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“Model Pamela” Talks Modeling, Featuring In New Incoming Series CID Jon And More On “KubiLiveChat”



Model Pamela Uman

KubiLiveChat: Welcome To KubiLiveChat Ghana’s number online chat

Model Pamela: Thank you

KubiLiveChat: Welcome!!! Who is the Real Pamela Uman?

Model Pamela: She is Is a Kenyan lady who is based in Ghana.

KubiLiveChat: Where you born in Kenya or Ghana?

Model Pamela: Kenya.

KubiLiveChat: Alright tell us more about your country Kenya.

Model Pamela: It is a nice and beautiful country with beautiful people.

KubiLiveChat: That’s great! We know Pamela is a model how did this ambition start?

Model Pamela: All started when I was dating this guy in the fashion industry but won’t put his name out. He was like I should give a try modeling cause of my height and assets; so he trained me to become who I am.

KubiLiveChat: That great!! Since then how has the modeling feeling been?

Model Pamela: Good but doesn’t really make money in Ghana here.

KubiLiveChat: Does it mean you were making monies in Kenya?

Model Pamela: Actually I started in Ghana here not in Kenya.

KubiLiveChat: Alright!! Are you signed to any agency?

Model Pamela: Nooo!!! Am under management and really love that.

KubiLiveChat: That’s great! When you started, as a freelance model did you encounter anyone taking advantage of you before giving u a contract?

Model Pamela: Yes!!!

KubiLiveChat: Will you love to disclose that person’s name?

Model Pamela: Nope!!!

KubiLiveChat: Alright did the person then give u the contract?

Model Pamela: No cause I didn’t give him what he wanted.

KubiLiveChat: Have u been featured on any Billboard yet?

Model Pamela: Not yet..but have had a contract before but the deal wasn’t good.

KubiLiveChat: Alright. I once got to know you featured in a project can you give us an account of how all these happened?

Model Pamela: Yes CID Jon.

KubiLiveChat: Tell us more about this project.

Model Pamela: Is a series that’s coming out soon. I wouldn’t like to talk about it till is out.

KubiLiveChat: But you can give us an insight.

Model Pamela: Yes but not today!!!

KubiLiveChat: Alright which role did you play?

Model Pamela: The role I played was a naughty girl called Abigirl who will be doing some naughty kinds of stuff in it.

KubiLiveChat: Hahaha just can’t wait for this series to be released. Aside modeling are you into anything else?

Model Pamela: Yes!!! I work with an IT company.

KubiLiveChat: That’s great to hear. Is Pamela dating?

Model Pamela: Nope!!!

KubiLiveChat: Why dear?

Model Pamela: My own reason; at the right time, I will date.

KubiLiveChat: Alright!!! Any celebrity crush?

Model Pamela: Sure!!!

KubiLiveChat: Name him.

Model Pamela: Ohhh noo!

KubiLiveChat: Y? Hahaha! Come on.

Model Pamela: Ok he is Emman D.

KubiLiveChat: Alright! Who is your mentor based on your modeling ambition?

Model Pamela: Grace Jones.

KubiLiveChat: That’s great! We happy to have hosted you today, any last words for your fans?

Model Pamela: I love them all and they should keep on supporting am just an upcoming model but believe with their support I can make it. And one last thing to my followers on Instagram who always complains that I don’t reply their messages should be patience I will have time for them.

KubiLiveChat: Hahaha my people there you go!!!

Follow Model Pamela on these handles below!!!

Facebook – Pamela Odame

Instagram – @iamnaturalpam

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Jorvago Talks Music, BET And More On KubiLiveChat




KubiLiveChat: Today we host a young artist who goes by the name Jorvago.

Welcome to KubiLiveChat Ghana’s number online Chat.

How are you doing today?

Jorvago: Am blessed

KubiLiveChat: Glory be to God. Jorvago can you tell us more about you?

Jorvago: Dzovakpor Luis Yao is a Ghanaian recording artist and entertainer, who performs under the name Jorvago. Jorvago was born in Aflao, 5.8ft tall fair in complexion. Jorvago born to Dzorvakpor Benjamin (Torgbui Hogbe) a Retired Navy officer, Dzorvakpor Charity (Mother) a businesswoman A family
of four (4). The young Jorvago spends most of his youthful time in Accra and Tema Currently lives in NEW YORK (USA) He Attended AMAZING LOVE International school then Completed Tema Royal International school in
community7. As a product of Koforidua secondary Technically school in Ghana, he then continued to Accra Technical University and offered HND in MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, then completed in 2016. He chose a path of music. “Music they say when it hits you feel no pain”. Jorvago sat under the roof of Kaywa to study and realize a single titled ‘GBENZE produced by Kaywa (2010) He grew up surrounded by music, ranging from reggae highlife. African contemporary songs. Jorvago enjoys his Ghanaian local dishes, loves to swims as his hobby.

KubiLiveChat: Wow this is really easy. Since you are a Ghanaian US based artist. How has music been for you so far?

Jorvago: It’s been good and challenging so far cos I have to make sure I have my ears tune down to the groove and originality of real African music so as to meet the market and the desire of fans and people

KubiLiveChat: That’s very great. So far are you since under any record label?

Jorvago: Oh yes ….. Currently, I have been signed under KOBOOKO ONE.

KubiLiveChat: That’s very great to hear. Before you got signed, did you officially release some sounds earlier?

Jorvago: Yes I did come out with a single titled GBENZE in (2010) produced by Award-winning big producer Kaywa.

KubiLiveChat: That’s very great. Aside from music what else are you into?

Jorvago: Did Release and officials single with a video titled YORGORGOR in June 2018

KubiLiveChat: Great. Actually, which gene of music do you do?

Jorvago: I do personal stuff like working with the Auto zone (working on cars) In the United States 🇺🇸. Jorvago: I do mostly African contemporary music( like the Afro-fusion, High life, Reggae music, Live sounds)

KubiLiveChat: That’s very great!!! So I should classify you as a hiplife artist?

Jorvago: Yes

KubiLiveChat: That’s great

Jorvago: But am all round, can do everything when it comes to music, it’s just a good inspiration

KubiLiveChat: Which mainstream artist will you ever love to have a collaboration with? That’s dope. Looking at Kwesi Arthur losing the BET Award. What’s your take on that?

Jorvago: Can’t really tell, but for now love to do my own thing, but when the chance comes can collaborate rate do with any good artist.

KubiLiveChat: Alright that’s very great!!!

Jorvago: Being nominated at BET is a good start. That’s a plus to Gh and to him as well cos it’s not easy to be nominated. bravo 👏

KubiLiveChat: Alright. I know most Ghanaians haven’t heard about you yet as I know soon you will be heard. Do you have any exceptional message for Ghanaians?

Jorvago: Yes, Ghanaians should expect good music that comes with inspirations and motivational words from JORVAGO.

KubiLiveChat: Raaah!!! There you go, my people.

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MC Mike Shanti Talks Working With BOSCHE, Event Guide & More On KubiLiveChat



KubiLiveChat: Welcome to KubiLiveChat Ghana’s number one online Chat

How do you do MC Mike Shanti

MC Mike Shanti: Very very well by God’s grace, yourself?

KubiLiveChat: Am doing super Raaah!!! Mc Mick Shanti how did the MC work start?

MC Mike Shanti: Ermmm well let me make it brief for you. I actually started MCing in the year 2015. The man Eddy Blay Jnr. of Yfm inspired me to do so. Which I think he wouldn’t remember tho.

KubiLiveChat: Hahaha alright that’s great and how has the journey been?

MC Mike Shanti: It’s been very very interesting should I say but a bit tough tho

KubiLiveChat: I get it. So far which has been your biggest show?

MC Mike Shanti: But I was actually a TV Presenter at DMTV which is an online television that does only exclusive interviews and that was what motivated me to do MCing which is in the same line with TV Presenting. Well, truth be told all my gigs or shows have been the biggest.

KubiLiveChat: That’s great.based on DMTV how many years did u spend there?

MC Mike Shanti: Three solid years with DMTV Charley and I must say DMTV which is also a record label has had 70% positive impact on my career

KubiLiveChat: That’s great!!! Share with us your experience when you were with DMTV

MC Mike Shanti: Well they gave me all da necessary opportunities a young talent like me could ever get. Did a lot of commercials, some acting and hosted almost all their events for them. This is DMTV I’m talking about.

KubiLiveChat: Hahaha that’s great!!! Aside DMTV where again did u work at?

MC Mike Shanti: Hmmm ermmm this is something which gets people like “Huh”??? Hahaha. I was part of 2131 clubs founded by Jay Foley and Jeremie and from there joined “Event Guide” later on which I was a reporter and also a writer for them. At that time Event Guide has just started tho and today they’re a huge brand

KubiLiveChat: Alright so lemme ask how much were u paid at Event Guide

MC Mike Shanti: Haha very very interesting question tho. I was being paid Gh0.00 every month. I mean nothing oo Charley but is all good

KubiLiveChat: Oh Charley so you need u worked for free.

MC Mike Shanti: Yes oo for free. But it was a new growing company so I did understand

KubiLiveChat: Ok I get it and how much did DMTV pay u?

MC Mike Shanti: We all wanted to help but along the line, I had to quit Event Guide. DMTV was more of a partnership tho so any money that came in course of my duty I had a percentage in it

KubiLiveChat: Ok

MC Mike Shanti: So nothing like monthly salary

KubiLiveChat: I get it. Now aside from this where you booked to MC other shows?

MC Mike Shanti: Oh yes. I got the chance to MC an event by “BOSCHE” which is a German company that has other branches all over the world. They deal in tools and accessories. A very big company in the world tho and form that time till now I’ve been the official MC for BOSCHE every year. They pay well too.

KubiLiveChat: Wow!!! That’s very great!!! Congratulations

MC Mike Shanti: Thanks Charley. It’s all been God since day one

KubiLiveChat: Ibi so!!! How do people get to book u up?

MC Mike Shanti: Mostly through social media. And at times through phone calls too

KubiLiveChat: So drop them err

MC Mike Shanti: I’m everywhere just like Anas😂😂

KubiLiveChat: Hahaaha

MC Mike Shanti: Facebook- MC Mike Shanti
Instagram -MC Mike Shanti

MC Mike Shanti: Final words tho??

KubiLiveChat: Okay go on pls

MC Mike Shanti: God bless everyone who in one way or the other gave me an opportunity in my career.Kojo Preko Dankwa of Kasapa Fm, Jay Foley, Eddie Blay and everyone.My mum who’s my biggest fan too as well.

MC Mike Shanti: Any artist out there who needs a PR I’m always available

MC Mike Shanti: God bless KubiLive as well.

KubiLiveChat: Amen eeeii brother Hahaha

MC Mike Shanti: Oya shoki.

KubiLiveChat: Ok Raaah!!! There You go, My people.

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Huawei Promoter Talks Latest Phone, Apple Trying To Sue Huawei & More On KubiLiveChat



KubiLiveChat: Today we host a young Huawei Company personnel

Miss Seyram Welcome To KubiLiveChat Ghana’s number online Chat

Seyram: Thanks soo much for the platform

KubiLiveChat: Let’s talk about you working with Huawei. Tell us how you go about this kind of work

Seyram: Well, it’s a very pretty interesting job actually because you get to interact with different kinds of people with different mindsets. So basically being a Huawei promoter, you promote the phones that Huawei brings to the market. You educate people who are willing to learn about the phones and at the end of the day, you get to make your sales and also put smiles on their faces.

KubiLiveChat: This is very great! Based on you promoting Huawei phones which platform do you basically use?

Seyram: We use social media. but most importantly we have our Huawei reps in each Mall here in Ghana and the world at large because Huawei is an international company.

KubiLiveChat: Yes baby international brand! How many countries can Huawei be found?

Seyram: Over five countries. We are in Ghana: Nigeria, Dubai, China, and Ivory Coast.

KubiLiveChat: That’s very great! Based on you been a promoter for Huawei does the company take you to different places every year or month?

Seyram: Oh yes! If you are a promoter you can be transferred to a different shop after some months of staying in your shop. But when you become a manager, the company sends you out of the country either for you to learn more or just for vacation…..Hahaha.

KubiLiveChat: Haha that’s very great!!! Have you been transferred before?

Seyram: Oh noo. Not yet. Maybe soon. Very soon

KubiLiveChat: Alright!! Based on releasing phones from your company, how many times does Huawei bring out a new phone in a month?

Seyram: Well it depends on the demand and the competition around us; so like every 5 to 6 months we bring something new and slightly better than our competitors…Haha

KubiLiveChat: Very great!! Let’s talk about your latest phone. There is one it has the iPhone X notch

Seyram: Awww. That one is soo amazing mherrn. That’s the future…HUAWEI P20 Pro

KubiLiveChat: Great! According to your company, they had that in mind way back before iPhone brought it out, do you think Apple can later sue them for copying them?

Seyram: Well well well. They have already tried to but hey, you can’t blame us because Huawei is an international company and they do employ the Tech heads from Apple because they pay soo good…hahaha. We are not to be blamed

KubiLiveChat: Hahaha alright very lucky for you guys!!! Based on the sales of the Huawei P20 Pro how has its been so far?

Seyram: Demand is really high because of the specifications.

KubiLiveChat: That’s very great!!! I wanna know as a promoter how much do you get paid.

Seyram: Hehehe. Now that got me laughing real hard dude. With Huawei, every single soul gets paid differently
But our basic is from 600gh upwards and every promoter has a target to achieve
Some have $8,000 target. Others have more than that…And that’s what happens if the shop in which you are makes more sale. So if you get to hit your target, you can get twice as much of your basic salary. So basically the ball is in your court

KubiLiveChat: There you go, my people.

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