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We reported a shooting incident that happened this morning at Tech-Ayeduasi; in Kumasi , where a private KIA saloon driver, argued with a lady driver whiles both were in traffic jam. He pulled a gun at the lady driver from his car.

As the two argued, an Aboboyaa driver who tried to intervene and talk the man to stop arguing with the lady, received three gunshots directly in the stomach.

A new video has surfaces and it is alleged to be a prove that, the driver was shot and killed by a CID who was one of the police rescue team at the scene.

According to eye witnesses, the KIA driver, who is believed to be a Nigerian was driving recklessly on the road at Ayeduase, right on the “Attah Mills junction” near the Access Bank premises. A pedestrian lady engaged in a heated argument with the man for driving that way on the streets which drew the attention of a passerby by name Amoah.

The witnesses say that, Amoah was actually defending the young lady and protecting him from the angry driver. The driver slapped Amoah in the face in which Amoah retaliated with a slap. In an extreme anger, the alleged Nigerian KIA Saloon driver drew a gun from his car and shot Amoah.

In an attempt to escape, a tricycle rider crossed the street with his tricycle, blocking the killer from escaping. The police unit and a Criminal Investigator was called at the scene. The CID, in a white attire in the video shot the Nigerian after the Nigerian acted reluctant to the orders of the police.

Watch below.