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“My Boyfriend Is Angry With Me For Not Thanking His Mother Well Enough” : Lady



A lady has expressed her worry about her boyfriend getting angry with her just because he claims she didn’t thank his mother enough after receiving a token of 5,000 Naira (GHS77) from her.

Read her full message below as sent to relationship coach Joro Olumofin:

Good evening joro Please keep me anonymous . The thing is I’ve been constantly visiting my boyfriends house (his family house) for weeks now, I’ve been helping with chores and all normal thing I don’t have a problem with it at all.

The issue is his mum gave me money when I was leaving one evening like that (5k) and I was honestly grateful I quickly knelt down to say thank you ,so I was talking to my boyfriend a day after and he asked me if I’ve called her to great her or say thank you since then,i told him no that I didn’t know it was necessary and we dropped the topic when he told me she wasn’t upset he just thought I should.

So yesterday we had an argument after he told me I should be appreciative which I got very angry and I asked him how I wasn’t appreciative I sincerely appreciated that money because I was even broke the moment I received it, sha my boyfriend no gree o, he said I was supposed to call her and thank her.

He hasn’t been replying my text, I called him to he hasn’t been picking up. He claims I’m loved by everyone in his house ,guys please I’m a young girl and I don’t mind corrections, so I will be in the comment section checking your advices and suggestions Thanks ”

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