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Man Builds House With 14,800 Bottles, Engineer Say Is 20 Times Stronger Than Bricks



A Nigerian man Yahya Ahmed has built a house comprising of three bedrooms and toilet and kitchen using 14,800 pieces of bottles.

Ahmed who is an engineer says the house is 20 times stronger than houses built with bricks and walls and can last up to 300 years.

According to Ahmed he was motivated to come up with the idea with an initiative to reduce plastics polluting the environment.

Ahmed who is the director of a non-governmental organization, Developmental Association of Renewable Energies in Nigeria (DARE) said the house was built by his organization to encourage recycling of waste materials, create jobs and ensure a safer environment.

Narrating about the process of building the house, Ahmed explained that workers filled the plastic bottles with sand, linked them with intricate strings around the neck of the bottles.

He revealed that the building is first of it kind in Sub saharan Africa and added that it also very cheap as the building materials of such building are common on the streets.

The engineer reveled that the building is fireproof, bulletproof, earthquake-resistant and can adapt to all kinds of climate changes.

To him, anyone with a masonry skill can be used as worker in constructing such a building, disclosing his organization has trained many youths on the construction of the bottle building.

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Mum Disgusted With Homework That Asked Her 10-Year-Old Daughter To Write About ‘Fingering’



A mum said she was “mortified” and “disgusted” after her ten-year-old daughter was given homework which included a suggestion that she write about “fingering”.

Annette Farrington, 27, slammed the teacher who sent out the “inappropriately sexual” creative writing prompts in a worksheet.

She said the homework had been sent out to her daughter at Our Lady and St Philomena’s Catholic Primary in Fazakerley, Liverpool just before half term.

Annette told the Liverpool Echo: “She got the homework just before half term but because there was so much we had some left over so we were doing it yesterday.

“She was doing work on the Holocaust, and I think it had got mixed up with that.

“When I was looking at it I thought that doesn’t even make sense, why it would be there? But after speaking to the school they said it was part of an English lesson giving examples to help kids make their own story.”

One of the English worksheets for her daughter included a list of short sentence prompts for describing how somebody may feel.

Mum disgusted with homework that asked her 10-year-old daughter to write about

The examples listed under the header “How do I feel?” included, “He was fingering”, “When I ran my hand along it, I…”, “She fondled”, “I stroked”, and “She felt his…”.

Annette said: “I just said to her we won’t do that one today, saying I was confused with it.

“It took me about half an hour as I was in two minds thinking had I been reading into it too much but when I rang the school they said no you’re definitely not.

“The deputy head rang me back himself because he was mortified with it.

“He couldn’t apologise enough and said they’d been using a service that provides work for home schooling and he was sorry that it had not been noticed before it was sent out to kids.

“I was mortified because at first I thought am I looking at wrong, but I asked a few other people’s opinions and I was stunned by it.

“It made me feel a bit disgusted to be honest, because whoever actually provided that work they must have known what they were doing.

“It’s strange, surely no one can overlook that. No one could see what’s written on that paper and think that’s fine.”

A Liverpool City Council statement said: “This resource was included in a paper pack for offline home learning that was sent to a very small number of families in January.

“It had been sourced online by the teacher as part of a set of creative writing prompts and was used to supplement the other work provided.

“The material had not been recommended or provided by the council or School Improvement Liverpool.

“All other families who received this pack have been contacted by the school and asked to remove the worksheet.

“All schools in the city have also been advised to double check any third-party resources and we have alerted the online provider to the issue.”

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Video Vixen Exposed By DNA Test After Being Accused Of Getting ‘Maintenance Money’ From Different Men For One Child



A sultry video vixen, dancer, and contemporary Rhumba exponent Lyn Magodo a.k.a Lady Storm has been reportedly busted by a DNA test conducted on her child who she’s been accused of using to get ‘maintenance money’ from different men.

The DNA tests which were carried out by Global DNA Zimbabwe revealed that the entertainer’s child was not fathered by businessman Tinarwo “Mukanya” Gotora as the she has always insisted, but by a South African-based car dealer Luckmore Pongolani.

Commenting on the DNA test in an interview with H-Metro, the dealer Luckmore Pongolani said he decided to go public with the news after Lady Storm denied him access to their child and insisted on running more tests.

Pongolani said; “I have just called you to clarify on my paternity row with Lady Storm, which has been raging on for the past three years.

Video vixen exposed by DNA test after being accused of getting

“As I have always maintained from the start that DNA tests should be conducted, she has not been cooperating insisting that Mukanya (Tinarwo Gotora) who was married to her was the father since he provided for her needs before they split.”

Luckmore also accused Lady Storm of fleecing multiple men by claiming money for child support.

He added; “She once came here (South Africa) and that’s when I realised she was also claiming money from another guy in South Africa called Denzel and another old man in Harare.

“It appears she had been having unprotected sex with other men at the same time and I am, glad that I am HIV negative otherwise it could have been another story.

“My daughter’s life is at stake and that’s why I decided to take this action.

Video vixen exposed by DNA test after being accused of getting

“Lady Storm has been nagging me asking for money but she always changes her mind after receiving what she wants from me.”

Asked how he convinced Lady Storm also known as Eriza to partake the DNA results, he said;

“Firstly, I contacted her so that I could send blood samples to Lancet here in South Africa since I have offices here but she didn’t cooperate.

“I then contacted Global DNA Zimbabwe with her blessings and the results came in my favour.

“­The only problem now is that she is contesting the results insisting that she wants to go for another test with Mukanya.

“What is bothering me now is that she has shifted goalposts insisting that I am supposed to compensate Mukanya for the lobola he paid for her.

“To be honest, I won’t compensate another man because I have been deprived access to my daughter for a while and her mother’s lifestyle worries me.

Video vixen exposed by DNA test after being accused of getting

“I have also learnt that Lady Storm gives my daughter beer especially ciders and that she talks vulgar in the presence of our daughter which is grossly unfair.

“In short, all I want is custody of my daughter, I didn’t want to share this with the world for our daughter’s sake, but it was Lady Storm who started it when she told a Zimbabwean daily paper that I was not the father.”

With Lady Storm preferring to remain mum on the issue, Global Diagnostic Centre Zimbabwe representative Mugabe confirmed the dancer was contesting the results without proof.

Mugabe said; “From my findings, Luckmore is the father even though the woman is disputing them. She claims they held other tests locally but she could not provide any further proof to justify her claims and bring the matter to finality.”

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Lovers Found Dead In Their Apartment



Two lovers have been found dead in their apartment at Uvwie in Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria.

The couple identified as Emmanuel Oshiotu, 33, and Amaka Okafor, 25, were found dead in apartment located at 2, Ojigbo Crescent, Off Sapele-Effurun road on Thursday, February 25.

It was gathered that an insecticide, popularly called “sniper” and a knife were found beside their bodies indicating suicide, or maybe murder-suicide.

One of the neighbours of the deceased told journalists that at about 5:00 a.m., Emmanuel was heard screaming for help. On breaking into his room, he was found foaming from his mouth, while his girlfriend’s body laid a few distance from him.

The lovers were rushed to the Central Hospital, Warri, where they were both confirmed dead and bodies later deposited in the morgue.

The Divisional Police Officer of A Division, Warri, CSP Muktari Bello and his officers were spotted inspecting the bodies at the morgue.

Acting spokesperson of the Delta State Police Command, DSP Edafe Bright, has confirmed the incident.

See their pictures below.

Lovers found dead in their apartment in Delta. Suicide suspected

Lovers found dead in their apartment in Delta. Suicide suspected


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