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Major Benefits Of Dating Younger Men



As someone who has dated a girl many years younger than me, I’m always intrigued when I read yet another story or see yet another segment on an entertainment show, that refers to a notable, female celeb dating a younger guy, as a “fun phase.”

“Let her have her fun,” hosts have said referring to the likes of Kourtney Kardashian, 38, who was dating Younes Bendjima, 25, “She deserves it after what she went through with Scott.” Same was said when RHONY’s Carole Radziwill, 54, first started dating her on-again/off-again Adam Kenworthy, 32, and for basically any other strong, successful woman dating a younger man.

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And I mean yeah, let them have their fun. Like of course, because relationships should have an aspect of fun and playfulness in them. That’s how relationships begin, right?

But just because a woman is dating someone a significant amount of years younger, doesn’t mean that fun is a guaranteed aspect of their relationship, nor does it mean the relationship lacks seriousness and doesn’t have the potential to flourish into something that not only works, but lasts.

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Because let’s face it, age doesn’t dictate maturity, nor does it dictate ease and there are benefits that come with various types of relationships.

A relationship works best when both partners are on the same page. When they are a team. When they are rooting for each other and not against one another. When they trust one another, and have each other’s best interests and well-being at heart.

Many publications have been quick to jump to conclusions on why the eldest Kardashian sister recently split with her much younger beau of almost two years.

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And sure, thanks to KUWTK reruns we know that when they first started dating she wasn’t looking for anything serious. But as most situations work when there’s love and respect the more time you spend with another, the more you have the opportunity to grow together and your initial wants and needs can change over time.

The only time age comes into play in your relationship with someone younger is in the number of years lived and the experiences and lessons that come from living a longer life and learning from mistakes and loss and lessons over the years.

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Younger guys are more than just a disposable dose of fun, a boy toy at your beckon call, or there for your convenience to flaunt and follow you like a puppy-dog wherever you choose to show them off.  Despite a large age gap, people are complex and come with their own traits and perks and ways of beings all which can come together to bring out the best in you.

And so, here are 7 benefits that come with dating someone younger. Hopefully, by the end of this list, you’ll change that age restriction you have up on your Bumble, Happn and Tinder account.

Seeing Things Through Refreshed Eyes

In any new relationship, you have the opportunity see people, places and things from a fresh vantage point through another’s eyes, but there’s something sweet about the perspective of someone younger. They have the possibility to be a bit more naive or a bit less self-aware, which is endearing and can make you automatically feel younger.

Endless Enthusiasm

Whether accompanying you to a work event, a friend’s wedding, or something of the like, the younger guy tends to be intrigued and not jaded by these sorts of soirees and happenings. They come in open minded and enthusiastic for the opportunity to not only be included but to learn of a world and experiences anew.

Open To Following Your Lead

If you’re in your thirties and dating someone in their twenties, chances are you’re the one who has the career, the connections, the home, the invites. The younger guy tends to have more time and is open to letting you lead the way, not only on what you’re doing, but also the pace of the relationship.

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Up For Anything In The Bedroom

Okay, maybe not anything but those who are younger and are potentially less experienced are eager to please.

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They also have the ability (not to mention time) to play in the bedroom, always up for another go round thanks to the stamina that comes with being a guy in their 20s.

Less Baggage

Enough said.

They Bring You Out Of Your Shell

There’s nothing more precious to me than staying in on the weekends, or running back home after plans during week nights to put on my At Home Uniform (pj pants and a loose old t-shirt, likely of an ex’s), toss my hair up in a scrunchie, and pick up whatever book I put down before I headed out.

I’m out most week nights covering events in the city and I love my weekends in because of it. But when dating a much younger guy, no night ends at 9pm. There’s no such thing as just staying in bed all day.

He’ll encourage me to go for drinks at a hot new spot in the city after an event, or hosts friends to hang at his who I can meet up with when my bed is calling for me. The subhead for this should be called a lazy, homebodies guide to getting out of bed.

You Learn From Them

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Leave it to dating a millennial to learn about all the latest things. As a thirtysomething woman, we often feel like we know it all and have learned it all but when dating someone born in the 90’s you’ll be fast to learn about terms, and places and people thanks to everything they’ve learned vis a vis YouTube, Snapchat and the like.

I mean, has your older boyfriend ever shown you a clip of the man who does Mario from Mario Bros. voice? What about the guy who does Winnie the Pooh’s voice? They’re never not learning and sharing (even though it may be annoying while they’re doing it).

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Model Who Allegedly Run Away In Paris Exposes Her Manager



Grace Ama Mensimah Amponsah

A few days ago we reported on the story of a Ghanaian model identified as Miss. Grace Ama Mensimah Amponsah and also the winner of Ghana’s 2019 Next Super Model competition running away after she touched down in Paris.

According to our earlier report, Miss Grace Ama Mensimah Amponsah who is booked to walk the runway in Paris soon after arriving run away from the hotel after his management had stepped out to buy some foodstuffs. Leaving behind only her bag containing her clothes.

Further inquiries have discovered that Grace Ama planned the escaped with her family particular her mother.

Well, in a new development, the model has come out to explain she did not run away as her management has come out to explain.

Speaking with Da Don on Hitz Fm, she revealed that prior to their departure from Ghana, her manager known as Spark Julius Zuta tried to sleep with her but she didn’t allow him but rather reported it to her dad who asked her to forget about the incident because he would speak with him.

On why she ran away from the hotel she disclosed that in France they were just given one room for them to share but fearing what had happened earlier between her and her management she had to just move to a friends place to stay.

She went on to say the press statement released by the management was just fake because they feared she might come out to say what transpired between them a day before their trip to Paris.

She further added that on their trip back to Ghana, the manager told her that he released that statement that she had ran away to make her famous.

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How to Send And Request Money With Facebook Messenger In Simple Steps



Facebook Messenger allows you to send and receive money, as long as you have a debit card issued by a US bank. Once you’ve added your debit card, you can send money to other people on Messenger, or request payment.

This makes paying your friends back for the movie or getting rent from your roommate as simple as a few taps. Sending money on Facebook is a free service and Facebook does not charge any fees.

1. Add Card; Open the Profile (Android) or Settings (iOS) tab in Messenger. You can send and receive money using the Messenger app by adding your debit card to your Messenger account. To begin the process of adding your card, open the Profile or Settings tab in the Messenger app. Adding a card allows Messenger to deposit and withdraw money to and from your checking account. Transfers may take up to five business days to process. Sending and receiving money is a free service in Messenger, and Facebook does not collect any fees. Messenger payments are currently only supported in the US.

2. Tap “Payments” to open the payment method options. You’ll be able to add a debit card from this menu, as well as review your payment history.

3. Tap “Add new debit card” to add your card. Only bank-issued MasterCard and Visa debit cards are currently supported. You cannot use a credit card, pre-paid debit card, or PayPal card.[1]

4. Enter your card information. Enter your debit card number, expiration date, security code, and billing zip code. Tap “Save” once you’re finished. Messenger does not currently support cards from all banks. If your card is not accepted, try again in a week or two to see if support has been added for your bank or credit union.

5. Add a PIN (optional). In the Payments menu, you can set a PIN for the card you added. This PIN will be required whenever money is sent from the device. Don’t use the same PIN as your ATM or use your device’s lock screen passcode.

Sending MoneyEdit

1. Open a conversation with the person you want to send money to. You can start the process from any conversation, including group conversations, as long as the person you want to send money to is in it.

2. Tap the contact’s name in the top of the screen, if there is only one person in the conversation and tap “Send or Request Money”.If there are multiple people in the conversation, you’ll be prompted to select the person you want to send money to.

3. Type the amount of money using the onscreen keyboard. There is no real limit to the amount you can send, though the federal limit for these transfers is $10,000 a day.

4. Enter a reason in the “For” field (optional). You can include a quick note with the payments explaining what it’s for (e.g. “rent” or “tickets”). This is optional.

5. Tap the “Pay” button underneath the (for) box to send the payment. The payment notification will be sent to the conversation, and the recipient can receive the money. The recipient will only be able to receive money if they add a debit card to Messenger as well.

Requesting MoneyEdit

1. Open a conversation with the person you want to request money from. If you have a debit card added to your account, you can request money from your Messenger contacts. Open a conversation with the person you want to request money from. Facebook does not allow you to use Messenger Payments for business transactions. If you use Payments to send or receive money for your business, you will lose access to the Payments feature. This is to avoid potential tax fraud, and because Messenger Payments don’t include protections like a retail payment would.

2. Tap the contact’s name in the top of the screen, if there is only one person in the conversation and tap “Send or Request Money”.If you’re in a conversation with multiple people, you’ll be asked to select the person you want to request money from.

3. Tap the contact’s name in the top of the screen, if there is only one person in the conversation and tap “Send or Request Money”.If there are multiple people in the conversation, you’ll be prompted to select the person you want to request money from.

4. Type the amount of money using the onscreen keyboard.

5. Enter a reason on the “For” line (optional). This can be used to help explain what you’re requesting money for, such as “rent.”

6. Tap the “Request” button underneath the (for) box to request the payee to send the money. This will allow you to send a request for money from the other person. The request will appear in the conversation, and the recipient will be able to approve it. The recipient will need to have a debit card added to their Messenger account to send the money, and you’ll need one to receive it.

7. Wait for confirmation that money has been sent. If the other person approves your request and sends the money, you will be notified in the conversation. If Messenger notifications are enabled, your device will notify you. It may take up to five business days after the request is approved for the money to appear in your bank account.

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