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No Kissing Or Sleeping With Partner With Coronavirus Symptoms : Germany’s Bundesliga Set New Rules For Players Ahead Of Restart On May 9



Germany’s Bundesliga has set in new rules for players as they look forward to restarting on May 9 amid the Coronavirus Pandemic as they wait for approval from — Government.

In earlier reports, they revealed a number of just — 332 People will be officially allowed to watch each game.

In a new update from Daily Mail, — the German FA and the DFL detailed how the game can return safely amid the Coronavirus crisis and how players will train and play matches before the season is finished.

Also a new rule has been attached for the return as players can live either in team hotels or at home but sex and kissing is banned if they or their partners show symptoms of the virus.

It went on to add, Stadiums will allow a maximum of 300 people at one time, including four policemen, 10 journalists, four ball boys, eight groundsmen, and 50 security staff.

Read the new rules below.

The whole team will be tested before their first training session, then twice a week until the end of the season, one of which is just before a match. Players should also stagger their arrival at training and text the hygiene officer to confirm they are clear of any symptoms.

Contact training should be minimised with team meetings held in big rooms and only for ‘compelling reasons’, with players keeping two metres apart. No eating will be allowed in the kitchen and food must be taken away.
Players will be encouraged to shower and change at home and they must put their own kit and boots into the washing machine.

If the Bundesliga resumes on May 9 with the fixtures which were originally scheduled for that day, it would feature a real blockbuster between third-placed Leipzig and the side immediately above them, Borussia Dortmund.

That means a showdown between two of the German top-flight’s superstars, Dortmund’s England ace Jadon Sancho and Liverpool target Timo Werner.
And fans starved of live action will have plenty more big names to admire as the first of Europe’s big leagues returns.


Teams should arrive on several buses to help increase distance, or wear face masks. Their buses will be disinfected before entering the stadium. Each team should arrive and leave at a different time, and for home games players should arrive in their own cars.

The body temperature of players will taken on arrival with ear thermometers, and each room will also be disinfected, with doors to be left open.

Starting line-ups and subs should change in different facilities and warm up separately. Their time spent in the dressing-room will be kept to a minimum with two-metre social distancing imposed and players will shower individually.

The food is to be prepared in advance by team chef, and players will only use personalised drinks bottles.

Private conversations must be avoided to maintain distancing, with whispering to be avoided.
Both teams will not be in the tunnel at the same time, and there will also be no player escorts, no mascots, no team photos, no handshakes. The teams will not stand alongside each other either.

Substitutes on the bench are also set to sit two or three seats apart with some seated up in the stands if needed.
And the post-match interviews are to be kept to a minimum with no mixed zone access.


Teams should either have their own hotel or have their own floor, with their own entrance and elevator, to avoid contact with other hotel visitors and maintaining two-metre distancing between each other.
Players will press lift buttons with their elbows, but will not be able to use the bar or room service.
They are also to wear masks outside their own room with no cleaning of the rooms to take place while the team is in the hotel.

Players will be instructed to stay inside as much as possible, receive few visitors, and also avoid crowds if they go out with no use of public transport whilst maintaining two-metre distancing. They must keep a record of family members and their safety record.

They will also be told to avoid kissing or sex with partners who are showing symptoms and to not share toothbrushes, towels, dishes, drinks or bed sheets.

But there will be no need for them to wear masks unless when people visit or they come into possible contact with an infected person.

Players will have to cough and sneeze at least two meters away from each other and turn around and preferably into a handkerchief or into the arm. They will also disinfect surfaces regularly.

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Roger Federer Replaces Lionel Messi As The World’s Highest-Paid Athlete



Roger Federer is the world’s highest-paid athlete for 2020 as the Covid-19 pandemic knocked football’s Lionel Messi off top spot, according to the annual Forbes list released on Friday.

The Swiss tennis great, owner of a men’s record 20 Grand Slam singles titles, earned $106.3 million in the last 12 months, including $100 million via endorsements, to move up four places and become the first player from his sport to top the list.

Footballers Cristiano Ronaldo ($105 million), Messi ($104 million) and Neymar ($95.5 million) and American basketball player LeBron James ($88.2 million) rounded out the top five.

“The coronavirus pandemic triggered salary cuts for soccer stars Messi and Ronaldo, clearing the way for a tennis player to rank as the world’s highest-paid athlete for the first time,” said Kurt Badenhausen, senior editor at Forbes.

“Roger Federer is the perfect pitchman for companies, resulting in an unparalleled endorsement portfolio of blue-chip brands worth $100 million a year for the tennis great.”

Japan’s Naomi Osaka ($37.4 million), who was ranked 29th on the list, surpassed fellow tennis player Serena Williams ($36 million) as the world’s highest-earning female athlete.

Osaka and Williams were the only women on the list.

Basketball players led all sports with 35 players among the top 100. American football occupied 31 spots, none higher than six-times Super Bowl champion Tom Brady ($45 million) who was ranked 25th.

Football was the next most-represented sport with 14 players, followed by tennis (six), boxing and mixed martial arts (five), golf (four), motor racing (three), and baseball and cricket with one each.

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Real Madrid Offer Man United Four Players To Seal Pogba Deal



Real Madrid has offered four players to Manchester United in a bid to finally land Paul Pogba, the UK Sun reports.

The players include James Rodriguez and Martin Odegaard.

It is understood that Lucas Vazquez and Brahim Diaz could also be thrown in as a deal sweetener.

Madrid manager, Zinedine Zidane, has remained an admirer of his compatriot, who has missed most of the Premier League season with a series of ankle issues.

However, the LaLiga giants are still keen on Pogba, although United will insist he is not for sale.

With the COVID-19 affecting clubs financially, Madrid will press on with their pursuit and will try to do swap deals in order to secure their targets.

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A Ghanaian Lady Who Was Bathed With Acid In Saudi Arabia Shares Her Story



A Ghanaian lady who was bathed with acid in Saudi Arabia has come out to share her story and how she is contemplating taking her life.

According to the woman narrating her sad ordeal to Crime Check Foundation, somewhere in December 2018, she went to braid her hair in a salon in Saudi Arabia and that was where the unfortunate incident happened.

She narrated that the acid was not meant for her but rather the hairdresser but she was the one that got the worse injury.

She revealed that the hairdresser identified as Rabi was having a fight with the lady who committed the heinous act also known as Salomey over an apartment.

Read her full story below:

“As Rabi was braiding my hair, she stopped to go and eat. As she was eating, we heard a knock on her door and she asked me to help her open it. As soon as I opened the door all I saw was someone pushed me and poured a substance on me. That was my end”

“I had to come back home because I couldn’t see anything talk less of going to work to cater for myself. Rabi too visited me only twice and have never visited again. I returned to Ghana without a pin. Here I am without even a pesewa to go to the hospital because I still feel pains and sick always”.

Saudi authorities promised to arrest her attacker but Memuna says she could not follow up on the case after she was brought to Ghana.

She has completely given up on life and prefers to die. “I’d rather die than to live this painful life,” she said.

Memuna narrated that when children see her they start running away because they think they have seen a ghost.

“One day my mother wasn’t well so I decided to wash our clothes and go dry them outside. As I was drying the things, two children that were standing by were having a conversation and one told the other that- you see this sister her face is really scary and looks like a monster, that made me less of a human being”.

Her mother, Hajia Safia, who could not hold her tears said it was difficult when she first saw pictures of her daughter after the incident.

“It wasn’t easy for me at all because she is all I’ve got in life. She traveled to go and seek greener pastures to support the family and see what has happened to her” she added.

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