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Slay Queen’s Brand New $50,000 Benz GLK Burnt Down To Ashes Days After She Bought It | WATCH



A Slay Queen’s brand new Benz GLK burnt down to ashes days after she bought it.

A very hot video that must be watched shows a slay queen in pain after her expensive Benz GLK car burnt down to ashes just a few days after purchasing it.

The video showed her celebrating her new purchase but later weeping as the car got blazed down by the roadside.

It is unclear what might have caused it, but many people are blaming it on the source of money.

Some said she might have got her cash to acquire the whip from a wrong side.

Read some comments gathered on the video:

  • The Car is already on fire and you are shouting Holly ghost fire – no be OGUN be that’ ??🤔😩
  • Shey nah clean hand money dey use buy am 😂😂😂😂
  • And the person behind camera was still shouting enemies work, holy ghost fire 😢😢😢 for ontop fire ??
  • Not everything is 😈 hope the guy/boy is 👌
  • No be the Uk guy wey chop person client money car be that

Watch below.

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‘I’m Addicted To Orgasms, I Have Them Just From Looking At Someone” : Young Lady Reveals



A woman, Amy Mathews has revealed she has hadp too many orgasms and climaxes just by looking at someone she fancies.

According to Amy, 23, she has had orgasms on public transport, in college and even during lunch with her parents.

Now, she says, she is addicted to them as her record for an individual sexual encounter is an incredible 18 orgasms.

She is single and is a dance teacher from Oxford.

Amy has a condition known as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a condition that causes flexible joints and loose tendons. According to her, orgasms help reduce the pain that she gets from the condition.

She was 15 when she had her first boyfriend. They were together for three years and it was with him she had her first sexual encounter, which she describes as “a bit of a non-event”.

Amy says: “I orgasm very easily and multiple times. If I’m on my own on a train and see someone I fancy, I’ll start to orgasm then and there. If I’m in bed with someone, I can pass out from having so many that are just too intense.

“On other occasions my abs hurt from the constant contractions in my tummy and pelvic area.

“Sometimes I feel bad for the other person when I’m having so many and he gets just the one.”

She says her sex life evolved when she started a seven-month relationship at the age of 18.

“With this guy I learned to properly orgasm. They occurred via vaginal penetration and stimulating my clitoral area.

“When we had sex, I was having a minimum of five.”

After they split, Amy could orgasm at any time in any place even without sex or physical stimulation.

“I took medication (for her condition) but it made me tired.

“But if I had sex or orgasmed with a sex toy or by myself, I’d perk up again.

“I don’t take meds (for the pain) now. I prefer to orgasm instead.”

She says she’s been addicted to orgasms since age 18.

“I feel bad for the other person…I’m having so many, he’s having one

“I’d been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and one of my dance college teachers told me I was too fat.

“There was a lot of drama going on in my life and I started to suffer anxiety.

“Each time I had a panic attack, I found having an orgasm could help calm me down. The feeling of release was addictive and that’s when I started orgasming more regularly.

“One time, I had stormed out of a classroom, I sat down in the corridor and had one.

“While I don’t think I made any noise or blushed, God knows what other students must have thought seeing me sitting there. But it definitely made me less stressed.”

Amy said she was referred for sex addiction therapy by a college counsellor.

She says: “The person I saw said as long as I feel good after the act, whether on my own or with someone else, then it’s OK.

“If I had a panic attack, the orgasm relief was better if I’d had physical sex — but I could feel emotionally worse afterwards. At one stage I was having lots of sexual partners.

“I wouldn’t say the number of guys I have slept with was into three figures but it isn’t far off.”

“With my third boyfriend, when I was 21, I had the best sex.

“The most memorable time was when I had a full-body climax. I couldn’t breathe. It lasted for ages.

“It was like being on a rollercoaster when the ride keeps going up. You want it to be over because you can’t take it any more.

“The most I ever had with him in one go was 18 . . . I lost count after that.”

Amy can control her desire to orgasm when she is at work but it is the first thing she does when she gets home. It sometimes happens at unwelcome times.

She says: “It can be awkward when I have one around my family. My Mum knows and is very supportive, taking the view that I’m lucky, whereas Dad has no idea.”

Amy says she is happy to hook up with guys for sex.

She says: “I’ve only had three serious boyfriends and the one with the mind-blowing sex finished two years ago.

“Since then I haven’t wanted a boyfriend. I’ve got a high sex drive and I prefer to see guys casually.

“I only sleep with them on two or three occasions.

“I don’t want a boyfriend. I just need to orgasm regularly.

“There are times I feel bad if I don’t orgasm.

“When guys know about my ability to orgasm easily and it doesn’t happen or I don’t go into double figures, they worry there is something wrong with their performance.”

The longest Amy has gone without orgasming is a couple of days.

She says: “I’ll spot someone cute and my brain will say, ‘Let’s go!’

“Once, when I was out for lunch with friends, someone asked me why I was so quiet.

“One friend there texted me asking me if I was orgasming. I replied, ‘I can’t stop it’.

“I’ve even googled, ‘Is it normal to be able to orgasm without any contact?’ to see if it’s just me — and it isn’t. It does happen.”

There is a rare condition called persistent genital arousal disorder, but Amy does not believe she has it.

She says: “My theory is that I have a higher sex drive from all the extra testosterone in my body as a result of having polycystic ovary syndrome.

“At first I found it hard to talk about but not any more. Men do get scared when I explain how often I can orgasm.

“Nowadays, when I have sex, I’ll climax a minimum of nine times. I have missed sex during lockdown.

“I have broken it a couple of times to see a friend because I’ve never gone longer than six weeks without sex.

“I don’t miss the intimacy but I do miss the sex.”

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I Love Doggy Style Than Any Other Style, It’s The Best : Nurse Recommends



Lina Serwaa , Ghanaian nurse and pharmacist has revealed that doggy sex style is her favourite style among all the sec styles known to couples.

Speaking in an interview with First Lady of Browngh on the ‘Adwuma Adwuma’ show, Lina Serwaa disclosed that doggy sex style is the best among all the styles known to her because it helps in stress releasing.

She made this disclosure after First Lady asked of her stance on the legalization of lesbian and gay.

According to her, the best moment in a man’s life is making love to the opposite sex.
As a trained nurse, Lina said sex even helps one to sleep and relax his or her muscles and so she won’t on any day endorse same-sex marriage.

Watch below.

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Toddler Survives After Falling From A 12-Story Building | WATCH



A delivery driver in Vietnam is being called a hero after he miraculously caught a toddler who fell from a 12th-floor balcony.

Nguyen Ngoc Manh, 31, was sitting in his truck, waiting to deliver a package to a residence in Hanoi on Sunday, Feb 28, when he heard a child crying and a woman screaming overhead.

He said that he initially brushed off the commotion as just a kid having a tantrum.

But when Manh noticed people on the street panicked and shouting, he rolled down his window and looked up. To his horror he saw a little girl dangling 164-feet in the air, VN Express International reported.

The heart-stopping moment was captured on video and shared on social media.

Toddler falls from 12 story building but survives thanks to a delivery driver (video)

Manh, a father himself, immediately exited his truck. Trying to gauge where the girl may land, he climbed a 6-foot wall between where he was stopped and the apartment complex.

“I scaled the wall and saw that she could fall onto the metallic roof of the house used to store electric generators for the complex, so I tried to climb on top of it,” Manh told VN Express.

“I made it, but couldn’t stand firmly, as the roof was crooked.”

As the girl lost her grip on the balcony railing and started falling, Manh slipped. But he flung himself forward and caught the toddler.

She wasn’t crying, he said, but blood was dripping from her mouth.

“She looked so much like my child at home. I was so confused, only able to tell her, ‘Please, please, I’m here now,'” Manh told VN Express International.

Toddler falls from 12 story building but survives thanks to a delivery driver (video)

The little girl was taken to a hospital, where doctors treated her for a dislocated hip, but said she had no other injuries.

Manh sprained his arm catching her.

Many on social media hailed Manh as a hero, but he told VN Express he doesn’t care for the label. He said he just wants to “do good.”

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