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Moment Two Passengers Fight Dirty Like Little Children In An Aeroplane | WATCH



A fascinating melee that broke out between two passengers on board an aeroplane has attracted mixed reactions from the internet space.

A video that is fast going viral captures the jaw-dropping moment two male adults put their dignity on the line and created a chaotic scene in the presence of other travellers.

This was a result of the two able-bodied men being unable to solve a simple issue that seemingly had to do with the safekeeping of their luggage in the storage compartment of the plane.

One party could not come to terms with the fact that he secure the spot first but was being denied uninterrupted access to store his bags before taking a seat.

Eventually, they decided to flex their muscles as they squared it off in fisticuffs leaving other passengers in fear.

It took the intervention of other strong men onboard the flight to separate the two who wouldn’t take any chances to have a ring fight right in the walking aisle of the plane.

Video of the bizarre scene has been met with heightened condemnation from social media users who have bemoaned the level of indiscipline exhibited by the two adults exhibited in the aircraft.

Watch the video below;


D-Black Surprises Baby Mama With Brand New Range Rover



Ghanaian rapper , Desmond Kwesi Black, popularly known as D-Black gifted the mother of his children a Range Rover as he turned 35.

According to him, he has decided to always appreciate the real ones in his life hence feels it’s apt for the mother of his three children to enjoy his birthday with him.

“Gifted the mother of my kids with a new Range Rover on my birthday. Always gotta appreciate the real ones. The smiles on my kids’ faces did it for me. Let’s appreciate the good ones. God bless us all” , D Black wrote.

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Shy Girl Force To Dance In Front Of People Shows Off Sweet Leg Moves | WATCH



Talented but shy girl put up a great show on the street as she intrigued with delightful irresistible leg dance moves.

In a viral video shared on Instagram, the shy girl blew many people away with her lovely leg moves.

The video had started with the girl trying to flee the gathering but was quickly dragged back by kids and adults who thought otherwise.

As if resigning to fate, the girl backed them all and began with a left-arm dance move.

Feeling the vibe of the dance style, a lady joined behind her but stopped in her tracks as the girl quickly broke into a different dance move entirely – this time with her legs.

Her leg moves earned her the admiration of the gathered crowd on the street with people who were previously dancing stopping to give attention to a better dancer.

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WATCH Blackstars’ Full Fight Against Gabon Players



The Black Stars faced the Panthers at Yaounde on Friday, January 14, 2022, in their second match of the AFCON 2021 competition.

After losing 1-0 to Morocco in their first encounter, the Black Stars needed a win to seize control of their qualification fate.

After Ghana took the lead in the 19th minute on a thundering goal from the team’s captain, Dede Ayew, the Gabonese equalized in the 88th minute.

After the referee blew his final whistle, a near-bloodbath erupted between the Black Stars and their opponents.

Tetteh of the Blackstars, who had come on as a substitute, was the first to punch Gabon’s Aaron Boupendza.

After a shoving match with Andre Biyogo Poko, the Yeni Malatyaspor star stormed into the tunnel to evade the ref’s fury.

However, with the help of VAR, the match official was able to identify the offender and ordered the center-return forward’s to the field in order to display him the red card.

Benbraham refused to leave the field and told Arsenal midfielder Thomas Partey and his teammates to’send No25 out.’

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