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My Ex-Husband Was Very Abusive : Lady Who Left Her Marriage To Marry Their Pastor Speaks | WATCH



The Lady who was called out by her husband on social media for leaving their marriage of twelve(12) years to marry their pastor has broken her silence over the matter.

According to her ex-husband Ben Bright, they were leaving happily until his wife got a job and then left the house together with their beautiful children and all attempt to locate them proved futile.

He got to know his wife has married their pastor after seeing their photos on social media.

Well, the woman at the centre of this has broken her silence and told her side of the story.

The lady identified as Tina Adeeyo in a video has revealed that her ex-husband was abusing her in the marriage and she has countless times run to her family house in Port Harcourt but always comes back to her matrimonial home.

She claimed Bright didn’t provide in the marriage. She said she always had to borrow to meet the family’s needs and to pay the kids’ school fees.

She said she is neck-deep in debt because of the money her first husband, Bright Ben, made her borrow.

She explained that her husband constantly threatened to kill her and silenced her family with money.

On why she left the marriage, she explained that Bright was the one who pushed her to leave.

She said: “He looked at me one morning and said there is no marriage between us that I’m just in his house wasting his time. He chased me out of our room, that I’m a smelling thing.”

She added that he would sometimes starve her while he takes their kids with him to go and eat outside. As he stopped her from working, she couldn’t feed herself and neighbours had to provide food for her.

She said he once threatened to pour acid in her cream without her knowledge.

She added that on the night before she left him for good, he had locked her in the house and held onto the key. When she told him she was tired and couldn’t continue with the marriage, she said he told her she should leave that she’s just the caretaker of the children and nothing more to him.

She said her children later found the spare key, gave her and told her “mummy, escape.”

She left on Nov 28, 2020.

She said that she moved back to her mother’s house after that and then came to Lagos where she started her life from scratch, working and squatting with people.

She added that at this point, Pastor Moses was not in the picture and had no hand in her leaving her husband as Bright claimed.

She said that in April 2021, her kinsmen called a meeting where she spoke her mind and they were shocked at all she had been enduring.


“This Is Where I Made My Grammy-Winning Album” : Burna Boy Flaunts His Lagos Mansion | WATCH



Grammy-winning artiste, Damini Ogulu, popularly known as Burna Boy has for the first time, given a sneak peek into his home in Lekki, Lagos.

Burnaboy gave Architectural Digest – an American monthly magazine founded in 1920 whose principal subjects are interior design and landscaping – a tour around his Lagos home, revealing it was in the mansion he created his Grammy-winning album ‘Twice as Tall’.

According to Architectural Digest, which has also done features on the homes of Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Diddy etc, Burna Boy’s home is a two-storey building located on a serene 13,000-square-foot land in Lekki. It is a seven-bedroom home with a private cinema, lounges, a game room, plenty of garage space and tall windows, a recording studio, a gym, and a swimming pool that begins inside and drains outside.

"This Is Where I Made My Grammy-Winning Album" - Burna Boy flaunts his Lagos mansion (video)

Watch a sneak peek of the mansion below.

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Maureen Esisi Reacts After She Was Called Out For Locking Tongues With Her Female Cousin | WATCH



Maureen Esisi has hit back after she was called out for touching tongues with her female cousin.

Maureen, who used to be married to actor Blossom Chukwujekwu, has been sharing sensuous videos on her Instagram account.

The latest shows her locking tongues with her female cousin.

Some of her followers reacted, telling her it’s a sign of depression.

And she hit back at one of the followers, calling them “scum” and adding that they “ooze depression”.

Maureen Esisi reacts after she was called out for locking tongues with her female cousin (video)

Maureen Esisi reacts after she was called out for locking tongues with her female cousin (video)

Watch the video that raised brows below:

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Pornstar, Harley Dean Accuses Rihanna & Travis Scott Of Spreading STDs | WATCH



Porn actress, Harley Dean has made some accusations against singer and business mogul Rihanna.

In a Wednesday, September 22 interview with Jay of Hothiphopdx, Harley Dean was told she looked like singer, Rihanna, to which, she replied;

“She hates me … because I worked with her a few years ago right before she launched her [Clara Lionel] foundation back in 2015, her White Gala [Diamond Ball].

“I helped fundraise her gala here in Hollywood while she was fucking my boss and gave my boss chlamydia. And here I am, the hoe, alleged hoe, yeah I am a hoe, but everyone thought that I was the one fucking my boss and in all reality, it was this bitch. It came out that she got him sick — ’cause he was married, he’s a king or a prince in Africa — and he came out here back in 2013.”

She added, “Right before they were fucking around — I don’t know if it was Travis. I don’t know who Rihanna was fucking — but she got dirty and got him dirty, and it was a whole thing.”

Dean said when she tried to get into the 2016 gala, they stopped her at the door and said, “Sorry Harley, but Rihanna said you can’t get in.”

Travis Scott and Rihanna dated around 2015 before they broke up and he met Kylie Jenner.

The couple is currently expecting their second child.

Watch the video below:

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