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Nana Agradaa Caught Performing Rituals On Her Church Members | WATCH



Slay queen fetish priestess who now claims to be an evangelist of God, Nana Agradaa has been caught red-handed in a fast trending video performing rituals on her church members.

Nana Agradaa’s sudden and shocking repentance raised a lot of eyebrows because it happened just days after she was arrested over her sika gari scam.

Alot of questions have been raised about the genuineness of Nana Agradaa’s repentance and this fresh video has cemented the claims critics made that now Evangelist Mama Pat hasn’t given her life to Christ as she wants us to believe.

In the video, Nana Agradaa can be seen reciting some incantations on a piece of white cloth.

After the incantations, she threw the piece of white cloth at the church members who were busily dancing during the praises and worship session in front of the alter.

The white piece of cloth appears to be like an enchanted handkerchief but we can’t completely say it’s inherently true or false.

It is believed that Nana Agradaa wants to turn her church members into sheep so that she can control them with ease and rip them off their wealth in the form of harvest, offertory and tithes.

It’s very difficult to defend Nana Agradaa due to her past record of being a notorious fraudster who used black magic on her clients.

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Two Nigerian Men Arrested After Allegedly Attempting To Kidnap 5-Year-Old At Kasoa



Two Nigerian men were apprehended in a viral video.

Despite the fact that there have been many ritual killings across the country, an attempt to kill a child today failed.

A man was seen in an Instagram video narrating how he was able to save the life of a 5-year-old child.

Watch the video below.

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Car Gutted In Flames At Legon Campus | WATCH



Today is an unfortunate day at the University of Ghana, Legon Campus.

A car was caught in flames today, according to a report shared on Twitter by blogger @SIKAOFFICIAL1.

He went on to specify the dates and times when this unfortunate event occurred.

He posted; A car erupted into flames at UG earlier today. According to the eyewitness at the scene, the fire outbreak occurred around 4:50 PM of Friday May 20th, 2022.

See below.

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Lady Confronts Best Friend For Trying To End Her 5-Year Relationship By Telling Her Fiancé She’s Into ‘Hook-Up’ | WATCH



A Nigerian woman confronted her best friend after she allegedly tried to end her 5-year relationship with her fiancé by telling him she hooks up with other men for sex.

The enraged woman who confronted her best friend revealed that the same best friend also told her boyfriend that she would be incapable of handling marriage and business.

She also claimed that her best friend’s envious nature is the reason she can’t be in a relationship and why good things don’t happen to her.

The irritated woman also attached a screenshot of a chat that supported her bestie’s claim that she hooks up with other men.

Watch below.

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