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Kwesi Slay’s ‘Billionaire’ Music Video Worth $60,000



Kwesi Slay

Young Ghanaian Hip-Pop artiste has disclosed that his recent music video shot and directed by Yaw Skyface cost close to 60,000 US Dollars.

The video of his current song ‘Billionaire’ shot under one week in Dubai, a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates, known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture, and a lively nightlife scene was shot in an expensive apartment with white skin models based in Dubai and there is a Yacht scene.

The artiste included that, the locations and the models in the video was chosen by the director, Yaw Skyface one of the best video directors in Ghana “the director made an arrangement with an agent in Dubai to get us the models, apartment and the Yacht since it’s a different country obviously there were some protocols that must be followed, but once the work has to be done it must be done well. It cost almost $60,000 which includes; Models, Video Director, Apartment, Yacht, and miscellaneous”

Click on the link to listen to the ‘Billionaire’ by Kwesi SLAY.

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I Began Smoking In 1994 : A Plus Talks About His Smoking Life



Musician cum politician Kwame A Plus real name Kwame Asare-Obeng has shared his story of how he smoked heavily for 2 decades before finally finding ways to break away from it.

In a post sighted on his timeline, the loudmouth revealed that he started smoking from the year 1994 and managed to stop in 2014.

Read his full text below:

I was a chain smoker. On a very good day, I smoked a pack or more. I began smoking ? in 1994 and never stopped till 2014 – twenty straight years.

One day, I decided to call it to quit. I bought a new pack of cigarette and organised my own cigarette send-off party ???? that morning, I treated myself to about five sticks of kingsize. After, I placed the pack on my bedside cabinet and said to myself, “Enough, I need a break!!” Then I sat in front of my mirror, and said to myself, If you are truly the master of your soul, though you will see this cigarette when you wake up and before you go to bed, and you shall be tempted to smoke it, do not touch it for a year. And yes ?, I did it.

From June 16th 2014 to June 16th 2015, I did not smoke. But you see, when you win the champions league, you want to win it back to back. ?? I therefore decided to challenge myself for another year. And once again, I was successful. For two straight years, I had a pack of cigarette on my bedside cabinet, kept the same friends I used to smoke with, went to the same places I used to smoke at but didn’t smoke a stick. By that time, after two years of not smoking, my system had naturally rejected it and I could not smoke again. I removed the cigarette from my room and threw it away. At long last, the battle had ended ?????

It has been six years since I quit smoking ? and I want to say a very big thank you to the man in me for being strong ?

Maybe you are struggling to quit. There is a man or woman in you who wants to help but it has to start with you. The truth is that it is not easy. Your will power must be on another level to be able to quit. You have to be in total control of yourself. From my experience, I can offer some advice to help you – that is, if you are struggling to quit smoking;

1. Don’t stay away from friends you used to smoke with because you want to quit. It is not the company you keep. It is about being the master of your soul. Be tempted, resist the temptation. Anybody who can resist tobaccotemptation is a hero. It is not easy.

2. Don’t stop smoking because you don’t have a cigarette. Keep one. It can be in your pocket, your car, or in your room. Just make a DECISION not to smoke. If the reason why you are not smoking is that you don’t have access to a cigarette, the day you’ll have access to it, you’ll smoke like crazy and chew the box after

3. Don’t substitute it with electronic cigarettes. Just just!!!

4. Set goals. have a deep conversation with yourself and make a DECISION to quit. Sit with your friends, watch them smoke If you succeed in resisting the temptation to smoke, go home and mark “day 1 ” If you don’t come in contact with smokers and for that matter, you were not tempted, don’t count Do this for 30 days and you’ll feel like a winner

It is not about what someone said about smoking. It is not because your doctor said whatever. It is about you being in charge of you. As author Germany Kent puts it, you cannot live the same day over and over again and call that a life. Life is about evolving mentally, spiritually, and emotionally

My new challenge is to get six packs I’m trying. So help me Aburi mountain

Kwame A Plus
Leader, #TPP

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FireBoy DML’s Hit Song ‘Scatter’ Featured In #FIFA21 Soundtrack



Nigeria has been in the music news with its hardworking artists making wins for themselves since the year started.

Just a couple of hours ago, a tweet surfaced off @EASPORTSFIFA 21’s account showing the FIFA 21 playlist. This playlist features Nigerian musician, Fireboy DML’s track ‘Scatter’. This single which is off Fireboy’s debut album ‘Laughter, Tears, and Goosebumps’ has over 30 million streams and is doing well on most streaming platforms. The soundtrack is to be launched worldwide on the 9th of October 2020, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The new soundtrack to accompany FIFA 21 includes a wide-ranging mix of
musicians hailing from all over the globe – transcending genres that range from
alternative to hip-hop and pop.

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Offei Gear Up For Success



Singer/Songwriter Derrick Offei – Awuku was born in the music mecca of Tema and grew up in Dansoman and back to Tema Again. A chance of being a dancer jump-started his love for the recording studio and writing songs. The turning point for the ambitious singer occurred in 2020 when he featured one of Nigeria’s music stars Patoranking on a single dubbed ‘Fi ma no’ which is still enjoying relevance in the media space after it’s released.

Being a Medical Laboratory Scientist, Offei, also love the entertainment space with his perfect genes for dancing, rapping, singing, and songwriting. He recalls that after he discovered his ability to put words together to rhyme he took advantage then of it and started rapping, not long people started noticing, He said “I had a nice unique voice and started talking me into singing, I finally yielded and haven’t regretted it.”

Offei is a native of Amanokrom Akuapem in the Eastern region of Ghana and also a Ga maternally. He describes his kind of music as afro-fusion / Afropop, which he says it is a blend of genres such as Highlife, Afrobeats, R&B, soul, and Jazz. “It is basically making music with a core base of African elements, be it instrumentation or language”.

His silky, soulful vocals are woven throughout his songs like ‘Fi ma no’, ‘Santorini’, ‘LowKey’ ‘Maria’ ‘Body Whine’ and all of his 9 songs since he started his music career. Stepping aside to hone the writing skills he began working on his own songs and collaborating with other musicians, due to the unique skills, he ultimately landed a feature with Patoranking on ‘fi ma no’ and Kwesi Arthur on ‘ Human Being’.

Offei’s collaboration with Patoranking on ‘ Fi ma, no’ came through when the Nigeria music superstar Patoranking mistakenly heard the song from his producer Ctea, who was in South Africa at that time, “the song wasn’t initially supposed to come out because it was a remake of a Ghanaian classic recorded 20 years ago by a legendary group called BLACKSTONE, Ctea on the other hand in an attempt to play some of his new beats to Patoranking in the studio mistakenly played the song to Pato and Patoranking said he loved the song and gave me a free verse, I then reached out to the original makers they also loved it and gave me a verse.”

According to Offei, the original the song ‘Be fi mano ‘ by BLACKSTONE was his all-time favorite song, and so was it to his producer Ctea, “so one day in the studio after recording three songs, we were just relaxing and having a ‘convo’ about childhood memories when we realized we both shared the same interest in the song, Ctea being a producer started playing the melody on the keyboard, the singer part in me couldn’t help but to start singing a verse to it, Ctea then said we should record it and that will stay our little secret we recorded it and the rest was history.”

The versatile artiste, who believes his unique voice and his versatility makes him different from other artistes says the music business is very lucrative and he is yet to make more impact with music and from music. His music is targeted to anyone who believes in LOVE and good music.

Talking about his fear in the music space, he said, “Not being accepted used to be my biggest fear, but I now understand that as an artist all I need is to believe and accept my own craft and that energy will be transferred to my Audience.”

Offei takes inspiration from music legends like; Daddy Lumba, Freddy Meiway, Prince Bright (buk bak), Terry BOnchaka and Mrs lauryn hill. The currently crazed world in which we live is the perfect inspiration for Offei’s songs he normally moves with the vibe and mood the instrumentation gives him he gains inspiration from his personal experiences and other stories he hears around me. I sing about diverse topics such as love and other experiences from society.

He looks forward to being releasing a new musical project before the year ends. Offei encourages his fellow artistes to keep at the hustle, and always seek to improve their craft, “they can’t afford to give up no matter what, help will come, recognition will come, pay attention to the one or two people feeling your vibe, they will spread the word very soon the world will hear about you.”

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