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Ghanaian actors Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin, Akrobeto and Agya Koo are legends if what Hollywood actor Matt Damon is saying is anything to go by.

Unlike the local film industry where actors and actresses jump from one movie set to the other and can shoot as many as four different movies in a day, Hollywood actor and Jason Bourne star Matt Damon says he’s taking a break from acting and guess the reason.

“I took a bunch of roles in a row. I’ve done four straight movies in a row and I have one more to go,” the actor said on the “Today” show Thursday.

“They’re really good sports. They’re great travelers. But I’m excited to finish out this year of work and take a year off and be at their behest for once,” he said.

The actor therefore wants to spend more time with his family after “dragging them all over the world” for film shoots.

Isn’t that interesting? Shooting five movies in a year is too much hard work for Matt Damon and warrants a break. I guess Kwadwo Nkansah and his colleagues must retire now because acting is a serious business.

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