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Man Dies While On A Flight To US After Coming To Ghana For Funeral



Daniel Toffey was a gospel singer who died on a flight from Accra to Washington after visiting Ghana to attend his in-funeral law’s and meet his family.

According to Graphic Online, they left Accra late Sunday night on May 22, 2022.

However, tragedy struck onboard United 997 in the middle of the Atlantic when Daniel died from a pulmonary embolism.

[A pulmonary embolism (PE) is a blood clot that forms in a blood vessel in the body (often in the leg). It then travels to a lung artery, where it abruptly restricts blood flow].

Daniel Junior died while his father, Daniel Toffey Sr., watched helplessly from afar, according to Dntghana.

“He kept saying ‘Daddy I can’t breathe, Daddy I can’t breathe,’” the senior Toffey narrated to DNT in an interview.

After sitting for a while, the patient was allegedly trying to get up to use the restroom when his movement became wobbly and he was soon gasping for oxygen.

“We need a doctor, we need a doctor,” exclaimed one young lady. Despite the flight crew’s request that everyone remain seated, the elder father felt compelled to leap from his business class seat and run to the situation.

Daniel Toffey Junior, a member of PIWC in Columbus North, died in flight despite the fact that United Airlines had seven doctors on board and tools that the doctors were “impressed” with.

The flight left Kotoka International Airport around 11 p.m. on Sunday and was scheduled to arrive at Washington Dulles early the next day.

Due to the tragic incident, the plane was diverted to Bermuda, where all 178 passengers stayed at the Grotto Bay Resort before continuing their journey to Washington.

Jesse Lasuer, a business class neighbor, informed DNT that the deceased father was doing well despite the tragic loss. “You can just see the sadness in his eyes,” Lasuer recalled, “even though he’s doing pretty well.”

Daniel Toffey Sr. had traveled to Ghana with his wife and son, a Gospel Artist, to attend his father-in-funeral. law’s The father and son drove to Pataskala, Ohio, a Columbus suburb, while the wife stayed behind.

Joe Mettle was expected to attend Junior Toffey’s CD release party on June 4 in Columbus.

Reacting one person who witnessed the incident wrote:

“I was on the flight and I witnessed everything fiilifili. Hmmmm! This world is full of uncertainties. We got stranded at the Bermuda Airport for almost fifteen hours before they got us a flight to Washington Dulles Airport last night. It was a harrowing experience. I have never experienced such a thing in my life. Terrible. Anyway, I pray for the soul of that young man.”

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Users Of MoMo Required To Pay 1.5% On Deposits, Sending, And All Other Transactions



The Ghana Revenue Authority has begun implementing the second phase of the Electronic Transaction Levy (E-Levy).

Users of mobile money will be required to pay 1.5 percent on deposits, sending, and all other mobile money transactions beginning today, Friday, July 1, 2022.

This is due to the fact that Merchants/Momo Agents will now be charged a 1.5 percent fee on all transactions.

On May 11, 2022, a group calling itself “The Mobile Money Agents Association of Ghana (MMAAG)” paid a visit to the president and pledged support for the E-Levy.

“The association said it considered the payment of taxes as a major tool to drive the needed development and progress of any country and would thus collaborate with the government to boost the uptakes from the E-levy.”

See below.

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Desperate Lady Offers To Send Her Nudes To Man As Collateral; Tells Him To Leak It If She Doesn’t Pay Back



In the state of desperation comes many thoughts (bad ones predominantly) that if not careful might land you in shame or trouble you least expected.

This is the exact situation of a young lady who is in dire need of money to seek out things to get her life back on track.

According to a portion of a screenshot of a leaked chat online, an unknown lady has offered to send her nudes to a man as collateral in exchange for a loan.

The desperate lady in the chat available asked the money lender (believed to be a man) to leak her nudes if she fails to pay back the loan.

The loanee (the lady), decoding from the conversation has no plans of paying back the money and thus has resorted to the worst available action which she obviously has prepared her mind for.


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Two Angry Drivers Smash Each Other’s Cars In Chaotic Road Rage



Two drivers who could not manage their anger smashed each other’s vehicles in a chaotic road rage.

A video circulating online paints a grim picture of these two drivers trying to outdo each other by damaging their vehicles.

After a slight confrontation, one of the drivers picked up what looked like a metallic block and smashed the windshield of the other driver.

To reciprocate the gesture, he also took turns smashing his vehicle and the windshield as the crowd cheered them on.

“You can’t intimidate me, you think you can intimidate me?” one of the drivers retorted.

The back and forth degenerated into a near scuffle after the first driver drove his car into the other driver’s vehicle and damaged the front of the vehicle in the end.

The distraught driver had to pursue the car as the other driver sped away.

In the end, both drivers ended up destroying each other cars and causing irreparable damage to their respective vehicles.

Check out the video below…

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