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Man With ‘World’s Biggest Pen!S’ Sh0cks Viewers As He Shows His Male Member On Live TV



Viewers of television as well as the hosts, Phillip Schofield and Josie Gibson were thrown into a state of shock after a man who claims to have the biggest pen!s in the world shared an explicit photo of his male member on live television.

The man known as Jonah Falcon is an actor based in New York and he revealed on the show that his pen!s measures 13.5 inches while erect. He was on the daytime television program to talk about his huge c0ck.

Hosts Phillip and Josie attempted to explain the size of his member to viewers by comparing it to different objects but viewers were overwhelmed by the size of the man’s c0ck.

After attempting to explain the size of his member, Jonah said to the hosts: “This is just for you, so you don’t have to do all that imagining.”

The pair were stunned and a shocked Phillip exclaimed: “Hellfire! Congratulations. Well done!”

Viewers have taken to Twitter to react to the video.

One person tweeted: “Turned on the TV and @Schofe is talking about aubergines and length and girth. Then the guy whips out a picture… then I read the title… ‘I’ve got the worlds biggest penis’. “

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SS2 Student Slits Throat Of 11-Yr-Old Junior For Refusing To Run Errands



A senior student of Elkanemi College of Islamic Theology in Maiduguri, Borno state, Nigeria has slit the throat of a 11-year-old junior student after he refused to run an errand for him.

The SS2 student identified as Ahmed Umar Goni slits the victim’s throat with a razor blade behind the school’s hostel.

According to reports, the victim identified as Jibril Sadi Ramadan refused to run an errand for the senior which infuriated him.

Umar then lured the victim to the back of the school’s hostel and slit his throat with a blade and let him to die.

The victim then struggled and managed to drag himself to the principal’s office where he fell unconscious.

Jibril was later rushed to the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital for treatment at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Photo of 11-year-old junior student whose throat was slit by SS2 student of Borno boarding school for refusing to run errands

The uncle of the victim, Nasiru Mato confirmed the incidence and revealed how it happened.

“From our own findings, one SS2 student known as Fairoz dragged our child behind their dormitory and used razor blade to cut his throat from different angles. Our son eventually fainted and the culprit ran away, thinking that the child was already dead.

We received a distress call from the school management on Wednesday morning on the development and we rushed to Maiduguri Teaching hospital and found our child in a sorry state. At the moment, he is surviving on tracheostomy even as the doctors said it is difficult for him regain his voice after having some of his veins cut.

We demand proper medical attention for the child, the school and law enforcement must also take necessary measures to investigate and prosecute the perpetrator. Mato also said the family is not satisfied with the way the school management is handling the matter.

He added that the school only told them that the culprit is under police custody but refused to speak much about his identity. Another family member who doesn’t want to be named, said the school management has convinced the child’s step father who is their close ally not to take the matter up”, the victim’s uncle victim.

Jibril Ramadan is said to be in a critical condition and the suspect is currently at the Homicide Section of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department.

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Guy Catches His Serious Girlfriend Having Sex With Her Boss Who Bought Her A Benz; Beats Her To Unconsciousness



Money has ruined many relationships and will continue to do so till the end of time. It’s more than difficult to get a very loyal partner off-late.

The dating pool has now been filled with broke and entitled ladies and women manipulating more than 4 guys at the same time.

A promising young guy full of life has been very heartbroken and it will take decades for him to heal from the trauma.

According to a tweep who shared the disheartening story on the microblogging platform, this guy who is his friend became very confused and worried after his girlfriend’s boss started pampering her.

The boss who had his own intentions behind the gifts he showered on the lady later promoted her to become the head of a department meanwhile she’s new to the job and inexperienced also.

As if the promotion wasn’t enough, he later got a Benz to make her move from the house to the workplace very easily.

At the back of these all, the lady was sleeping with her boss but vehemently denied anytime her boyfriend raised such concerns.

Well, luck eluded her and the boss as they got caught red-handed having sex in the lady’s apartment.

The guy who couldn’t control his temper landed a couple of heavy blows on the lady making her unconscious in the process.

At the moment, the lady is currently receiving treatment at the hospital.

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Man In Trauma As Girlfriend Dumps Him To Marry Another Man After Donating Kidney To Save Her Mother’s Life



Uziel Martnez, a Mexican man, is currently disturbed after experiencing the shock of his life when his girlfriend chose another man over him despite his kindness to her family.

Many people are surprised as to why Martinez married someone else only a month after donating a kidney to his girlfriend’s mother.

Recounting his trauma, the young man was forced to make a series of videos to show the world his plight.

Despite the heartbreak, Martinez, a supposedly simple man by nature, admitted that he holds no grudge against his ex-girlfriend.

He also assured everyone that he is doing well and recovering from the kidney transplant.

“I don’t have anything against her… we’re not friends, but we don’t hate each other,” he told Mexico Daily News. I only made the video for TikTok, and I didn’t expect it to go viral.”

Man in trauma as girlfriend dumps him to marry another man after donating kidney to save her mother's life 

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