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After 5 years of a relationship with a lady, a man is thinking about calling the union a quit after his pastor told him that the woman is not his wife.

Below was his message as written to relationship coach, Joro Olumofin:

My bishop said she is not my wife after 5 years of relationship

Hello , Good afternoon. I have been dating my gf for 5 years come April 2021. She is cool, well mannered and all we are meant to wed this year. So my gf and I went to see my bishop on the first of 2021 and he said she is not my wife and I will regret if I marry her. He told me this in our private prayer The thing is my bishop prophecy always make to pass in life. Always, Now my bishop said last time he saw us in 2019 he was not sure of the revealing by God but he is sure now. But my bishop is sure now I have pray to God and the sign is clear. How do I tell my gf about this revelations I trust my bishop”


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