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Shatta Wale Angrily Blast Critics Who Are Complaining That There Is Too Much Editing On His New PHOTOS



Shatta Wale used to have a photographer called ‘Awuku photos’ who captures most of his pictures at events and for promotional purposes.

But in recent times, he has changed to another award-winning photographer, Manuel Photography.

However, it’s sad that his fans are not loving the works of the new photographer.

The critics are saying that Manuel edits his photos too much making Shatta Wale to look animated while Awuku on the other hand captures the real dancehall king.

One Facebook user Akroma Jr. called on Shatta Wale to re-instate Awuku photos and sack Manuel because the ‘too much editing’ is getting out of hand.

image 2021 01 22 100948

Well, these criticisms have gotten to the ears of the Shatta Movement boss, and he has responded accordingly.

In a Facebook post this Thursday morning, he called on those comparing both photographers to shut up.

According to him, the previous photographer Awuku photos had his turn so Manuel should also be allowed to enjoy his turn.

Shatta added that both photographers are good in their own way so the needless comparison should be halted.

In his words, he wrote:

“Those who are writing about Manuel and awuku should stop that fooling !!! Awuku had his turn .. he is good in his own way and that’s it period !!

This nonsense Ghanaian attitude of bringing people down can’t fucken go on in the SHATTA MOVEMENT WORLD !!

I don’t discriminate

I appreciate

You guys should grow up and learn a little from my life even if it’s my foolish side cuz it helps in life !!!”

image 2021 01 22 100733

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Nigerian Musician Zlatan Ibile Tattoos The Image Of Kwame Nkrumah On His Chest



Zlatan Ibile, Nigerian musician has inked the face of the first president of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah on his chest.

The photo after popping up on social media is fast spreading with social media users praising the singer for honoring one of the Heroes of Africa with a tattoo on his chest.

It can’t be told what motivated Zlatan to have Nkrumah inked on his chest.

However, it’s understandable that Ghana and Nigeria has similar stories in relation to their struggle for independence from their colonial masters.

And Nkrumah has been a force to reckon throughout Africa in his fight against the control of the British who ruled us in time past.

Check out the photos below:

ogidikakelvin 139561224 825177718351202 6257226252914447151 n

ogidikakelvin 139566718 3688336764615637 980723623245757563 n

ogidikakelvin 139719442 3636492583108560 8288661702269542208 n

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PHOTO Of The Twin Babies Ama Broni Left Behind



Following the death of popular Slay Queen, Ama Broni, it was revealed that she gave birth to twins who are just a few months old.

Photos of the adorable children has hit social media and netizens are expressing their concerns on why she would leave her children at home just to go and enjoy outside.

Now, these kids have been left motherless.

Check out the photo of the adorable kids below:

WhatsApp%2BImage%2B2021 01 19%2Bat%2B9.58.01%2BAM%2B%25281%2529


Ama Broni died after she was allegedly fingered and fondled by her male patrons during a dancing competition carnival at Liberia Camp, Kasoa.

Another story has popped up which is from a close friend of her who said the earlier reports are not true.

She gave her own side of the story as to why Ama Broni died.

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