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KubiLiveChat: This is KubiLiveChat and I’m Baby your host, who do I have on my chat today?

LJ: Yes you have me on your chat.

KubiLiveChat: Lol…and you are?

LJ: I’m Lyrical joe LJ.

KubiLiveChat: Nice name but is that your real name or stage name?

LJ: That’s both. Cause the “J” in my name stands for JOE and my real name is Joseph.

KubiLiveChat: Uhuh now you talking but I’m sure you have a nice surname there.

LJ: Lol wana know my surname?

KubiLiveChat: Yes ooo.

LJ: Gamor. That’s my surname.

KubiLiveChat: So Joseph Gamor right?

LJ: Yes please.

KubiLiveChat: Nice name. Which tribe you from?

LJ: I’m an Ewe. Volta Rep.

KubiLiveChat: I love Ewes.

LJ: Lol why? Wait am I chatting a female or male?

KubiLiveChat: A female o. So can you tell us a little bit about your educational background?

LJ: Erm what will you wanna know about it?

KubiLiveChat: A gist of it, from primary to now.

LJ: I attended primary at the airport police international around aviation near 37. I left Accra to akosombo to further my JHS there cause I lost my parents by then in Accra. And that didn’t enhance me to attend SHS and that’s when I started chasing my dream.

KubiLiveChat: Awwwww…so sorry, accept my condolences.

LJ: It’s ok dear thanks for your concern.

KubiLiveChat: And what dream did you started chasing?

LJ: Music.

KubiLiveChat: Wow. Today I have a music artist on my chat.

LJ: You weren’t told?

KubiLiveChat: I like to find everything on my own. Lol.

LJ: Oh ok cool.

KubiLiveChat: Music, when did you realize your talent is this?

LJ: At a very very young age. I knew I loved music. Cause I could even sing from morning till evening and won’t even feel for food.

KubiLiveChat: Then the love for music is deep.

LJ: Very deep.

KubiLiveChat: So what genre do you do?

LJ: I do every genre but I’m special with hip hop.

KubiLiveChat: Mmmmm!!! I love hip hop very much.

LJ: That’s good I’m glad.

KubiLiveChat: Starting your music career, how was it like?

LJ: Well all I knew was I wanted to do music, it wasn’t really about fame or money for me I just loved music not even knowing the kind of stuff it brings but now I know and it’s great.

KubiLiveChat: That’s great. Losing your parents, stopping school and starting your career, it must have been tough isn’t it?

LJ: Not easy. It’s a whole lot. But determination, hard work and prayer got me through.

KubiLiveChat: Thank God. LJ how long has it been since you started your career?

LJ: 5 years now, but professionally 3 years.

KubiLiveChat: Wow! Great one there. How many tracks you have now?

LJ: Released or have?

KubiLiveChat: Ok released!

LJ: 9 songs I’ll say.

KubiLiveChat: Nice one there. Every artist get his or her breakthrough, lemme ask, can you tell us if you’ve gotten yours?

LJ: I’m in the process and it’s going smoothly I have a song trending on TV featuring Tinny, the title is Tina and I dropped my single 5th August on my birthday and it’s going well. Just got a feature alongside EL kojo Cue, cabum and the rest. So I can’t complain. It’s great.

KubiLiveChat: Tina, I’ve listened and I must say kudos to you on that. Its so hot. Getting to work with gurus in the industry, how was the feeling like?

LJ: Great and made me learn a lot. So it has improved my skills that’s all I mean.

KubiLiveChat: Oh ok cool. So aside music, what other talents you got?

LJ: Music is all I have it’s the only talent I have although, I have other hobbies but music is the only talent I have.

KubiLiveChat: And the hobbies are?

LJ: I like football, I play games and watch movies.

KubiLiveChat: Exciting! So what are some of the exciting moments you’ve had so far based on your career?

LJ: I’m always very happy when I’m given the opportunity to get on stage and do my thing but I think the most exciting moment of mine now is the the song 5th august. Cause it opened lots of doors. Linked me up to a big man like Sammy Forson.

KubiLiveChat: Best birthday gift I guess.

LJ: Yah!

KubiLiveChat: But then how were you able to get on Sammy Forson’s track? Who performed the magic? Cause I must say that track is real dope.

LJ: 5th august did. It was sent to him and he said I was Ghana’s answer to Kendrick Lamar and that’s all. The magic happened.

KubiLiveChat: Wow, was he at the birthday party to listen you play or what?

LJ: No! My boss sent it to him on WhatsApp; cause we were already promoting Tina on live fm. So we had that link to him already.

KubiLiveChat: Kudos dear.

LJ: Thanks.

KubiLiveChat: You always welcome. So who’s your favorite artist in GH now?

LJ: I don’t have any. My favorite artist in the world is Lil Wayne.

KubiLiveChat: So he inspires you right?

LJ: Yes.

KubiLiveChat: That’s cool. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

LJ: Making the world love good music after taking awards like BET and the Grammies, Billboard awards.

KubiLiveChat: Amen to that.

LJ: Amen.

KubiLiveChat: To the interesting part of the chat; hope you ready.

LJ: Yah!

KubiLiveChat: Who’s that beautiful woman behind the scene?

LJ: Lol oh. That one. I’ll bring it out later.

KubiLiveChat: No now. We want it now.

LJ: Hahah no please I don’t like disclosing that.

KubiLiveChat: You just killed my vim but what can I say? I have no option than to let it go

LJ: Lol please let it go.

KubiLiveChat: Hahahah. I have my dear. But you clarify this, are u single, dating or married?

LJ: No I’m not single I’m dating.

KubiLiveChat: Before we end our chat, can you say a few words to your funs out there?

LJ: Erm it’s ghalatrava baby! To all my fans out there I love you all keep supporting me and you can get at me on every social media platform @LyricaljoeLJ.

KubiLiveChat: Thanks LJ for spending some time with us. It was nice having you on our chat.

LJ: My pleasure.

KubiLiveChat: Enjoy the rest of your night.

LJ: Thanks.

KubiLiveChat: Welcome.

By: Baby Da Model [KubiLiveChat]

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Kubi Live Chat

#KubiLiveChat: Ghanaian Songstress “Fina” Reveals Details For Incoming New Track Titled “Fake Love”



KubiLiveChat: Today we host a young rising songstress who is better known as Fina. We will be talking about her new Incoming single who she has titled fake love.

Although we don’t know if she is producing this kind of track based on her personal love experience or not, we will get to know.

Fina welcome Ghana’s number one online chat KubiLiveChat

Fina: Tanx boss

KubiLiveChat: Fina seriously today u need to tell me your real cause I just know you as fina

Fina: Well Am Sarafina

KubiLiveChat: No surname hahaha

Fina: Am not just a music lover but an artist as well. I prefer my Sarafina better boss

KubiLiveChat: When did this music journey start dear?

Fina: I ‘ve always been a backing vocalist but I started the FINA brand way back in 2016

KubiLiveChat: That’s great. Based on your being a backing vocalist. Which artists did you ever do this backing for?

Fina: Oh I ‘ve worked with the likes of FMG, Lovey Clarke, Holy Jezzy, Adonis a whole lot of artist

KubiLiveChat: That’s very great. Does it mean you haven’t done backing for any top artist yet?

Fina: Well I have done a couple of two just can’t disclose that moreover, I believe we all artist There’s no top artist anywhere.

KubiLiveChat: Wow! Are u trying to also say Wizkid is not a superstar hahaha?

Fina: I believe am also a superstar Just that I ‘ve not gotten the exposure yet

KubiLiveChat: I love this!!! You recently released a new track titled Envy which god of beats, better known to be Skillisbeatz. Now, lemme ask what was the main inspiration behind that track?

Fina: That song is about my life.

KubiLiveChat: I see. Then why now a new incoming track called Fake Love?

Fina: In the lyrics of fake Love there are lines like today boys They ‘ve got nothing but only hit and run. Men are taking women for granted these days. One man can be handling like 3 women at ago My message in the fake luv is a simple message Just telling the men we are no options to them. Women are very special u don’t have to hurt them

KubiLiveChat: Alright but based on you sending such a message. What of the women who also love spending guys monies?

Fina: Will send their message soon too.

KubiLiveChat: Hahaha that’s great. Who produced this particular track?

Fina: Produced by Skillisbeat and mixed by UglyBeatz.

KubiLiveChat: How is the feeling working with Skillisbeatz cause I know he has worked with Wisa before.

Fina: Well it was a pleasure working with him.

KubiLiveChat: And what of UglyBeatz; Cause he has worked with Kelvyn Boy before

Fina: Am so honored to work with him. It’s a great honor and I count myself lucky to be working with Ugly.

KubiLiveChat: Wonderful!! Since your new incoming track Fake Love is yet to be released, can you tell us the exact date which it will be out?

Fina: I don’t really know Cuz Ugly is now working on it.

KubiLiveChat: Alright dear we will patiently wait for this new incoming Jam.

Fina: Sure.

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Mr. Kelvin Talks BlackLine Entertainment, Start Up, Signed Artists And More On KubiLiveChat



Mr. Kelvin

KubiLiveChat: Welcome to Ghana’s number one online chat KubiliveChat.

CEO Of BlackLine Entertainment: Thank you. I’m grateful for this opportunity given to me Kubi. God bless you

KubiLiveChat: Amen!!! Mr. Kelvin Can I call you the youngest CEO.

CEO Of BlackLine Entertainment: Well…you can call me that for now! Hahahha

KubiLiveChat: Haha that great!!! Can you tell us how your record label started?

CEO Of BlackLine Entertainment: Music has always been a passion but neither can I sing nor write a song down. So I decided to start up my own record label where I’d manage artists and create opportunities for music lovers and upcoming artists. BLACKLINE officially kicked off in November 2017 with the help of few friends and family by the Grace of God.

KubiLiveChat: We really Thank God for having a man like you in this nation. Keep the good works up. Based on you starting Blackline Entertainment in November 2017, where there any challenges?

CEO Of BlackLine Entertainment: I appreciate the love Kubi. We give God the glory. Challenges? A lot have come my way since that time but I do not panic because I know God who made me start this will help me overcome all of it if I rely on him. It’s not an easy task man.

KubiLiveChat: I get it. Based on Blackline Entertainment, how many artists have been signed under the record label?

CEO Of BlackLine Entertainment: Currently I’m managing 5 artists by the Grace of God.

KubiLiveChat: Wow only guys?

CEO Of BlackLine Entertainment: Yes oo but I’m open to females too. So any interested females are welcome. I don’t mind the genre.

KubiLiveChat: Alright are all your artist rappers.

CEO Of BlackLine Entertainment: Nah I’ve singers too and I also have people who do everything. Great talents I’ve on my label.

KubiLiveChat: That’s champ. But do all these artists under your label have individual managers?

CEO Of BlackLine Entertainment: No. I see all of us as a family, not friends. You understand? So there are no individual managers but I’ve people under me.

KubiLiveChat: Yah I get it. But don’t you think as the main founder and CEO of the label it’s going to be so much work for you to be their (individual) managers as well?

CEO Of BlackLine Entertainment: Nothing is too much for a FOCUSED and DETERMINED man who has God on his side.

KubiLiveChat: Wow this is dope. By the way, will you allow other record labels to come take your artists away when they very interested in signing any of them?

CEO Of BlackLine Entertainment: That all depends on the artistes’ decision if he or she wants to go. Why not? But before he or she leaves you should at least get an album done under the label.

KubiLiveChat: I get it what of money?

CEO Of BlackLine Entertainment: Money is good but there are some things like A STRONG BOND/RELATIONSHIP that you develop that are worth more than monies.

KubiLiveChat: That’s great. I know you got a lot of positive plans for your artist can you share some with us?

CEO Of BlackLine Entertainment: I’ve my plans, yes but God has different plans. But some of mine are taking them to international shows and others. Just sit and back and watch how we progress. Steady Progress.

KubiLiveChat: That’s great. By the way between there 5 artist, who is your front line artist since every label got a frontline artist.

CEO Of BlackLine Entertainment: Bryain is my front line artiste. He’s very hardworking and determined.

KubiLiveChat: That’s great. How did I, first of all, identify this guy?

CEO Of BlackLine Entertainment: He was introduced to me through my Vice President who’s also a rapper.

KubiLiveChat: I see that’s a great a move. Seems he has already produced two major tracks under your label now and it’s fire.

CEO Of BlackLine Entertainment: Yes! And trust me this is just the beginning of an untold story of BLACKLINE. Let me just keep you and the readers in suspense a little.

KubiLiveChat: That’s great. His recent release Son of the Sun is soo dope

CEO Of BlackLine Entertainment: I appreciate Kubi. We give God the glory. So far so good we’re receiving positive feedback from that song.

KubiLiveChat: We TG for this God bless you, my brother. I will soon get you on our next interview as time goes on.

CEO Of BlackLine Entertainment: Anytime Kubi. God bless us all and may HE help you get to higher heights and get more audiences.

KubiLiveChat: Amen!!!

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Mr. Richie Talks Youth Event Awards, Expectations And More On KubiLiveChat



Mr. Richie

KubiLiveChat: Welcome to KubiLiveChat, Ghana’s number one online chat.

Mr. Richie: Thank you, Sir.

KubiLiveChat: Mr. Richie can you tell us more about yourself and the kind of work you do as well?

Mr. Richie: Richmond A. Atuah is a prolific media player and a teacher popularly known as Richie Aya by colleagues on the field event and creative art industry. I am humbled, simple and God fearing gentleman.

KubiLiveChat: Based on you been a media player, let’s go straight to you incoming project The youth Event Awards!!! What inspired this?

Mr. Richie: Basically there are lots of awards scheme in the country. But then all this awards scheme do not really pay more attention to the youth. For the past years, Clique Empire now know as Clique Media Group as part of its aims seeks to empower the youth.Thus reducing the rate of rampant unemployment in the country so as to help build Ghana socio-economic development. In all the rate of Ghana, unemployment saga inspired us into this initiative.

KubiLiveChat: This is a very great initiative to help the youth. Let me ask, last year Ghana event awards was officially launched. Won’t this award project conflict with the Ghana Event Awards?

Mr. Richie: Not at all. It’s a different criterion of content altogether. Youth event awards seek to honor, celebrate and empower the youth in the event and general excellence. Most of our categories do not fall on only events.

KubiLiveChat: Alright since it’s not yet officially launched. Can you give us an insight based on how you will be categorizing this initiative?

Mr. Richie: Yeah it’s not appropriate to give out vivid details of the categories because is not launched but Kubilive chat been an outstanding blogger will talk little about it.

KubiLiveChat: Wow I really appreciate this.

Mr. Richie: Youth Event Awards 2018 has 4(four) dimensions of categories outlined as
1.Recognition Awards
2.Fashion and style Categories
3. Arts and theater categories
4. Events Main stream categories

With this category dimension, we have 5 subcategories under each dimension.

KubiLiveChat: Great this is a whole different vision altogether. Not to go deeper based on this since most of this information will be outlined during the grand launch, can you give us a feed on how one can get nominated?

Mr. Richie: Very well. It is going to be a simple task to all interested persons who want to file or apply for youth event awards(YEA)2018. Nominations forms are going out for free. Interested persons can get forms at the office or call us for a soft copy through his mail. One can get nominated by providing all evidence concerning the category he or she picked.

KubiLiveChat: That’s very great!!! Based on presenting you awards do you believe your project will be a genuine one as Most award schemes in Ghana normally sell awards?

Mr. Richie: This award scheme is going to be transparent and credible. The question is how do we gain the credibility from stage one where nomination forms will be scrutinized there will be an academy board or vetting committee which are not part of the organizers this committee constitute people who are principled and will not allow such acts; there will be a weekly check on votes for each nominee to monitor what goes on.

KubiLiveChat: That’s very great!!! Any main sponsor based on your project?

Mr. Richie: As it stands now we have Beta Malt and Airport View hotel as our main for the launch sponsors.

KubiLiveChat: That’s very great!!! Since we are all anticipating the grand launch we will end our interview here. Thank you for accepting our request to be on KubiLiveChat.

Mr. Richie: You are welcome sir. It’s a pleasure.

Follow Youth Event Awards on the handles below:

Facebook – YEA 18

Instagram – @youtheventawards

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