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Hi5 Modeling Agency,
P.O Box OS 491,
Taifa-Norway, Accra-Ghana.
10th August, 2016.

Hi5 modeling agency launches the first photoshoot festival with a different concept and purpose
Hi5 modeling agency sets out to launch Photoshoot Festival. This is an event with an entirely different concept than just the photographic captures. We set out to use this as a platform to promote a peaceful election due to the electoral season and also promote upcoming models and fashion designers.

Hi5 modeling agency will be targeting organizations in the fashion industry through physical or media interactions to support the motive of the event. Thus supporting and making the dreams of these participants come true.

Although the team would be targeting emerging fashion designers in schools and colleges, we are also embracing the non-student fashion designers. We sought out for new or not to experienced models to participate in the program hence the audition that took place on the 30th of July at Rina’s Restaurant, Osu Mall.

We seek the indulgence of sponsors for the event as well as media partners to support the event in making it a success and fulfilling the aim of its initiative.

Update on the event information would be posted on twitter, facebook and instagram so therefore be on a clear watch for the hashtag #PhotoshootFestival on twitter, Photoshoot Festival page on facebook by Hi5 modeling agency and Hi5ModelingAgency posts on instagram

Anyone interested in getting involved as sponsors, designers, media partners or press member should kindly contact 0578183909, 0203042423 or
We look forward to making more interactions and networks with everyone.


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