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Rawlings Never Flew Any Aircraft Under Adomi Bridge : Retired Pilot Exposes




Ghanaians if not all have heard the story of Former President Jerry John Rawlings using a fighter jet and flying under the Adomi bridge in the year 1979.

Many of us found it very difficult to believe the story looking at how Adomi bridge is and how he was able to carry out the act.

A retired pilot with the Ghana army identified as Air Commodore Kwame Pumpuni has finally set the records straight by saying Rawling never pulled up that act and the story is a lie.

According to the retired Ghana Air Force officer speaking in an interview on Dadi FM stated that Rawlings could not have flown under the Adomi bridge due to the size and nature of the bridge.

The former President worked as a pilot with the Ghana Armed Forces before staging a coup in 1979 and later in 1981. Subsequently, he became an elected President in 1993 and rules till January 2001 when he handed over power to the NPP’s John Kufuor.

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