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Back in High School and College, there was a way some of my friends made extra money to cater for their needs.

What they do is double up the schools that is meant to be paid by their parents. So let’s say when the school fees is GHS1,000, they’ll tell their parents it’s GHS2,000 — and they’ll pocket the extra GHS1,000 to satisfy some other needs.

Other ways also include billing their parents with money for fake projects, books, among others.

Well, a young lady has come out to condemn this act.

In a tweet, she condemned the act of scamming one’s parents.

She tweeted: “Scamming your parents with school fees and all that is bad. But I think it’s even worse when you know they can’t afford it and have to borrow and yet you doubled school fees or came up with fake projects and books. Some children are just wicked.”

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