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‘Niteke’ Music Video : Gabiro Mtu Necessary & Asen B Still Vibing



Fresh off their newly released six tracks musical project, Gabiro Mtu Necessary and Asen B have released the second music video for ‘Niteke’

Before this new music video off their freshly released EP “MPITO”, the duo had also delivered another music video ‘Anakuona’ which is now exactly two weeks old. The gospel tune has been doing great rounds on different platforms across the globe with the EP making exemplary steps since its release on the 23rd of July, 2020.

In July, Gabiro and Asen B first mentioned they have a new collaborative EP coming. “We are preparing an album for the second half of this year, but decided to first release an EP because we wanted to reach our fans as soon as possible,” they revealed on their live broadcasting on Facebook and Instagram. “Due to COVID-19, people around the world have been going through tough times and we wanted to share some positive energy with our fans.”

They added, “The song is an upbeat love tune and sung in Swahili, just like ‘Anakuona’ and ‘Katika’ both songs on the EP.

The six-track Dancehall release contains every element to get the listeners reminiscing, singing, and replaying it 24/7.

“Mpito” takes the listener on a musical journey with African flavored beats, drifty uplifting rhythms, and infectious energy. The vocals and instrumentation work seamlessly together in every track for a must-listen record.

The story-telling lyricism paired with the feel-good vocals will have listeners relating to certain situations in their lives. The engaging melody and beats with each track give the vocal an intimate, and euphoric feeling. Spreading good vibes automatically.

Watch below.

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A Look Inside The Plush Mansion Of Sarkodie | WATCH



The most decorated rapper in Ghana currently Sarkodie has broken the ‘virginity’ of his plush mansion as he has put on display on social media for the first time.

Sarkodie as we all know him is a cool person who doesn’t like flaunting most of his assets on social media.

Though he’s tipped as one being of the most richest musicians in Ghana, seldom does he show off.

The only thing people know of him the most is that he’s blessed with a beautiful wife and kids and has won many awards with his songs both locally and internationally.

In the video sighted, King Sark put on show his hall painted all white with some modern designs and electronic gadgets. In fact, his taste of fashion is on a whole new level.


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A look inside the plush mansion of Sarkodie

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FRD Delivers Mind-Blowing Performance At The WatsUpTV 6th Anniversary; Thrills Fans At Merqury Quaye’s Gold Rush Same Night



Ghanaian rapper FRD over the weekend kept his name in the music scene as he was called upon to perform at the 2020 WatsUpTV 6th Anniversary.

The rapper signed to Angry Panda Music Group delivered a mind-blowing performance inking a mark on the minds of audiences who graced the show.

Fast Forward, he moved straight to support media personality Merqury Quaye at his Gold Rush event.




Snapchat: @darealfrd

Tik Tok: @darealfrd

Watch the videos below.

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Teferah Announces New Single ‘ Ule Dem Wangu’ | WATCH



Calling all Hotties! Teferah is back with another choleric single “Ule Dem Wangu” which follows a number of other all-star singles and collaborations Teferah has released this year, including “Blessings” with Jabidii, “Good Day” and the chart-toppers “Anna Marie”

If you have been online for the early part of this week you have definitely seen a status that goes like “So we started off with a text, had to let go of my ex”

With luxurious visuals, Teferah always catches your imagination on how he delivers his work, and this video seems to have captured the Kenyan ladies attention and currently one of the most used sounds on IG, TIKTOK and Facebook

The ladies are enjoying the wordplay.

The song talks about giving your girl a lot of gifts when you make it in life since she stayed with you from day one. A topic that has always caused a lot of strain in relationships with girls saying once a guy makes it in life he never keeps his day one.

This is probably a favorite for the girls this year and with the release of the official video. This will definitely be a hit.

Produced by Mpact Muzik’s Mike Minor the beat is awesome and Teferah just rips the track apart considering he is being rated as the Kenyan Demarco, he is definitely a beast in the making.

We hope to see more projects from Teferah this year.

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