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Man Breaks Up With Girlfriend He Bought iPhone 12 Pro Max After Finding Nudes She Sent To Other Men On Her Phone



A young man has become the latest gem to severely suffer heartbreak after unearthing some scandalous social media activities of his girlfriend on her phone.

In the early hours of Thursday, August 19, 2021, the highly disappointed man identified as Mide The Badguy on Twitter took to the microblogging platform to narrate how he uncovered his girlfriend’s infidelity.

According to Mide, he decided to snoop into his girlfriend Ginika‘s Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter messages when she was taking her bath while they spent time together about a week ago.

It was at this point that he received the shock of his life after he found out that his girlfriend, who he spent 8 months to win her heart by buying her an iPhone 12 Pro Max and different gifts, has been sending nudes pictures of herself to other men on the internet.

For purposes of evidence, he took screenshots of his girlfriend’s texts to her supposed crush on Twitter who she sent her phone number and raw photos of her boobs and bum to get his attention.

He wrote: “Women will disgrace you!. I went through my girl’s phone last week while she was having her bath, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter.

“Things I saw shocked me. Spent 8months doing talking stage with this girl, bought an iPhone 12 Pro Max and different gifts before she gree.“

The man said he “decided to confront her last night about her shenanigans and she didn’t deny which led to our break up.”

Swipe to read the full chat below.

After discontinuing the relationship, he further went on to demand his iPhone 12 Pro Max which is barely three weeks old.

He served notice to his girlfriend that he will be at her how the next day for the expensive “luxury” device.

It was not long after the girlfriend put the phone up for sale on social media.


As early as 7 am this morning, Mide was at Ginika’s house to retrieve his iPhone but he met her absence when he arrived.

He subsequently took to Twitter to call out his girlfriend and literally begged her not to let him “lose both ways” as he “can still sell it and get my money back”.

He wrote: @Ginika_a I’m at your house this morning, got here as early as 7am to collect my phone, I’m still here, they said you’re not around, please Ginika I take God beg you, that phone is barely 3weeks old, I can still sell it and get my money back make I no lose both ways.”


I Still Wear Diapers After Six Years Of Stopping Gay : Former Gay Man



A former gay man who has now ‘seen the light’ has provided insight into the activities of homosexuals and the repercussions trailing him after years of practicing the same-sex lifestyle.

‘’I was introduced to gay during school time, hence it was not by my own will to join, a group of people lured me into it,” he began his narration while in the studios of Kingdom FM.

On how it all began, he said, “I was late to school. For my punishment. My teacher gave me a machete to go and weed the compound, as I was weeding, one of the senior students passed by and asked me if I was a student. And I responded yes, then he said he has never set his eyes on me before.”

According to him, his senior asked him to put the machete down and go back to class to join his friends to study their books which he did. However, the teacher who punished him confronted the senior who ‘bailed him out’ and all he saw was an argument between them.

The young man said since then no teacher punished him and it was at that juncture that the senior started showing him with gifts, attention and protection.

When their friendship developed, the senior invited him to a friend’s birthday where he got intoxicated. He said the next thing he recalled was when he woke up and found himself naked beside his colleague.

‘’I will like to advise every guy listening that gay is not a good thing it’s a spirit, is difficult to come out. Most gay people, what they do is shower you with money and a big gift. Be careful who you take a gift from or else you will fall into their trap’’ he cautioned.

“For over six years now, I am still wearing a diaper, I can’t go to gatherings because I can’t sit for a longer period. So I am pleading with my friends to stay away from gay activities It’s evil and will damage your future.

‘’Let’s say NO to the gays and the rest it’s satanic, humans are not supposed to do it. I have regretted today before I didn’t know I was doing myself harm until I became sick’’ he noted.

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Young Man Commits Suicide Over Relationship With His 16-Year-Old Niece



A young man simply identified as Benjamin, has committed suicide in Iyowa community, Ovia North-East Local Government Area of Edo State.

The deceased was discovered dangling on a rope in an uncompleted building on Tuesday, October 19.

It was gathered that Benjamin took his own life after it was alleged that he was having incestuous relationship with his 16-year-old niece.

The incident threw the rustic community into confusion as many residents wondered if the rumour of his alleged incestuous relationship with his niece, who he lived with in a relation’s house, could have led him to take the option of death by hanging close to the house.

According to reports, “Benjamin and a cousin, Ejiro, have for some years been living with a relative of theirs in the community. Recently there was suspicion that the duo was in an incestuous relationship. Soon the affair became public knowledge and tongues started wagging. Benjamin recoiled to himself and became completely withdrawn, almost turning to a recluse.”

“Benjamin, probably in his desire to avoid public condemnation and shame, took the decision to end it all by taking his own life.”

Commenting on what could have driven the young man to take such drastic step, father of the deceased said that he was informed three days ago that his son had been having carnal of his niece.

The accusation was said to have led to a quarrel between Bengamin’s mother and mother of the girl.

“He slept with his senior brother’s daughter. Born of the same mother with him not the same father.” he said.

Spokesman of the Edo State Police Command, Bello Kontongs, who confirmed the incident, said that the family had demanded that they be allowed to bury the corpse.

Watch the video below;

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Zimbabwean Court Sentence Gay Couple To One-Year House Arrest



A Zimbabwean High Court has sentenced a gay couple to a year of house detention.

The pair will be placed under house arrest for the next year after being found guilty of the allegations brought against them.

A condition of the one-year house arrest is that if the condition is not met, the person will be sentenced to death.

The Gay couple is set to give birth while under house arrest for the following year or face the death penalty.

” The natural law is clear. Man was created and given the obligation to procreate. Marriage is the cornerstone and pilar to that noble duty. Our African values protects this natural law, and if we are to bend and allow such, we must first be shown that this new, western culture will uphold the natural law and continue procreation …” – Justice Mhelube ruled

See screenshot below;

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