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MzGee’s Husband Finally Responds To Allegations Against His Wife That She Leaked TT’s Begging Audio



In the last couple of days, TT, as the veteran actor is affectionately called, has been in the news after an audio clip of him begging MzGee for leftovers landed in the public domain.

In the said audio, the actor indicated that he has invested the GH¢50,000 the vice president gave him and that since the vice president’s donation was made public, all those who used to help him withdrew which has created a lot of problems for him.

“MzGee good afternoon, I’m wondering if you would have some leftovers in your kitchen to spare. [The] reason is people who use to help have all withdrawn their help when they heard that the Vice President had given me the money.

But you would agree with me that [with] such monies, you need to invest wisely and that is what I have done and when you make investments too, it will take time before you begin enjoying it,” TT said in the audio.

Right now, the situation has created a lot of problems for me; you know, a lot of people use to help me a lot but now everybody…I even understood that some people contributed some money in States to be sent to me; the moment they heard [that the Vice President had given me the money] everybody went for his money,”

Although a section of the public expressed disappointment in TT’s decision to continuously beg despite receiving huge sums of money from donors, some launched scathing attacks on MzGee, questioning why she leaked the audio.

MzGee in response denied leaking the audio. She however mentioned that she sent the audio to someone at the vice president’s office.

The husband of Ghanaian media personality, journalist and broadcaster Gloria Akpene Nyarku-Acquah, MzGee has admitted that he is the one who sent the TT begging audio to Bawumiah’s aide.

The husband, Mr Raymond Acquah jumped to the defence of his wife following the heavy backlash on his sweetheart over the audio recording. He boldly states he sent the audio to Gideon for clarification.

In a post on his wall on Facebook, Mr Raymond said his wife has no bad intentions for Psalm Adjeteyfio stating that for his wife to have been met with bad treatment from the public in her quest to help the ailing actor is a disgrace.

“For a woman who had willingly given her resources to the ailing actor and gone out of her way to get more help for him to be treated with such contempt is disgraceful”, Mr Acquah’s post read.

“Throughout her engagements with the actor, she has been nothing but helpful and compassionate. She deserves praise and not vitriol” he added.

“As the one who was mandated to send the said voice note to Gideon Boako in his capacity as the aide who did the donation on behalf of the Vice President, to clarify the relationship between the office and the actor and explore the possibilities of getting him further help, I find the unwarranted attacks on MzGee GH completely unacceptable.” He stated.

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Jessica Opare Saforo Quits Citi FM After 17 Years



Ghanaian broadcaster, Jessica Opare-Saforo, has quit Adabraka-based Citi FM and Citi TV.

KubiLive can confirm that Jessica’s relationship with the media company ended today, January 28, 2022.

Jessica, who has been with the station for the past 17 years, has hosted some of the station’s flagship programmes including ‘Brunch in the Citi’, ‘Sex in the Citi’, ‘Sister Sister’, ‘Upside Down’ and ‘Traffic Avenue’ (formerly ‘Citi Drive’) which is Citi FM’s late afternoon show.

Jessica, before quitting Citi FM and Citi TV was the Programmes Manager, the host of ‘Traffic Avenue’ on Citi FM, and the host of ‘Sister Sister’ on both radio and television

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“Whenever I’m Releasing Music They Try To Pull Some Real Bulls**t” : Chris Brown Reacts To Being Sued $20Million For Alleged Rape



Chris Brown has reacted after he was sued for $20 million for alleged rape.

According to TMZ, the 32-year-old artist is accused of raping a woman in late 2020 outside Diddy’s Star Island home. The plaintiff, identified as Jane Doe, claims she was speaking to a friend via FaceTime when Brown grabbed the friend’s phone and told her to come to Miami immediately.

The lawsuit states the woman who describes herself as a model, choreographer, and musical artist arrived on the property on Dec. 20 and met Brown on a yacht parked at Diddy’s residence.

Shortly after she boarded the yacht, Brown allegedly asked her if she wanted a drink. The complaint states she accepted the offer and followed the singer into the yacht’s kitchen area, where she was handed a mixed drink.

Jane Doe says she and Brown began talking before she was given a refill; it was at that time, the woman claims to have experienced “a sudden, unexplained change in consciousness.”

The lawsuit alleges the woman became “disoriented, physically unstable, and started to fall in and out of sleep.” Brown then allegedly took her to a bedroom while she was “drugged” and wouldn’t let her leave. Jane Doe says Brown then removed her bathing suit bottom and began kissing her.

She claims the artist ignored her pleas to stop and proceeded to rape her.

According to the complaint, Brown then ejaculated inside the woman, stood up, and told her that he was “done.”

The woman is seeking $20 million damages over the emotional stress caused by the alleged attack.

Reacting on Instagram, the American R&B singer describe the claim as ” bulls**t” and went on to suggest that there is always an agenda brought up against him whenever he’s planning to drop new music or a project.

See his post below;

"Whenever I

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Side Chicks Are The Major Reasons A Lot Of Men Still Stay Married : Blessing Okoro



Aside from the devil, side chicks have been tagged as the latest unapologetic creatures causing a nuisance to the institution of marriage.

These mistresses, usually young women, have a penchant for the husbands of other women and in the long run, end up ruining beautiful homes with their stinking habit to get rich quick.

A number of debates and proffered solutions to this canker have yielded no results, leaving married women in a dilemma about how to save their homes from such women who don’t stop in their tracks until they get what they want.

However, a popular Nigerian relationship coach has spoken to the importance of side chicks in a men’s life.

According to Blessing Okoro, side chicks are “one of the major reasons a lot of men still stay married.

She explained that side chicks are like spare tyres to cars. They act as a replacement when the main tyre is deflated until the owners fix the substantive tyres to keep the car going again.

Well, her elucidation is highly disputable because it does not solve the problems of married women but only gives more grease to the elbows of side chicks to reinforce their modus operandi.

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