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Movie Review On LIONHEART: “It Was Genevieve’s Directorial Debut And She Totally Nailed It” : Anoke Adaeze



It’s better stale than not at all, aye?

I’ve been up to my neck with a million and one things to do since the inception of this delightfully new year, but I know this girl wouldn’t quite forgive herself if she totally failed to give her two cents on Netflix’s latest original, LionHeart.

First off, the LionHeart cast couldn’t have been better selected.

Something about seeing Nkem Owoh, Genevieve Nnaji, Phyno, KOK, Onyeka Onwenu, Kalu Ikeagwu, and the man after my own heart, Pete Edochie threw together in a classic mix which steadily gravitated to a rich creamy blend- warmed me all the way to my toes.

I low-key expected that, like the typical Nollywood movie plots where conspiracy theories are woven from even the most innocuous of situations, Godswill Obiagu would seek to oust his brother and niece from the family business.

My Nollywood movie prediction skill was put to shame and it felt good to be wrong this once.

There were hilarious scenes, like when Madame External Auditor said she went for teeth-whitening and then proceeded to display dentition that reminded me of blighted maize.

I was absolutely chuffed with the infusion of culture in such a way that was somehow, neither intrusive nor painfully cliché to watch.

The way Adaeze’s mum interrupted a serious conversation to chip in a characteristically maternal ‘don’t slouch’ mild reprimand, is very typical of Nigerian mothers. Mine, very inclusive.

Be it a Nollywood classic or a Nollywood Awkuzu film, Nkem Owoh never fails to bring his own vintage flavor to the table.

I found myself instinctively smiling whenever he appeared on the screen.

Yeah, I dubbed the category of Nollywood movies that try in vain to mess with my IQ, Nollywood Awkuzu and the twenty-first-century sort, Nollywood Classic.

No offense meant to the Awkuzu people.

The movie was pleasantly indigenous and even though it was subtitled, I don’t think non-Igbos got the real essence from the Godswill Obiagu character as the subtitling did not almost do justice to the character.

I could barely take my eyes off the screen when Adaeze was on it. It’s no news to anyone who knows me that Genevieve Nnaji can do no wrong in my sight.

LionHeart managed to meld Nollywood Awkuzu and Nollywood Classic in an even delightful blend. Didn’t think the day would come when I would think that. Yeah.

The story of LionHeart is an impressive tale of leadership, mentorship, and succession.

It is the ultimate wish of a responsible father to groom his children to succeed him when he is old, frail or gone.

The comic moments were very natural.

It was Genevieve’s directorial debut and she totally nailed it. I’m glad she hit pay dirt with this one. It was totally deserved.

I hope her next movie leaves this one in the dust.

LionHeart in three words. Quaint. Refreshing. Hilarious.

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Meet The Next Highlife Sensation Mr. Kelly



Mr. Kelly

The music industry has become an open forum with talents and hard work playing a major role in who becomes a force to reckon. After discovering oneself, how does an individual presents him/herself for easy acceptance and career-enhancing? The ability to stay on top of the game and be consistent has been a major concern for most artist therefore thrutching most of them to intricate themselves in unwanted debates. Mr. Kelly who has discovered himself has set some vital goals as he promises to raise the flag of Ghana through his type of music(highlife).

Born as Thomas Quaye, the young man has chosen Mr. Kelly as his showbiz name. For his early childhood and adult education,he attended Shama Methodist School and continued at Takoradi Technical Institute.

Mr. Kelly started his music career as a Highlife artiste since SHS and continued with the same genre after SHS.

The harmony music record label artiste has released a number of songs featuring a lot of artiste in Western Region.

Me Kelly is however calling on the general public and fans to support his music career because he has more good songs for them.

Follow Mr. Kelly on all social media handles.
For bookings, contact Mr. Kelly on 0540515796.

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Strongman Finally Breaks His Silence On Prosper – Nana Ama Issue




Ghana was on fire some 2-3 weeks ago when Strongman and Medikal took the whole nation on an exciting ride.

Strongman and Medikal had a fierce lyrical battle and several shots were thrown at each other in four different songs.

In Medikal’s second reply to Strongman dubbed “The Last Burial”, he took a swipe at Strongman’s girlfriend Nana Ama.

According to Medikal, one guy by name Prosper fingered Nana Ama and didn’t even have $£* with her because her vayjay stunk.

Medikal went on to say in the same song that after all this, Nana Ama was given just Ghc2000.

Social media went haywire after this sudden revelation and Nana Ama was severely mocked and trolled due to that.

Strongman has reacted for the very first time concerning this issue and he said they aren’t aware of any guy with that name.

“Nana Ama and I have no knowledge of this guy and there is no truth in what Medikal said. She is my girlfriend and I know her very well. I know how she is.” Strongman stated in an interview with Delay.

The rapper indicated that he can bet with his life and even swear that Nana Ama can never do a thing like that.

“If she had a bad smell down there, then I would have believed to an extent that the Prosper thing was true. But since she is very okay down there, there is no way the Prosper issue would be true”

Strongman and Nana Ama have been dating for close to 4 years now and Strongman also disclosed that for sure Nana Ama is his wife!

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It Was A One Night Stand; Stephen Appiah Reacts To Allegations That He Fathered Vanessa Gyan’s Child



Stephen Appiah

Stephen Appiah has allegedly fathered a child with a former GHOne TV presenter.

Friends of the presenter, Vanessa Gyan, have confirmed that she confided in them that Appiah was the father of her child.

Appiah’s friends have also confirmed the allegation, saying the former Black Stars’ captain once had a relationship with Vanessa Information gathered by KUBILIVE have it that former captain of the Black Stars, Stephen Appiah, fathered a child with a former GHOne TV presenter.

The lady in question is Vanessa Gyan, also the daughter of the keyboardist of Osibisa-Kiki Gyan. According to a report seen by us, Vanessa confided in a few friends that Appiah is the father of her child.

One of the friends, according to the reports, said Vanessa told her directly that her child’s father is the ex-Black Stars’ captain. Interestingly, some friends of Appiah have reportedly confirmed that the former football star once had a relationship with Vanessa during her days at GHOne TV.

According to the friends, Appiah confirmed having a relationship with Gifty but denied ever fathering a child with her.

He was said to have told his friends that they only had what is commonly called a one-night stand, therefore, he could not believe that that one-night encounter formed a baby.

The child, whose sex is yet to be confirmed, is said to look just like the football star, dark and strong.

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