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Shatta Wale Doesn’t Own Shaxi; He’s Only The Face Of The Brand : Man Alleges; Reveals Real Owner



Shatta Wale, a Ghanaian dancehall singer, is supposedly not the proprietor of SHAXI, a recently founded ride-hailing business in Ghana, as he has led us to believe.

This was revealed by a Facebook critic who claims to know more about the musician than many of his fans, followers, and celebrity pals who have praised his financial ability.

After hinting at moving into a new line of business to create an avenue for employment and boost the economy, the dancehall performer formally launched the commercial service in December months.

However, his on-stage outburst at a recent concert, as well as a following online feud with Nigerian musicians over their lack of support for colleagues in other African countries, has brought the ride service into question.

When popular writer Chris Handler enquired about Shatta Wale’s role in the SHAXI business, he sparked an internet debate.

He wrote: “So is Shatta Wale the CEO of Shaxi or he’s appointed someone cos eeeeei. CEO of a ride-hailing service in a competitive market and you still soak yourself in gutter water like this?

“We would do this when foreigners win, then we would be blamed for not supporting a local business when the person himself doesn’t care about his business.
Ayoooo!,” Chris queried.

It was in response to this post that one Facebook user, Freddie Mawuli disclosed that the SHAXI app is owned by an alleged “Game Boy” but he is using Shatta Waale as the face to promote the app.

“Shazi is not his wai. He’s being used as just a face by a Game Boy who owns it,” Freddie Mawuli wrote in the comment section adding, “There’s nothing that can hide forever under the sun. Screenshot this, the truth will come out sooner or later.”

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“Her Name Is Elfreda; She Was Shatta Michy’s Best Friend” : More Juicy Details About Shatta Wale’s New Girlfriend Drops



Shatta Wale, African Dancehall King, has taken over the trends table once again after revealing his new sweetheart to the world in a series of Snapchat videos.

After parting ways with Shatta Michy roughly three years ago, the father of one has finally found a woman to replace her.

In these all-loved-up videos that have gone popular on the internet, it’s clear that Shatta Wale adores his new girlfriend, whose name has been revealed as Elfreda, and hopes to officially settle down with her.

Some trolls have revealed some amazing insights about Elfread, which have wowed netizens.

According to an Instagram user who slid into IG blogger @Aba_thegreats inbox, Shatta’s new girlfriend is an SM diva.

The insider further went on to add that, Elfreda was Shatta Michy’s best friend prior to her break up with Shatta Wale.

Well, little did Shatta Michy know that her own best friend was jealous of her affair with Shatta and was fervently praying behind closed doors to see to the ruin her relationship with the music maestro.

Seemingly, more juicy details about Elfread will flood the media space ahead for the next few weeks ahead until the dust finally settles.

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“My GH¢50K Surgery Body Is To Attract Only Rich Men” : Kisa Gbekle



Kisa Gbekle, Ghanaian actress, has disclosed the rationale behind her surgical physique, claiming that she spent GH50,000 on her appearance in order to attract wealthy men.

According to her, she is only interested in dating wealthy men or “papa no.” She went on to say that age was just a number and that she would date an older man if he was wealthy.

Kisa Gekle stated in an interview that she has spent a lot of money to improve her figure and that she would require a man who is wealthy enough to maintain her status and financially assist her to take extremely good care of her body.

“When I say heavy, heavy entails a lot, but I don’t mean financially. You are aware that I have just completed my entire body. And it isn’t easy. It’s a large sum of money. So I need someone who is wealthy and has a lot of money.”

“It doesn’t matter how old you are. I’m cool as long as the person is cool, calm, collected, and heavy.”

Kisa Gbekle travelled to Instabul Turkey to go under the knife in order to enhance her overall look and physique.

She spent a whopping GH¢50,000 to have a butt lift to correct her saggy tummy and achieve a tighter snatched midsection.

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“I Liked It More When My Life Was Mine” : Black Sherif Writes



Popular Ghanaian Hiplife/Trap superstar, Mohammed Ismail Sherif, often known as Black Sherif, may be feeling pressured by the celebrity lifestyle because one cannot live according to his own will longer but by the will of others, as he laments that he wishes his life was his.

One of the drawbacks of being a public figure is that people get to tell you how you should conduct your life. Fans on social media will always be harshly critical of famous personalities if they fail to achieve their expectations.

Well, Black Sherif, who exploded into the scene and is now regarded as one of Ghana’s top young acts, has regretted the fact that his previous life used to be his best because it became a routine for him to avoid severe criticism from the public.

According to him, he felt safe being himself and the people around him, but he thinks that his new lifestyle will allow him to rediscover himself.

This comes after the musician was supposed to have walked out of school and enrolled in a different institution because he thought he was being left behind.

He wrote;

“I Like It More When My Life Was Mine. When I Used To Enjoy Living In Fear Because It Became My Routine. When I Felt Safe Being Real. Hopefully, I Sail Through These All To Meet A New Me. Good Luck Kwaku, Keep Going”.

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