealed the inspiration behind his new EP.

According to him, his”Dawn” EP was inspired mainly by what he perceived people could be experiencing.

So of his songs were written as a way to communicate to people, heal, comfort and guide them.

He also revealed to us why he chooses the name “Dawn” as this was decided by him and his team.

Explaining this, he revealed because they had been away from music for a while and felt like this was going to be a new beginning for them.

Check out his “Dawn” EP below.

Facebook: Gyidi.

Twitter & Instagram: @Gyidi_

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Kubi Live Chat

Ghanaian Rising Artist Gyidi Reveals Meaning Of His Stage Name




Gyidi, Ghanaian rising artist recently released a new EP called “Dawn” has revealed to us the meaning of stage name.

Speaking on KubiLiveChat, he revealed Gyidi means belief or faith.

It is actually the twi (a local Ghanaian dialect) for faith. The original pronunciation is “Gyidie”. I only took out the “e” to make it sound gyeer and more peculiar to me; he explained.

He also revealed to us, whatever he wants to achieve, he needs to believe to be able to do it, cos nothing comes cheap.

He further when on to reveal his name also announces to the people he stands for.

Enjoy his name EP “Dawn” below.

Facebook: Gyidi.

Twitter & Instagram: @Gyidi_ .

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