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Shades Of The Black Skin: Meet Model Rama De Jesus



Rama De Jesus

They Said We Could Not Be Successful Due To Our Skin Colour! Africa We Shall Rise

Shades of the black skin under the theme: Am Confident In My Own Skin is a project that aims to educate and create awareness about the appreciation of our individual skin shades.

History has us cooped up in the ideologies that We as African females cannot break the glass ceiling and succeed due to various different factor. One particular factor we notice was our skin.

Our mission is to break such societal norms, raise and cultivate young leading females who are confident in their skin.

Through helping women find confidence in their natural skin,how to treat their skin,and maintain their shades,this project has been Put together to educate and cultivate our generation that no matter your skin shade you are beautiful and can achieve whatever you put your mind to without hinderances and we used the medium as platform to also emphasise that no one shade is superior to the other. We are all one and we can change the narrative just the way we are!

Introducing Rama De Jesus, born Ramatu Issah who hails from Tafo in Kumasi, a student of the University of Education Winneba offering B.A in English Education was born in Awaso in the western region.

She is the first born her mother and has two younger siblings. She is a model, actress, and an entertainment personality. She believes self-confidence counts a lot in everything we do as she aspires to become one of the Forbes most influential women in the entertainment industry in African.

She is currently running a project on skin shades in African “shades of the black under the theme am confident in my skin”.

The vision behind this project is to educate people on the different types of shades we have as blacks, how to take good care of our skins to avoid cancer; how to apply the right foundation in order to get the best of our skin and in doing that we get to love our skin and feel confident in your skin and yourself as a whole

The whole project is to help young people mostly women to be confident in themselves.

Project by Rama De Jesus

Pioneered by De’Legacy Group

Follow them on the handles below!!!

Instagram  –@amconfidentinskin



Facebook – Am Confident In My Skin

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When Will Ghanaian Girls Learn Common Sense, Can’t You Work And Stop Sleeping Around With Men For Material Things? | Snapchat Hot Girl Questions




Xena, Snapchat hot lady famously known by such name, she has questioned most Ghanaian ladies why they can’t help themselves by working very hard to make their parents proud, but rather love to chase men especially fraudsters, better known as “Sakawa” Boys for monies by sleeping around with them.

According to Xena, most ladies don’t know what these men and guys do or get themselves into before they see them with flashy and their so-called wealth.

She said; “All of a sudden you will see a guy with nothing and all of a sudden gets monies from nowhere in the name of fraud but go to other places for Demonic and bloody monies, whereby we see our youthful ladies happy and competing with other based on who can slay better and end up getting their future destroyed in the name of material things”.

Born Priscila Boamah, she is a very well educated lady, intelligent and very beautiful who wants to see every lady in lady learn common sense by going through the hard way to make mummy and daddy very proud one.

She is also a very business-minded lady who wants to see most of our youthful lady close their legs more and fight for good and better monies by themselves rather than exchanging sex for monies which are “VANITY”.

She then Advices Ghanaian girls to deceive from material stuff and make it all by themselves in life.

Xena Goes by the Snapchat name “BBXENA” as you can follow her up now!!!!

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MoneyGram Parthers With Zeepay For Mobile Money Transfer In Ghana



Sending money from abroad to Ghana and vice versa can be stressful but there’s an easy way now!

International money transfer company MoneyGram in partnership with Zeepay a leading financial technology company in Ghana has launched an international Mobile Money service; a platform which allows the direct transfer of remittances into mobile wallets of recipients no matter the location.

With this new service, MoneyGram offers consumers three different options to pick up funds from over 200 countries around the world.

Funds can be sent via MoneyGram online or at any of MoneyGram’s thousands of locations in 200 countries and territories around the world into mobile wallets in minutes. It also enables customers around the world to send money directly to more than eleven million mobile wallets in Ghana. Key mobile wallets available on the service include ZeePay wallets; Airtel-Tigo mobile money wallets, Vodafone cash wallets and MTN mobile money.

Zeepay partners with MoneyGram for mobile money transfer in Ghana

Zeepay partners with MoneyGram for mobile money transfer in Ghana

Speaking at the launch, Zeepay Ghana Managing Director, Andrew Takyi-Appiah, was confident the partnership will increase remittances in Ghana by $1 billion each year.

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Kanye West Hints ‘Yeezus 2’ Is On Its Way With Cryptic Tweets



Kanye West

Kanye West is always a man of mystery, especially on Twitter.

The rapper uploaded two captionless photos to his social media platform of choice on Monday (Sept. 17), the first announcing the lineup for Sept. 29’s episode of Saturday Night Live, which features “Yhandi” as a musical guest. The second photo simply shows a CD, which is strikingly similar to the Yeezus album cover, sparking theories that the second installment of the record is on its way.

Adding fuel to the flame, “Yhandi” seems to be a play on Ghandi, just like Yeezus was a play on Jesus.

As expected, Ye fans flooded Twitter with theories and emotional preparations for what they’ve deemed as “Yhandi season.” See the best tweets below.

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