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Opera Mini Becomes The First Browser To Introduce Offline File Sharing



Opera Mini

People can now send and receive files without the need for dedicated file-sharing apps.

The popular Opera Mini browser is now the first major browser with offline file sharing. Hundreds of millions of Opera Mini users can now transfer images, videos and audio files between nearby devices at super-high speeds, without being limited by slow mobile networks or using their mobile data. With the new, fast and secure offline file sharing feature in Opera Mini, there is no longer any need to download a dedicated file sharing app.

The native file sharing feature in Opera Mini can transfer files at Wi-Fi speed which is up to 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

“Opera Mini is the mobile browser of choice for more than a hundred million people, ” said
Krystian Kolondra,, Head of Browsers at Opera. “With the new offline file sharing feature,
Opera Mini users can now choose to share files at high speeds with people in their proximity,
without worrying about low speeds or expensive mobile data”.

How offline file sharing works

Offline file sharing and its accelerated file transfer speed are made possible through a direct
Wi-Fi connection which Opera Mini establishes seamlessly with nearby devices. This means
that Opera Mini creates a temporary private network which provides a fast and secure transfer of files between devices.

To start sending or receiving files, go to File Sharing on the menu and choose to Send or Recieve. Opera Mini will display a QR code for the nearby device to scan, connecting the devices.

Once a file is successfully transferred, the sender will be notified and the receiver will be able to access the file in the Received tab shown in Opera Mini.

Opera Mini becomes the first browser to introduce offline file sharing

Downloads ready to be shared

Opera Mini features a unique download manager located in the browser menu. The download manager helps users identify their downloads from various websites, and accelerates the download speed. The new offline file sharing feature provides Opera Mini users with a unique combination of faster browsing, faster downloads, and faster sharing.

Opera Mini – The world leader in data savings

With its small size, unique features and data saving capabilities, Opera Mini is the popular browser of choice for more than one hundred million people. Its data compression is capable of reducing the amount of data used when browsing to as little as 10% of its original amount. This means faster browsing when on slow networks and fewer data consumed than with any other browser.

The latest data compression test presented by Opera, in the State of Mobile Web 2019, revealed that the extreme mode of the data compression technology in Opera Mini is capable of saving up to 90% of mobile data. These results mean that people are able to browse up to nine times longer on the same data package with Opera Mini compared to other browsers with no data compression.

“Opera Mini is specially crafted for markets with limited network conditions and has industry-leading data-saving capabilities. We are proud that it is the first browser to use offline file
sharing, expanding the way people interact with the Opera Mini browser, ” said Kolondra.

The new file-sharing feature in Opera Mini is a great complement to the already popular data compression mode in the browser. People who need to share files are now able to save even more by sharing them offline without any data costs. This means they spend even less of their data package and are able to save more money.

Opera keeps improving your online experience

With the new offline file sharing feature, Opera is continuing to improve your experience on the web by adding new creative features to its mobile browsers. The Opera Mini browser today comes with features like ad-blocker, night-mode, and an intelligent newsreader, all of which are provided in a small download of less than 10mb. Through new features, Opera Mini provides people with faster and safer navigation on the web, major data savings, and access to both online and offline content. The addition of offline file sharing to Opera Mini is part of Opera’s strategy to create tailored mobile products that adapt to the real needs of people across different markets.

About Opera
Opera is a global web innovator. Opera’s browsers, news products, and fintech solutions are the trusted choice of more than 350 million people worldwide. Opera is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange (OPRA).

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Please Don’t Put Me In Trouble : Twitter Female User Tells Womanizer? | SEE




Twitter is the buzz now.

In a post-KUBILIVE came across, a female Twitter user has called out on a Male user to not put her in trouble.

The male user in a post shared a photo of a female user who asked him not to put him in trouble.

Could this mean the guy is a womanizer as the guy is trying to be careful?

See below.

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Finally, WhatsApp Rolls Out Dark Theme For Android Users




Dark Mode: WhatsApp Rolls Out Dark Theme For Android Users: What everyone especially Android users has been waiting for is finally here. WhatsApp just rolled out the dark theme feature to its Android users.

In this article, I will be guiding you on how to set up the dark mode on WhatsApp, tell you what the Dark mode is all about, how to be eligible for it.

NOTE: Dark Mode and Dark Theme are the same thing and feature. So wherever you see or hear it, just know that they are talking about the same thing. Some apps call it “Dark Theme, some call it “Dark Mode”.

What Dark Mode Means?
Dark mode or theme is when an operating system user interface (UI) introduces or switches from the default light mode to a darker one. Though in all cases the developers always give users the option to always switch from Dark Mode to Light mode. Whichever one feels comfortable for your eyes, you can always switch to it.

WhatsApp Dark Theme for Android
WhatsApp has just released the dark theme feature for its Android users in the recent update on the Google play store, all Android users who were eager to use the feature can now enjoy it.

WhatsApp Dark Theme Requirements
How to be eligible for the WhatsApp dark theme feature. To be eligible for this feature make sure you have the below requirements.

1. You need the latest version 2.20.16 of WhatsApp which you can get by updating your app on the Google play store

2. As at when this article was published, WhatsApp is only rolling out the dark theme feature for its Android Beta program testers which hopefully would be rolled out to all users in a week time

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If your WhatsApp is already updated to the above version I mentioned and you still can’t find the feature, fear not, you will get the feature after a week or less.

How To Know if you are eligible for WhatsApp Dark theme
After updating to the latest version I mentioned do the following;

Step 1: Launch your WhatsApp
Step 2: Go-to WhatsApp settings
Step 3: Tap On Chats
Step 4: First option you would see on the Chats window is “Display”.

Check dark theme feature

On the display options, here you would know that you are eligible for the Dark theme feature.

But if you don’t see the Display options after opening your chat window, then you are not eligible yet.

WhatsApp Display Option Includes:
1. Theme
2. Wallpaper

On the theme option, it has 3 different theme options which include:

1. System Default
2. Light
3. Dark

WhatsApp system Default Theme:
This is the default theme of your device. If you are using light or dark mode on your device, WhatsApp will automatically use the device theme.

WhatsApp Light Theme:
This is the default WhatsApp theme you and I know (dark Green and white)

WhatsApp Dark Theme:
This is the newly added theme by WhatsApp for dark theme lovers. Everything turns dark, the delivery checks, the chat background, etc

How To Set Up Dark Theme/Mode On WhatsApp
Step 1: Launch your WhatsApp

Step 2: Go-to WhatsApp settings

Step 3: Tap On “Chats”

Step 4: Tap on “Themes”

Step 5: Select “Dark”

Step 6: Tap on “Ok”

Whatsapp dark theme

The Dark theme is still under development stage and available mostly for beta testers of the app. WhatsApp would be rolling it officially for all users in a week’s time.

Watch how to sep up WhatsApp Dark Mode Below.

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Eating Gari Soakings Is Bad For Your Health : Medical Experts Warns



Gari Soakings

One food that is popular among the Ghanaian and Nigerian community is gari. Whiles the Ghanaians have different styles or ways of eating gari which has also been given the name ‘Agyenkwa’ meaning saviour, Nigerians prefer to use it as ‘eba’.

But according to a Nigerian medical expert identified as Dr. Boniface Okolo has said that soaked gari (or gari soakings as it’s called here in Ghana) causes Lassa Fever as the rodents that cause this disease are often in contact with gari, during an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

He added that it was necessary to discourage consumption of soaked gari since it did not require boiled water. Dr. Okolo noted that boiled water could go a long way to kill bacteria caused by pests or rodents in gari.

“We in the state health ministry are waging total war against rodents through sensitization, that is what we are doing to ensure we do not have a victim of Lassa fever in the state.

“We are also sensitizing the public to ensure that their fruits and raw vegetables are properly washed if they must be consumed them raw and cook to the appropriate temperature.

“The best practices for food storage should be encouraged to prevent an epidemic. ”We should always make sure that we use air-tight clean plastic containers to preserve our foodstuff to avoid Lassa fever and other diseases,” he said.

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