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Princess Shyngle Leaks Moesha Boduong’s Deep Secret On Social Media



Princess Shyngle

Princess Shyngle who is a known friend of Moesha Boduong has thrown caution to the wind and is now exposing her own friend, Moesha on social media.

According to Princess Shyngle, Moesha Boduong unknown to the world has a child he has hidden from the world.

Princess Shyngle has just revealed Moesha Boduong has an 8-year-old boy whom she shows off as her cousin’s son.

But in reality, she is her own child who is being raised by Moesha’s father and her stepmother in secret.

Princess Shyngle explained that Moesha abandoned the child so that she can have time to travel around the world with rich old married men with no restrictions.

Although Princess Shyngle is pretending she has no affiliation with the Instagram page making the allegation, it’s a lie and she is not even too smart to even cover her tracks well.

The page before being changed to its current name (thetearoomafrica) was first named Princess Shyngle Blog and she was busily promoting it on her Insta Story.

Sharing a photo of the handsome boy on her Page, Princess Shyngle wrote:

Time to spill some hot tea on Princess Shyngle Friend Moesha ?? Did y’all know that Moesha has a son that’s 8 years old ????? she lies to everyone saying that’s her cousin son but it’s a damn lie ?? she had the baby and left him with her dad and stepmom to raise while she’s out there galavanting with rich married men traveling the world and forming big girl ??? Aunty moe go and take care of your son oh ??

Well, knowing the close relationship between Moesha Boduong and Princess Shyngle, it will be hard to say she lied.

It’s currently unclear why Princess Shyngle snitched on her friend but it seems she just wants attention and the easiest way to get it is to reveal secrets.

Well, Moesha Boduong who does not qualify to bear the name ‘mother’ for abandoning such a sweet boy is still silent on the exposé.

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Family Of Moesha Buduong Releases Statement



The family of Moesha Buduong have issued a statement in relation to the ongoing issues on social media concerning their daughter.

In the statement to the media and netizens, they asked that people give Moesha a break because everyone has a past, present and future same applies to their daughter.

According to them, no matter what their daughter has done or where she has been to, there is always a time where one can get a change of mind or come to a realization that they have done bad and want to change.

It continued that their daughter has gotten to that stage and they believe it’s time people stop spreading rumours and sharing audios on social media and allow their daughter to heal.

Read the full statement below.

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Olamide Reveals The Reason He Signed Fireboy DML



Nigerian singer and YBNL boss, Olamide has disclosed why he decided to sign his music act, Fireboy DML.

Olamide was quizzed about the reason he took Fireboy DML in to mentor him aside from signing him. He intimated that he could see that Fireboy was different with his style of music and deep appreciation for his songwriting ability.

Omamide said: It’s the sound. Still today, for me, it’s still the same. There are so many young artists out there but they’re nothing compared to the kind of music Fireboy makes. It’s just way beyond his age. I think Fireboy is 57 years old [Fireboy laughs out loud]. He writes like an old man. He’s one of those few people that I learn from sometimes. Like, ‘what does this dude think about when he’s writing?’

In a chat with Speaking to OkayAfrica, Fireboy DML recounted his first encounter with Olamide. He explained that their first meeting was at a hotel and they built their relationship from there.

He said: “I remember. Because that was a big moment for me. I met him for the first time in person at a hotel in Lekki. We exchanged a few words — he’s a man of few words. But I think we started recording that same day, working on the album.

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Justin Bieber Reaches Out To Simone Biles



Justin Bieber is the latest star to reach out to US Olympian gymnast Simone Biles after she pulled out of both the team and the all-around gymnastics finals at the ongoing 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games to focus on her mental health.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, the Canadian pop star wrote that “nobody will ever understand the pressures” facing Biles as she pulled out of both the team and the all-around gymnastics finals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games this week.

Bieber also went on to compare Biles’ withdrawals to his own decision to cancel the last leg of a tour for his fourth studio album, ‘Purpose,’ in 2017.

Posting a picture of Biles, the ‘Baby’ singer wrote: “Nobody will ever understand the pressures you face! I know we don’t know each other but I’m so proud of the decision to withdraw. It’s as simple as what does it mean to gain the whole world but forfeit your soul.

Sometimes our no’s are more powerful than our yes’s. When what you normally love starts to steal your joy it’s important we take a step back to evaluate why.

People thought I was crazy for not finishing the purpose tour but it was the best thing I could have done for my mental health!! So proud of you @simonebiles.

Read Full Post Here.

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