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KubiLiveChat: Wadup wadup wadup! You welcome on KubiLiveChat.

Sir Bonny: Thanks.

KubiLiveChat: And so, who do I have on my chat this afternoon?

Sir Bonny: Im kwasi Ofei Boafo- Ofei popularly know in showbiz industry as SirBonny_Official CEO of Socialite Multimedia Group

KubiLiveChat: Only your name o…lol

Sir Bonny: I know right!

KubiLiveChat: An Ashanti right?

Sir Bonny: An Akuapem.

KubiLiveChat: Y3n Akuapemfo).. Hahaha!!!

Sir Bonny: Adi anan na ye p3 ngo dwoma mekwan ne ngown. Dnt mind my akuapem pls hahshahaha!

KubiLiveChat: Don’t worry about that. We will take it like that. Give us a gist about SirBonny’s childhood days, especially your educational background.

Sir Bonny: So i started school at Nana Ankobea Takyiwaa Prep. School at Mampong Akuapem; then later continue at University of Mines & Technology at Tarkwa at class 5 till I completed my BECE. I attended Pope John Sec and Junior Seminary at Effiduase koforidua for my SHS education and then to Valley view university for my Tertiary Education

KubiLiveChat: Wow! Some humble beginning be that. You currently in tertiary?

Sir Bonny: Sure!!!

KubiLiveChat: But do you mind telling us your age?

Sir Bonny: Im 27 pls (Shy).

KubiLiveChat: What a wow! 27 and a CEO, you really blessed. What course did you read in tertiary?

Sir Bonny: We just trying to make things possible…building a brand with the vision of making an impact in the society. Business Administration (Human Resource management).

KubiLiveChat: Nice! Now what’s Socialite Multimedia Group all about?

Sir Bonny: Socialite Multimedia Group is a media brand whch deals in the areas of Advertisements, wedding photography and Videography, Social media marketing, talent management, Commercials, Documentaries. We also have a brand under the group (The Socialite Foundation TSF) which focuses on giving back to the society through Donations.

KubiLiveChat: Eii so much work

Sir Bonny: We also have an online magazine on instagram which promotes creatives such as Photographers, Filmmakers, Makeup artists, artists and etc. Yh oooo. But God is our strength.

KubiLiveChat: I’m so much impressed.

Sir Bonny: I’m humbled.

KubiLiveChat: How did you get the idea to start this?

Sir Bonny: I felt the need to focus on the youth. Many times we see raw talent but no one to help push them thats one of the motivations

KubiLiveChat: I see. And when did you decide to explore this talent?

Sir Bonny: Actually thinking of the name like 6yrs ago. Never knew Socialite was an English word. I came from the angle of setting up a brand that will add more “Light” to our social life. So to fuse it I got socialite becasue I didn’t want it to be so obvious with the name. Got the idea like 7 years ago but I started building the brand 3 yrs ago. We still mking an impacting step by step.

KubiLiveChat: Vim dey

Sir Bonny: Yh sure! God is alive.

KubiLiveChat: Sure! Do you run it alone or have a team?

Sir Bonny: Building a team now, task getting tougher and I can’t do it alone.

KubiLiveChat: What are some of the challenges so far?

Sir Bonny: The major challenge is money. Based on branding you need money to push to be heard and also team play. Many people wanna come and chop the money, they don’t wana hustle with you to build the brand. So they come in and leave you all by yourself. But now TG I hve some dope guys behind me Software, Kobby, Ardina, Joklas, Scriller. God bless them richly.

KubiLiveChat: Awwwww. Amen. What are some of the works you’ve done so far?

Sir Bonny: We have worked for brands like; Busy Gh, Covenant of Mayors, Beta Malt, Big Apples Gallery, Annerlice, Eastern Premier Hotel, Genesis Health Care Gh, Twenty Plus Group, Etc.

KubiLiveChat: Wow! How do you get these gigs?

Sir Bonny: Recommendation and Social media advertisements.

KubiLiveChat: Oh Okay! Earlier, you made mention of videography too. Is it like these normal music videos or it entails a lot?

Sir Bonny: Music videos, Commercials/Ads, Weddings, Documentaries, Films.

KubiLiveChat: How many music videos so far?

Sir Bonny: 3 to ma credit. Not Popular Musicians thou.

KubiLiveChat: Which artistes?

Sir Bonny: 2 for a musician under my management Kojo Luda. 1 for Sean Kwaku CEO of Naked Ice.

KubiLiveChat: That’s cool. Approximately, how much does Sir Bonny charge for a shoot?

Sir Bonny: Well it depends on the concept but the minimum is 2k.

KubiLiveChat: Whooooaaaa!!!

Sir Bonny: Its cheap right?

KubiLiveChat: Did you just say cheap? Meeehhnnnn! You making good money.

Sir Bonny: Yah very cheap, you can ask around tho and see.

KubiLiveChat: Be there.

Sir Bonny: People take as much as 5k 8k 12k.

KubiLiveChat: Ok then, how many times can you work in a day?

Sir Bonny: As in.

KubiLiveChat: Like how many jobs can you work on in a day?

Sir Bonny: Jobs as in.

KubiLiveChat: The shoots.

Sir Bonny: Pictures or videos.

KubiLiveChat: Let’s say both.

Sir Bonny: Well it all depends on what I’m shooting. Mostly wedding shoots can take a day. A simple music videos too.

KubiLiveChat: Oh okay but still, 2k for a shoot is so cool.

Sir Bonny: Yah. Very cheap! We just wanna be affordable for every one.

KubiLiveChat: Your girl must be chilling paa.

Sir Bonny: Single life ooo. Most girls I got interested in do not trust a guy in the entertainment industry.

KubiLiveChat: See him o, don’t worry we will come to that. What’s making them say that? Is it really true?

Sir Bonny: Hahah, I don’t know oo. They be like dey can’t trust a media guy; you see fine gals everyday more prettier than I am

KubiLiveChat: Hahahaha. Who inspires you in this industry?

Sir Bonny: God, the needy, Human: Bolar Ray.

KubiLiveChat: Why Bola Ray?

Sir Bonny: He has achieved a lot from a humble start. The Zylofon thing too has started inspiring me.

KubiLiveChat: Interesting. So how will you feel if you are to work with them?

Sir Bonny: Bola and Zylofon. Will be very great. Will learn new stuffs.

KubiLiveChat: I pray your wish comes true.

Sir Bonny: Amen!

KubiLiveChat: Any achievements yet?

Sir Bonny: Not yet!

KubiLiveChat: I’m sure very soon right?

Sir Bonny: God lead. If its his will y not.

KubiLiveChat: Sure! To the segment called Celebrity Crush. Which celebrity are you crushing on?

Sir Bonny: A lot! Serwaa, MzVee, Efya, Keri Hilson and Riri.

KubiLiveChat: See o, he really got eyes.

Sir Bonny: Serwaa is jux a turn on.

KubiLiveChat: Eeeiii. What do you aspire to achieve in the coming 5 years?

Sir Bonny: Impact positively into lives.

KubiLiveChat: We wrapping up, any words for the youth out there?

Sir Bonny: I have an Acronym I go with PPHD : Prayer Passion Hardwork Determination. If they have any dreams they wanna achieve they should go buy this…with Positivity they can achieve anything.God first in all things and trust. It really pays. I wish them all the best

KubiLiveChat: Thank you SirBonny for being on our chat today, we wish you all the best and hope to hear from you often.

Sir Bonny: My pleasure. Thanks for having me. I’m humbled.

KubiLiveChat: You always welcome, please can you drop your social media handles for us?

Sir Bonny: @sirbonny_official @socialitephotography @Socialitemultimedia @thesocialitemagazine on all social media platforms.

KubiLiveChat: Thanks very much.

Sir Bonny: welcome!

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Kubi Live Chat

J Spice Reveals Inspiration Behind His Brother Song



Fast-Rinsing Ghana versatile artiste J Spice who is recently out with a new song has revealed the inspiration behind it.

Speaking on an online interview with KubiLiveChat the fast-rising musician revealed to us how he came about with his first song Brother.

The Brother Man song was actually inspired by his brother to tell Ghanaians ann music lovers about his life journey and how far God has taken.

The “Brother Man” song has been an inspirational song for individuals as it has received over a thousand views on YouTube.

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He moved on saying, there are some people whose works he admires and get inspired by certain aspects of their crafts.

But outside the industry, he looks up to Apostle Vinny Max Bani, AVMB as he is all rounded and has the knowledge and skill for every area of life.

He also revealed he had once approached a label but now he doesnt want to be on any label.

Giving a reason, he thinks it’s better to start off on your own, build something substantial so that a label who comes looking for you will be able to have a better deal with you.

He told us; Yhhhh I think it is better to start off on your own, build something substantial, so that should a label come looking for you you have a greater negotiation or bargaining power. I don’t think it is advisable to go chasing labels, you may be at their mercies. But start something, learn the business, build a strong brand then if they come calling you can have a proper conversation where you’re not exploited or something. Yhhh. Get power so sey nobody go overpower you. Hehe.

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According to him, his”Dawn” EP was inspired mainly by what he perceived people could be experiencing.

So of his songs were written as a way to communicate to people, heal, comfort and guide them.

He also revealed to us why he chooses the name “Dawn” as this was decided by him and his team.

Explaining this, he revealed because they had been away from music for a while and felt like this was going to be a new beginning for them.

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Facebook: Gyidi.

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