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“My Cement Bags Were Stolen” : Shatta Wale Reveals Why He Walked Out Of Meeting With IGP



Self-styled African dancehall king, Shatta Wale was in the news yesterday after having landed himself into a fresh trouble with the IGP.

During the IGP’s meeting with celebrities, Shatta Wale angrily walked out of the auditorium after a police officer prevented him from taking pictures and videos of the closed-door meeting.

According to reports, an announcement had been made that no one should take neither pictures nor videos from the meeting but Shatta Wale wasn’t around when the message was passed on.

After the misunderstanding, he was later ushered into the auditorium for the second time and comported himself till the end of the meeting.

Speaking in an interview on HITZ FM this morning on why he portrayed such ghetto behaviour in front of high ranking members of the Ghana police service.

Shatta Wale asserted that he was already angry before attending the event. He went on to add that, some notorious thieves have stormed his site and made away with over a hundred bags of cement.

He said;

“I was already having a bad day before I came for the meeting because somebody had stolen my hundreds of cement and some argument and stuff had gone on before I got here so tempers were very high.”

Well, some social media users have refused to believe this cock and bull story from Shatta Wale because he was heard in a video from the incident bitterly lamenting that he has been sidelined.

Media & Culture

TV3’s Cookie Tee And Anita Akuffo Allegedly Fighting Over Thiery Nyann : Blogger Drops Insight



Anonymous Instagram blogger and influencer Aba The Great has revealed that Cookie Tee of Media General and Anita Akuffo of Anita Akuffo are currently at odds over Thiery Nyann, a sports journalist.

According to Aba The Great’s post, Thiery Nyann comes from a good and wealthy family and has a sizable inheritance, so it’s no surprise that Cookie Tee and Anita Akuffo are currently squabbling over who will win his heart.

The bogger went on to say that Thiery Nyann has already been accused of cheating by his alleged girlfriend, Cookie Tee.

She wrote; My guys out here, how do you feel when ladies fight over you? How’s the feeling like? 😂😂😂😂 dude fine like wine 🍷 he’s got very sizable family inheritance 💰 too 🤗.
So who wins our favorite sports presenter, Mr Nyan? Anita Or Cookie? Already My Nyan is receiving Slaps from Cookie for cheating, girl got temper I guess, that could let her loose some points, u know 😂😂😂 If he is single and a good catch, fight for him oooo 😂😂😂
Let the best lady win 😎

See the post below;

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‘I Am Looking For A Man Who Can Cook And Clean 24/7’ : Bridget Otoo



Bridget Otoo, Ghanaian media personality, has revealed what she looks for in a man before marrying.

Otoo, who works for Metro TV, says she’s looking for a man who will cook and clean all day.

Bridget, 37, has received criticism online in recent years for her single status and her constant advocacy for Ghana’s LGBTQI community.

She took to Twitter to admit that she doesn’t know how to cook and that she would be willing to give any man a chance if he accepted her proposal of cleaning and cooking 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

She wrote;

‘I’m looking for a Ghanaian man, marriageable material who can cook and clean 24/7 to marry.

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‘West Side Story’ Banned In Saudi Arabia And Kuwait Over LGBTQ Character



The recently released “West Side Story” remake will not be screened in at least two countries over a nonbinary actor feature.

The movie was initially scheduled to open in Saudi Arabia on Dec. 9, just ahead of its North America release on Dec. 10. However it has not been granted a release certificate in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Censors in other Middle Eastern nations like Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates reportedly requested cuts to the new film adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s classic musical. However, Walt Disney and 20th Century Studios have decided not to make the cuts, an insider told The Wrap.

The studios reportedly do anticipate that the film will be released in some other countries in the Middle East.

The reason for the ban of the New York-set “Romeo and Juliet” take has not been specified, but The Wrap suggested it’s due to Anybodys, a teenage character written to be transgender and played by actor Iris Menas, who identifies as nonbinary.

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