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Somanya Police Arrest Husband For Allegedly Killing Wife At Guesthouse



The husband of the woman murdered last week at a guest house in Somanya in the Eastern Region has been arrested.

According to a report sighted by on Starr News, the suspect Prosper Negble was identified by management of the guest house when the police invited the deceased family to the police station to assist with the investigation.

One guest house worker(name withheld) identified him as as the one who checked into the room with the now-deceased wife,Believe Sakitey.

The Akosombo Divisional Crime Officer Superintendent Mrs Sapati and Somanya Crime officer Miss Sylvia Esinam Aforkpa as well as the lead investigator of the case Sergeant Richard Eduah on Saturday, April 10, 2021, as part of the broad investigation into the murder case, invited family members to the station.

The husband of the deceased came with the family to the Somanya District Police Headquarters to assist Police in getting relevant information that could lead to the arrest of the suspect.

Upon arrival at the station,a cleaner on duty at the time at Gameli Guest House (name withheld) identified the husband of the deceased as the man who came in with her to lodge in the room of the guest house.

She said, the suspect sent her three times to buy him things from a shop which made him observed and took notice of his identity.

Other workers at the guest house identified the husband when questioned by the police.

According to the Police, the suspect has been interrogated, cautioned and detained to enable police put him before court for remand on Monday.

This follows after the director of the Gameli Guest House in Somanya in the Eastern Region, Teye Annor, 63, on the 6th of April,2021 reported to the police that a murder has been committed at his guest house.

According to Mr Annor, the now identified suspect gave his name as Charles Tetteh to the receptionist when he checked into the Guesthouse with the victim and were expected to check out the following day at 12:00 pm.

On Monday, which was the following day however, the receptionist didn’t hear from any of them.

They barged into the room only to see the deceased lying in a pool of blood on the bed but the man had managed to sneak out after the crime.

After the police investigators were called to the crime scene, they found in the handbag of the deceased an identity card bearing the name Believe Sakitey.

A knife that was stained with blood and wrapped in black polythene kept under the mattress was also retrieved by the police investigators at the crime scene.

Moreover, a taxi driver and one other suspect have been arrested in the Ayensuano district in the Eastern region of Ghana whiles transporting suspected human parts to a fetish priest.

All these incidents are happening a few days after the murder of a 10-year-old boy by the name Ishmael by two teenagers called Nicholas and Felix in Kasoa.


Man Jailed For 33 Years For Raping And Infecting 9-Year-Old Niece With HIV



A 24-year-old Zimbabwean man has been sentenced to 33 years in prison for raping hs 9-year-old grade-three niece and also infecting her with HIV.

The man who has been staying at the same house with his sister and her children, reportedly took advantage of his sister’s absence to rape his niece on multiple occasions between March and April.

The court heard that the pervert uncle would sneak into the room where his nieces were sleeping and would rape the 9-year-old. The 9-year-old shared the room with her younger sisters aged four and two.

The sad abuses was uncovered after the little girl refused to sleep in the room. When her older sister questioned about the reluctance, the 9-year-old revealed that the uncle was raping her.

The case was reported to the police and a medical test which was carried out thereafter, revealed that the minor has been infected with HIV. 

When arraigned before Regional Magistrate Mr Christopher Maturure on two counts of raping his niece and one count of deliberately infecting her with HIV, the man pleaded not guilty and made a spirited attempt to deny the charges. However his subterfuge did not work, and the magistrate found him guilty after a full trial.

The magistrate had no kind words for the uncle who abused his position of trust to prey on his sister’s child. He said that his sentence should serve as a deterrence to other like-minded would-be offenders and sentenced him to 33 years in prison.

The Chronicle reported that Maturure said; 

“Her life has totally changed because of your actions. For rape you are sentenced to 18 years and deliberately infecting the complainant, 15 years.”

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Mom Sues Snapchat After Her 16-Year-Old Son Committed Suicide Following ‘Months Of Bullying On The App’



A mom is reportedly suing Snapchat after her 16-year-old son committed suicide following months of bullying on Snap’s YOLO app, an anonymous Q&A plug-in.

 Carson Bride was found dead on June 23, 2020. His phone’s search history that same day showed him researching ways to “Reveal YOLO Usernames Online,” according to his family. 

The family of Carson alleges Snap Inc., the Santa Monica-based parent company of Snapchat, has been negligent in safeguarding against cyberbullying after the Oregon teen committed suicide last year.

Carson’s mother Kristin Bride filed on Monday and asked the U.S. District Court for Northern California to consider the suit a class action on behalf of 93 million Snapchat users in the U.S.

Carson endured scores of lewd, mean-spirited messages from anonymous senders via the anonymous apps YOLO and LMK on Snapchat, according to the lawsuit.

Lawyers said Carson attempted, in vain, to request the apps enforce their anti-bullying safeguards, such as banning those users. But it never happened. He took his own life in 2020 after being unable to stop cyberbullying.

“Clearly, no one was policing YOLO when my son received hundreds of abusive messages during the first 3 weeks of June. These offenders may very well be continuing their bullying practices, especially now that they know the power of their words,” Bride’s mother wrote shortly after her son’s death, according to the filing.

The lawsuit said Snap Inc. should have foreseen the harm it could cause teens and that YOLO and LMK’s very design allowed for it. All three apps are accused of failing to safeguard against cyberbullying.

Bride’s family is seeking financial damages in excess of $5 million and the immediate discontinuation of YOLO and LMK.

The New York-based anti-bullying nonprofit Tyler Clementi Foundation joined in the suit, are also demanding Snap remove all third-party apps that fail to set up appropriate safeguards from Snapchat.

Carson’s mother, according to the suit, unsuccessfully attempted over many months to contact YOLO about her son’s suicide. Nobody responded.

“If you create an app which provides a platform for the anonymous bullying of vulnerable teens, the very least you can do is take accountability and assist the parents of your app’s victims so that more YOLO deaths do not occur,” she wrote.

Lawyers argued Snap Inc. knew about the dangers of anonymous apps. They cited Sarahah, another anonymous-messaging app that was banned from the Apple and Android store after reported incidents of cyberbullying were made public. They also pointed to numerous complaints about cyberbullying on YOLO from users via the Apple App Store.

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Ex-Pornstar Charged With Murdering Her 77-Year-Old Millionaire Husband Who Claimed To Have Slept With ‘4000 Women’ And Hoped To ‘Die’ While Having Sex



An ex-Pornstar, Saki Sudo, 25, has been charged with murdering her spouse, Kosuke Nozaki, 77, who reportedly liked sex so much he was called ‘don juan’ after notoriously claiming he had bedded 4000 women and also demanded sex three times a day.

Ex-Pornstar charged with murdering her 77-year-old millionaire husband who claimed to have slept with

Business tycoon Kosuke Nozaki, who made his fortune through real estate, agriculture and money lending, married the suspect in February 2018 in the Japanese city Tanabe.

He was dead within months, according to Japanese news site Tokyo Reporter.

Ex-Pornstar charged with murdering her 77-year-old millionaire husband who claimed to have slept with

Before his death, Nozaki had brushed off warnings that his ex-porn star wife only married him for his money after she was spotted on lavish shopping trips around the world.

He wrote in his memoir: “I am sorry for the 99 per cent of people who wish for this marriage to fall apart, but I am confident that I will be happy.”

In the memoir, he said frequent sex was the secret to staying young and he wished to die and go to heaven while having sex.

“Our time in the bedroom is also fun. I’m convinced that is the secret to staying young,” he wrote.

“We have a quota of sex three times a day and I don’t need Viagra. I know having so much sex may cause my death, but if I can die having sex and go to heaven then I am good.”

Ex-Pornstar charged with murdering her 77-year-old millionaire husband who claimed to have slept with

Sudo was arrested in Tokyo last month after cops raided her home.

Police authorities allege Sudo killed her husband as phone records show several internet searches for “stimulant drugs” and poisons on Sudo’s phone.

Ex-Pornstar charged with murdering her 77-year-old millionaire husband who claimed to have slept with

She was flown back to Wakayama, where she had lived with her husband, and has now been charged with murder.

In 2016, the businessman wrote a book called ‘Don Juan of Wakayama’.

He wrote: “The reason I make money is to date attractive women.”

When he popped the question to Sudo, he reportedly asked her: “Would you like to be my last woman?”

Shortly after his death, Sudo appointed herself president of her late husband’s million-dollar company, it is claimed.

She is said to have wanted to flee Japan after the funeral, but was restricted by Covid-19 travel restrictions.

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