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Super Gorgeous And Talented Model “Ama Sack” Unveiled



She is elegant and super gorgeous; her ability to switch between characters in front of the camera is exceptional and mind-blowing. Known in the modeling circus as Ama Sack, Helena Nana Ama Sackey is a freelance model based in Takoradi. Haven graduated from the prestigious Archbishop Porter Girls Senior High School barely a year ago, the young model seems to be enjoying a successful modeling career.

Ama recently got published in LYFE REPUBLIC Magazine; an achievement she is very proud of and believes is the beginning of greater things yet to come. She loves music, reading, dancing, drawing, acting and of course modeling!

Modeling is one of the fastest growing ‘areas’ in arts, the youth of today are mostly fascinated by the idea of venturing into modeling, what inspired you to become a model?

I was greatly inspired by an award I won for the best female photogenic student at the annual Western Students Award show which was held in Takoradi. This achievement urged me to venture into modeling. I love Victoria Michaels, the supermodel! And she is my biggest inspiration. Seeing her picture on products and she walking on the runway inspired me to choose this path though I am not as tall as she is. Aside these I think the fundamental factor is the natural passion I have for modeling.

I know there are a couple of stereotypes associated with the modeling ‘business’, have you ever fallen victim to prejudice or intimidation in your bid to pursue a career in modeling?

Oh yes! We are aware of the general perception that to be a successful model you need to be tall; this is one thing that got me frightened in my bid to pursue a career in modeling. I can say that’s the major thing that scared me from the onset but I am confident now. I wouldn’t stop doing what I have passion for just because my height is not what is expected of a model. I believe there are other branches in modeling where height is not really a major concern, for instance being a photo model or commercial model.

What are some of the strange stories you ever heard from people about modeling?
I remember hearing that models are usually victims of sexual abuse.

Do some of these comments (mentioned above) discourage you in anyway?

I don’t really pay attention to negative comments and stories about a career I want to pursue. I don’t really take some of these comments seriously. I believe it depends on how the models carry themselves.
Has venturing into modeling taught you anything in life?

Modeling has taught me to be vigilant, patient and assertive. Most importantly I have learned to appreciate creativity as it forms a great part of the kind of work I do, it’s necessary to come up with new ideas and concepts for good works.
Who are your top five models (both local and international)?

1. Victoria Michaels

2. Alek Wek

3. Maria Borges

4. Ajak Deng

5. Afiya Bennett

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I see myself grabbing a good job and a good ‘brand ambassador’ deal. Of course I should be married by then with a wonderful family and probably I will consider venturing into acting either here in Ghana or outside.
Do you have any upcoming project you would love to share with us?

For now I have no upcoming project I would like to talk about. I am yet to plan on one
Any message to anybody out there that is aspiring to be a model?
Be you! Make sure you have passion for this career. Be creative and have a great sense of humor. Remember never to give up and never forget about the good Lord you serve.

We cannot end this interview without the fun part of it; this is to explore your interest in entertainment, Arts and Culture. We expect you to be as honest as possible
Who is your all-time favourite Ghanaian Artiste?

I love music but I don’t have an all-time favourite Ghanaian artiste
The Ghanaian society is evolving and this has seen several cultural practices go extinct, if you had the power, which of them will you reinstitute and why?

I would have reinstituted ‘bragro’, one of the practices that socialize girls to grow up into responsible and decent women. It is one practice that promotes chastity
Which one over which: 
African Prints VS Foreign Textiles 

African prints of course! it’s good to promote and appreciate locally made products

Shatta Wale or Stonebwoy, Kidi or Kuami Eugene
They are all great musicians and I think it will be difficult for me to choose one over the other. Unity is the best tool, they are all good!

Join the conversation, if you have any questions for Ama Sack, send them to or just leave a comment below

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R. Kelly Under Arrest On 10 Charges Of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse In Illinois



R. Kelly

R&B star R. Kelly has been indicted on 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse in Cook County, Ill.

A police spokesman confirmed Friday night that Kelly is under arrest and in police custody. Kelly turned himself in at a police station. The police spokesman says Kelly will be turned over to the sheriff of Cook County on Saturday morning. A bond hearing will be held on Saturday afternoon.

Kimberly Foxx, the Cook County state’s attorney, announced the charges during a brief press conference held in Chicago on Friday afternoon. She said that a grand jury indicted the singer, born Robert Kelly, on 10 counts involving four alleged victims, whom Foxx identified as “H.W.,” “R.L.,” “L.C.” and “J.P.”

Foxx said that three of the women — “H.W.,” “R.L.” and “J.P.” — were all under age 17 at the time of the alleged incidents, which reportedly took place over more than a decade, from 1998 to 2010. Kelly, now age 52, would have been in his 30s or 40s in that time frame.

Foxx, who took no questions, noted that each count is a Class 2 felony in Illinois and a probational offense that carries a potential sentence of three to seven years.

According to Illinois law, the statute of limitations has not run out on the alleged incidents.

Kelly’s lawyer, Steven Greenberg, did not immediately return NPR’s request for comment. But he has maintained his client’s innocence regarding all allegations, as has Kelly himself.

Speaking to The Associated Press on Friday, Greenberg maintained his client’s innocence; the AP quotes Greenberg as saying that Kelly is “extraordinarily disappointed and depressed. He is shellshocked by this.”

Greenberg also claimed to the AP that he proposed meeting with prosecutors before the charges were filed but that his offer was refused.

The Cook County indictment comes amid revived controversy around the singer, which came to a boil last month when the Lifetime TV network aired a six-part docuseries called Surviving R. Kelly that features more than 50 interviewees and lays out 25 years of allegations against Kelly dating back to the early 1990s. The series includes on-camera interviews with several women who have come forward publicly with their accusations.

More recent allegations against the singer emerged in a 2017 BuzzFeed investigation. The BuzzFeed piece reported accusations that Kelly runs a sex “cult” composed of women whom he regularly abuses — and it helped uncork a torrent of outrage, including the #MuteRKelly protest movement.

Yet for all the fresh anger that followed the publication of the BuzzFeed piece, allegations of sexual misconduct by R. Kelly are nothing new: Questions have swirled around his behavior with teenage girls since at least 1994, when R. Kelly — then 27 — briefly married his 15-year-old protégée, Aaliyah. The marriage was annulled within months.

Since then, Kelly has faced a series of lawsuits and allegations, none with graver legal consequences than the charge that he videotaped himself having sex with and performing lewd acts on an underage girl. The tape’s existence was revealed in 2002 by Chicago journalists — including Jim DeRogatis, who would write the BuzzFeed story a decade and a half later — and resulted in Kelly’s arrest just months later.

In 2002, Kelly was charged with more than a dozen counts related to child pornography. But due to a variety of delays, he did not go to trial until 2008, at which point he was acquitted on all counts. (Neither the young woman who reportedly appeared in the 2002 tape nor her parents testified in Kelly’s trial, though several other family members and friends did identify her during the court proceedings.)

Within days of Surviving R. Kelly having aired, public pressure against the singer mounted dramatically. Some of his previous collaborators — such as Lady Gaga — began to publicly distance themselves from him. And his label, RCA Records, owned by Sony Music Entertainment, bowed to the pressure and dropped the singer last month.

This month, CNN reported that its newsroom had seen a newly surfaced VHS tape that prominent lawyer Michael Avenatti says he has given to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office.

CNN described the tape as being over 45 minutes long and said it shows a man who appears to be Kelly and a teenage girl; both the man and the teenager repeatedly refer to her purported age, 14 years old. The video, CNN says, shows the man and the girl in a number of sexual acts as well as the man urinating on the teenager. Those acts are similar to the ones that Kelly was alleged to have committed on the 2002 tape.

After Cook County held its press conference, Avenatti held his own press event in Chicago on Friday afternoon. He stated that he is currently representing six individuals related to the Kelly allegations: two young women — “at least one” of whom, he said, was named as a victim in Friday’s indictment — as well as two parents of one of the women who is believed to be currently living with Kelly, and two people whom Avenatti referred to as “whistleblowers” who have been part of Kelly’s “inner circle” for more than 20 years.

During his press conference, Avenatti asserted many of the same details about the newly surfaced tape as CNN described them. He also alleged that there are two other videotapes — one already in his possession and one that he alleges he is “in the process of recovering” — that purport to show Kelly sexually abusing women. Avenatti said that he plans to turn those tapes over to Foxx’s office as well.

Avenatti also said that he has evidence that a number of “enablers” worked to “rig” the 2008 trial against Kelly, including by paying off witnesses.

On Thursday, lawyer Gloria Allred held a press conference with two more women, Rochelle Washington and Latresa Scaff, who allege that Kelly pursued them for sex when they were teenagers in an incident that they say happened more than 20 years ago.

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I Didn’t Kill Daasebre Gyamenah To Continue His Legacy : Kwame Ratty



Kwame Ratty

Ronald Kwame Parry, born in Koforidua in the Eastern Region of Ghana in the year 1989 started schooling at the St. John Bosco RC Primary and later on furthered his education at KTI in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region. He is now known in showbiz as Kwame Ratty and has announced his presence in the music industry.

Kwame Ratty started his career as a dancer in the Eastern Region where he emerged a winner in a dance competition in the year 2000 and 2001. He later progressed to the national dance level where he again emerged as the first runner up in the year 2000 and was awarded the second runner up in the year 2001.

The talented artist is also known for his highlife songs and is related to the late Daasebre Gyamenah and for that matter being called by his peers as Daasebre Ba.

He worked with his brother for 14 years as a backing vocalist and later worked with Ofori Amponsah, KK Fosu, Kofi Bee and Kofi Nti.

The highlife artiste now has some great songs to his credit with Koo Ntakra, Kwaku Under just a few to mention.

Below is a song he titled “Ware me”…. kindly download and enjoy.



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Moesha Boduong Is Not The Only Ashawobrity With HIV, Fella And Others Are Also Infected : Showboy Brings His Own Set Of Allegations To The Table



Moesha Boduong

The one thing you can trust about the Ghanaian industry is that whenever some allegations come out, no matter how unbelievable they sound, it doesn’t take long for confirmations to start rolling in.

We heard about Ibrah One allegedly chopping down Efia Odo and Ibrah himself has come to confirm that, yeah, he did chop down Odo.

The former AMG hypeman Showboy has also decided it’s time to jump into the fray with his own allegations.

According to Showboy, if Moesha Boduong has contracted HIV then Fella Makafui has the same disease because they have been chopping down the same ‘big men’ for cash.

As we reported earlier, Moesha has been accused of contracting HIV from a chopping session with Livingston Abani. He has denied he has HIV.

It looks like the lives we have been spotting on social media being led by these ashawobrities is nothing to envy because what they are going through to get that cash is simply disgusting.

Check out Showboy’s post below…

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