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“My Girlfriend Doesn’t Clean But Her Sister Cooks And Cleans” : Man



A confused man has messaged relationship coach Joro Olumofin on a dilemma he’s facing in his relationship.

According to him, his wife doesn’t know how to cook and keep his house tidy whiles her sister does that so well anytime she visits.

So he’s contemplating his choice of the wife between the two sisters.

“My GF doesn’t clean but her sister cooks and cleans. I’m thinking about my future
Hi bro Joro, HIDE MY INFO PLEASE More shoes.

I have a small issue bothering me. I have been dating my GF for 7 months now. Basically, since the lockdown started. My GF comes to my place and hang out.

Sometimes she comes with her sister. Normally my GF doesn’t clean my place at all, she will leave it how she met it.

She doesn’t cook anything except rice and stew and it’s but God’s heavenly grace that the rice won’t resemble porridge. The rice is meshed up like Eba. I eat it out of respect.

Now when she comes with her sister, her sister cleans and cooks. Her sister arranges my place. I like my GF but I have been thinking, my GF may not be the best wife.

I and her sister chat well on IM and all. We flow so well. I think my GF cheated on me with her ex, I am willing to allow her date her ex and leave me to date her sister How can I tell her if I’m interested in dating her sister.

I am not an F BOY. My GF has said she hates cooking and she wasn’t interested in learning. My mind doesn’t go with my GF again I swear it to heaven and back”.



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