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Man Pays More Than $30,000 To Look Exactly Like Michael Jackson | PHOTOS



The Late Michael Jackson

Everybody loves Michael Jackson. He’s a legend, the King of pop, inventor of the moonwalk, and possibly one of the greatest entertainers of all time.

But it’s just become very clear that it is possible to love MJ a little too much.

Not the look-a-like, of course.

Also, I miss him so much.

Here’s that moonwalk I mentioned earlier.

MJ first introduced this show-stopping dance back in 1983 on Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever broadcast, and it became his signature move.

And here’s Leo Blanco, a Michael Jackson impersonator. Leo Blanco is a 22-year-old from Buenos Aires in Argentina.

I had to pick my jaw up off the floor after finding out he is only 22-years-old, and has already invested $30,000 in cosmetic procedures.

He’s had 11 plastic surgeries (so far) in the hopes of looking as identical as possible to the late, great, Michael Jackson.

Four of those surgeries were nose jobs alone.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I know that having that many plastic surgeries by the age of 22 is a tad absurd.

To each their own, I guess!

But wait, there’s more.

Leo also revealed that he still has to undergo three more surgeries on his nose and chin, to try and replicate MJ’s look even further.

This is what Leo used to look like, before ever going under the knife.

Before his extreme Michael Jackson obsession took hold, he was just your everyday, regular kid.

It’s one thing to be a big Michael Jackson fan, I can respect that. But to actually want to be him is really over the top.

I sense deeper issues here, but hey, that’s just me.

He’s basically unrecognizable now, even to his own mother.

In the Barcroft TV documentary, Leo’s mom expresses genuine concern for his extreme obsession with looking like Michael Jackson, and his cavalier attitude to plastic surgery.

He told his mom that it’s her fault that he has to get all of these surgeries, because she didn’t create him to be more beautiful.

I don’t think she got much of a say in the matter, but ok.

Leo’s mom says that when she sees him now, she thinks “is this Leo? Is this my son?

She worries that one day he might die from surgery, but says that Leo thinks of cosmetic surgery is something as simple as going to the hairdresser.

For the record, plastic surgery is not as simple as going to the hairdresser.

PatientSafe Network details the many dangers of getting plastic surgery.

Here’s Leo before undergoing jaw and chin contouring injections to give him a more masculine and prominent jawline.

At least this was a less expensive, non-invasive cosmetic procedure.

Leo even has his own manager that books events for him.

The disco lights in the back of the limo are a real indicator that this guy is boujie AF.

That’s something I can get on board with.

Michael Jackson fans gather around, cheer, and take photos of Leo doing his Michael Jackson impersonation in the street.

In fact, he seems to have a shockingly decent sized fan demographic for someone that is simply copying Michael Jackson.

He even wears a crown sometimes to validate how close he feels to the King of pop.

Leo described the human body as a blank canvas. “The human body is a container” adding that it can be “modified in an artistic way.”

I’m all for people modifying themselves to feel more confident— getting tattoos and cosmetic surgeries.

But I think that some things are meant to be done in moderation.

And perhaps it isn’t artistic modification if it’s trying to replicate the exact way another person looks.

But if Leo’s happy, we’re happy.

He isn’t t he only extremist when it comes to plastic surgeries out there, there are probably hundreds of thousands.

So, if this is what it takes to feel like himself, or feel closer to his role-model, Michael Jackson, then so be it.

But I’m just going to come out and say it: He doesn’t look that much like Michael Jackson.

I can see what he’s going for, obviously. But he’s spent $30000 to look like MJ, and he only kind of looks like him at this point.

Here’s Leo impersonating Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” dance.

Didn’t exactly blow my hair back.

I do this level of dancing in my kitchen every night when I’m waiting for my leftovers to heat up in the microwave.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t think he looks that much like MJ and his impersonation of him was pretty lackluster as well.

I would encourage Leo to embrace his organic self more, and Michael Jackson less.

Because evidently, there can only be one MJ.

I give him an A+ for effort though.

His transformation makes for a very interesting piece of conversation, to say the least, and he seems to be making a living off of his act, to a certain extent.

I’m sure Michael Jackson would be very flattered if he were still around, that somebody loves him this much.

He certainly left his mark on the world, especially on Leo.

Here’s the full documentary if you want to see Leo in action.

Even after watching this three times, I still can’t fully wrap my head around it.

Not for nothing though, it’s interesting as hell.

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According to Mr Vanderpuye, it makes no sense for a bus carrying about 30 passengers to have only one door.

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Sup Sedame disclosed that many of the passengers on board the bus which was en route from Garu and bound for Kumasi have been burnt beyond recognition when the vehicle went up in flames soon after the crash.

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“With the growing importance of digital media today, Canadian artists—especially musicians and music entrepreneurs (e.g., producers, agents)—now face the challenge of marketing their content internationally and across all platforms, while also putting a greater emphasis on touring and live performances,” the budget report reads.

The CA$20 million increase is intended “to address some of the challenges faced by Canadian musicians in the digital era” so that “the Fund can enhance its support for the production, promotion and distribution of Canadian music.”

The passage adds: “For musical artists, these investments will create greater opportunities to innovate and experiment on a wider range of digital and non-digital platforms. This, combined with enhanced support for promotion—including more touring and more modern marketing approaches—will ensure that Canadian music reaches more audiences at home and abroad.”

Representatives of national music associations were swift in their praise — a contrast to last year, when the federal budget failed to mention any support for the Canada Music Fund. In 2016, the government committed CA$4.2 million ($3.14 million) to the music sector over two years. Now, with this new allotment, according to the Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA), adds to the momentum of that 2016 investment, supporting a program that has been “underfunded and over-subscribed for the past decade.”

“We are incredibly grateful to the Federal government and specifically our dedicated advocate, Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez, for showing their support of our industry,” said CIMA president Stuart Johnston in a statement. “We are keen to continue to work closely with government to ensure that these dollars are invested in the most impactful way, such as providing additional support for sound recording, international export opportunities, promotion, marketing, touring and showcasing, and the domestic development of our great artists.”

The Canadian Live Music Association (CLMA) called the announcement “good news” in its press release, noting other increases to the arts in the budget, such as CA$16 million ($11.97 million) over two years to the Canada Arts Presentation Fund (CAPF) and $CA24 million ($17.96 million) over two years to the Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage Program and the Celebration and Commemoration Program.

The CAPF program, according to the CLMA, “may positively impact” many of the association’s not-for-profit members. “Thanks to the program, our members ensure ‘homegrown talent’ can be discovered, in our own backyards. Export strategies rely on that career growth that comes from domestic touring and local audience development. The touring landscape in Canada is, among many things, an important breeding ground for the creation (and ultimately, global dissemination) of Canadian content,” said CLMA president and CEO Erin Benjamin.

With these new funding commitments, the total support to the Canadian music industry by the Government of Canada is CA$40.7 million ($30.44 million).

“Music Canada welcomes the Government of Canada’s increased funding to the Canada Music Fund and Canada Arts Presentation Fund as part of today’s budget announcement, but there remains much work to be done to address the Value Gap hurting the music sector,” said Graham Henderson, president and CEO of Music Canada, in a statement. “For labels and artists to be competitive and financially successful, they need a sustainable business framework.”

He continued, “Recently the United States and the European Union have taken steps to address the Value Gap. Canada has an opportunity to join the community of nations in protecting and fostering the careers of creators. During the Copyright Act review, the creative community was virtually unanimous in urging the government to repeal decades-old subsidies through which individual creators enrich billion dollar technology and broadcasting platforms. We sincerely look forward to working with the government to seize this opportunity while concluding the review of the Copyright Act.”

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The accident occurred at Amoma Nkwanta, a village near Kintampo in the Kintampo North Municipality of the Bono East Region, along the main Kintampo-Tamale Highway.

It is has been confirmed that a VVIP Kia bus with registration number GT 3915- 17 from Garu in the Upper East Region heading towards Kumasi collided with a Grandbird bus with registration number GT 5694-18 from Accra which was heading towards Bolgantaga also in the Upper East Region.

It is unclear what might have caused the collision but it is speculated that one of the drivers might have been dozing off and run into the lane of the other from the opposite direction.

All passengers, including that onboard one of the buses which was en route from Garu and bound for Kumasi, have been burnt beyond recognition when the vehicle went up in flames soon after the crash

The other bus branded VVIP and painted red, veered into a ditch after the collision, killing dozens on board.

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