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Movie Review On LIONHEART: “It Was Genevieve’s Directorial Debut And She Totally Nailed It” : Anoke Adaeze



It’s better stale than not at all, aye?

I’ve been up to my neck with a million and one things to do since the inception of this delightfully new year, but I know this girl wouldn’t quite forgive herself if she totally failed to give her two cents on Netflix’s latest original, LionHeart.

First off, the LionHeart cast couldn’t have been better selected.

Something about seeing Nkem Owoh, Genevieve Nnaji, Phyno, KOK, Onyeka Onwenu, Kalu Ikeagwu, and the man after my own heart, Pete Edochie threw together in a classic mix which steadily gravitated to a rich creamy blend- warmed me all the way to my toes.

I low-key expected that, like the typical Nollywood movie plots where conspiracy theories are woven from even the most innocuous of situations, Godswill Obiagu would seek to oust his brother and niece from the family business.

My Nollywood movie prediction skill was put to shame and it felt good to be wrong this once.

There were hilarious scenes, like when Madame External Auditor said she went for teeth-whitening and then proceeded to display dentition that reminded me of blighted maize.

I was absolutely chuffed with the infusion of culture in such a way that was somehow, neither intrusive nor painfully cliché to watch.

The way Adaeze’s mum interrupted a serious conversation to chip in a characteristically maternal ‘don’t slouch’ mild reprimand, is very typical of Nigerian mothers. Mine, very inclusive.

Be it a Nollywood classic or a Nollywood Awkuzu film, Nkem Owoh never fails to bring his own vintage flavor to the table.

I found myself instinctively smiling whenever he appeared on the screen.

Yeah, I dubbed the category of Nollywood movies that try in vain to mess with my IQ, Nollywood Awkuzu and the twenty-first-century sort, Nollywood Classic.

No offense meant to the Awkuzu people.

The movie was pleasantly indigenous and even though it was subtitled, I don’t think non-Igbos got the real essence from the Godswill Obiagu character as the subtitling did not almost do justice to the character.

I could barely take my eyes off the screen when Adaeze was on it. It’s no news to anyone who knows me that Genevieve Nnaji can do no wrong in my sight.

LionHeart managed to meld Nollywood Awkuzu and Nollywood Classic in an even delightful blend. Didn’t think the day would come when I would think that. Yeah.

The story of LionHeart is an impressive tale of leadership, mentorship, and succession.

It is the ultimate wish of a responsible father to groom his children to succeed him when he is old, frail or gone.

The comic moments were very natural.

It was Genevieve’s directorial debut and she totally nailed it. I’m glad she hit pay dirt with this one. It was totally deserved.

I hope her next movie leaves this one in the dust.

LionHeart in three words. Quaint. Refreshing. Hilarious.

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Meet King Luther, The AfroHigh Crooner



Music is all about discovery. You could think you have a favorite artist until one night you’re shuffling through Soundcloud and suddenly chance on a completely new sound that you can’t get enough of.

Well, that’s the kind of feeling you get from this new artist King Luther (LT).

Born in Lagos Nigeria and the second of 5 siblings, he started his early childhood and junior high at the police children school, continued to senior high at Anneson High School, and then moved to Valley View University in Ghana where he gained his BSc Information Technology in 2018.

King Luther began his professional music career in August 2020 and has released his debut single under the ADT (Adenta) Accra Ghana Records Label in Ghana. He is the originator of a new music genre he defines as “Afro-High” which encompasses a few afrobeat with African authentic sounds and delectable lyrics accompanied with a low groove bass anchor.

You’ve got to listen to him yourself to appreciate the dexterity of talent he holds.

Enjoy the new sound “Time to Collect” by King Luther (LT) available everywhere for free!

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All You Need To Know About Abidji Kobiyedema Marcel



Abidji Kobiyedema Marcel is an entrepreneur. He was born on the 27th of April, 1979 in Lome – Togo. His father was in the army but passed on and his mother is also a businesswoman, Lome where he was raised. He had his conventional primary, secondary, and higher education in Togo but developed an interest in music at a tender age. His Parents are Togolese, from the north.

He founded a Record label called Beat City Production, renamed it to Black Diamond entertainment in the year 2006, and later changed it to Kobiye kan Entertainment in the year 2016 in Belgium where he currently lives. He is single but has two kids.

Abidji Kobiyedema’s appetite to grow in the music industry was satiated when he traveled to Belgium. He partnered with his friend to establish a record label which became a success such that in two years, he had already gotten artists.

He signed other artists (Ariki boy, Synthez TG, Nello Antia, Menez Gh, Nivek, kuejo Blaq, Scarce-gift Antwerp) as the record label grew.

He has organized big events in bigger clubs in Togo such as: chess night club, Palace night club, bar la gaité.
Before kobiyekanent Entertainment rebranded from Black diamond entertainment and Beats City production, they also organised events in Belgium such as: Million styles, nesbeth, Don andre, Warm Up, Live On Stage Out Of Jamaica.

Abidji Kobiyedema is also into a clothing line with a brand named “Kobiye Kan”. They have nice clothes for unisex at a very affordable rate.


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‘None Of My Exes Have Been Able To Replace Me’ : Tee Billz Brags



Music executive, Tunji “Tee Billz” Balogun took to Instagram on Friday morning, September 25, to brag about his exes not being able to replace him since they broke up.

According to him, it’s ‘God’s flex.’

He wrote: ‘None of my ex have been able to replace me! That’s God’s flex #LibraGang.’

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