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Man Nabs Wife Being Banged In-Front Of Their New Born Baby | WATCH



Hubby Nabs wife being banged in-front of their new born baby.

“Fear that gender” is one of the most common statements being thrown around the internet nowadays.

The saying is simply used to refer to some of the most shocking behavior portrayed by men and women in society.

True to the statement itself, after reading today’s story you might somehow concur with people who say after God, fear women.

Well, in a rather shocking video making rounds online, a man nabbed his newly wedded wife cheating on him inside their marital home. To make matters even worse, right in-front of their new-born baby.

In the video, the cheating pair can be seen sitting on the man’s well-laid bed looking scared and confused as they cover up their faces out of shame.

The man, who is naked like a new-born baby, is seen with arms wrapped around his waist as he tries to cover up his big mingling stick.

The woman, who looks out of depth and helpless, has nothing to do but eye her hubby with a remorseful face.

The victim being cheated on can be heard on the other side of the camera screaming and shouting at the pair perhaps demanding for answers that seem not forthcoming.

Watch the video here.

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Mama Zimbi Joins Feli Nuna’s #TowelChallenge



Feli Nuna, an Off Da Ground signed artist, is a hot topic in Ghana right now.

On May 11, 2022, the talented singer released a new song titled “Towel,” which was produced by Shawerz Ebiem and filmed and directed by R.Dee.

Watch the video here.

Saturday, 14th, 2022, the singer introduced a new challenge on her song, and many Ghanaians jumped into the challenge while wearing their towels, setting social media ablaze.

In just a towel, the singer has already had interviews on GHOneTV, Joy Prime, Okay FM, and others.

In a new video shared online, celebrated personality Mama Zimbi joined the trend as she was seen in a very beautiful video wearing a white towel.

View the video below.

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Media & Culture

DaBaby Visits Nigeria, Hangs Out With Davido And Fans



Dababy, American rapper, is in Nigeria, where he has been hanging out with local fans and musical heavyweight Davido.

When he stormed the streets of Lagos, there was a stampede. Fans flocked to watch Dababy.

Davido later hosted Dababy in his Banana Island mansion. Later, the two were spotted together at a club.

Dababy is in Nigeria, according to sources, to film a music video with Davido and reconnect with his African heritage.

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Girls Prefect Of Mawuko Girls Caught On Tape Having Sleeping With Her Ho Poly Boyfriend



For some time now, social media has been buzzing about a leaked video involving the senior prefect of Mawuko Girls SHS and her Ho Technical University boyfriend.

Despite the fact that the two’s act was intended to be private, the video made its way onto social media.

Some claim that the video was taken from the boy’s phone by some close friends, who then shared it on Snapchat.

According to camp reports, the lady who was the senior prefect of her school on the day the video was taken skipped school to visit her boyfriend.

It went on to say that the girl was well aware that her boyfriend was filming their sexual act but did not complain or speak out against it.

The video cannot be shared here due to site policy, but it can be found here.

This new leaked tape has raised serious concerns about why people continue to record their sexual activities when they know it could end up on social media if it falls into the wrong hands.

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