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Superstitious Explanations Pop Up After Man Reveals He Ate Boiled Egg With Double Yolks



A young Ghanaian man has run to social media to seek spiritual justification behind a surprise he discovered in his meal.

Taking to microblogging site Twitter, Jupiter who was in disbelief over what he had witnessed narrated that he decided to consume one boiled egg before starting his day.

To his astonishment, the young man said he found double yolk in the egg he intended to eat – a rare occurrence that can only be explained scientifically.

Although the tweep ate the egg, probably after unleashing a truckload of prayer on it, he’s stilled convinced there may be some superstitious interpretation to what he discovered.

“I ate one boiled egg with two yolks in it, any superstitious believe?” he inquired.

According to an American Egg Safety Center explanation – a double yolk occurs when a chicken releases two yolks into the same shell and are usually produced by young chickens whose reproductive systems have not fully matured.

It adds that double yolks can also come from older chickens nearing the end of their egg-producing period.

Eggs with double yolks are perfectly safe to eat. Some say it’s a sign of good luck to fine them!

The tweet eliciting “superstitious” interpretations has evoked conversation on the platform with many tweeps giving hilarious feedbacks.

See some reactions below;


“I Saw Piles Of Aborted Babies In Hell During Close Brush With Death” : Woman Who Was In Coma For 3 Weeks Says



A British woman who is an author called Kathy McDaniel who reportedly went into a coma for 3 weeks claims she went to heaven and hell whilst in a coma.

She had been placed on a ventilator after suffering lung failure and doctors thought she wouldn’t survive. However, when she woke up from the three weeks drug-induced coma, Kathy described being in a “dangerous, foreign realm”.

According to her in a report by Lucipost, she encountered “tormenting demons, aborted babies and she said she was even abused by a group of men who told her they had AIDS.” She then “burst into heaven” which was “bliss like no other”.

This happened in 2000 and 22 years later, Kathy has now published a book documenting her experience.

Speaking with Daily Star about the book, Kathy, now 75, said,

“My memoir traces my family history, mostly British with a bit of Irish, to my distressing near-death experience in 2000, on to the present, where I continue sharing heaven’s message that no one need go to hell.”

She added, “But then it got kind of misty and foggy and warm and something smelled bad and then I started hearing these little moans and shrieks in the background as it got lighter.

“I thought ‘that can’t be good’ and then all of a sudden this voice booms out saying ‘Do you know where you are?’

“My mind was racing and the only thing I could come up with was ‘hell’ and this horrible laugh came back to me. I turned and I ran into the darkness.”

She then said she found herself in different scenarios – each one scarier than the last.

She explained: “He [the demon] stood there with his arms across his chest and pointed. I went into this room and there were all these gurneys with women lying on them and they had gowns over them and their legs were sprawled.

“There were people on stools sitting in front of them going between their legs. All of a sudden this doctor raises his hand, it’s all bloody and stuff and he said ‘get over here’.

“They were doing abortions, so he takes this poor little desecrated baby and what was left of it and put it in my arms.

“I was completely shocked, I was a pro-lifer on earth.”

The demon then told her to take the baby out into the other room.

She added: “It was this huge Costco warehouse and there were piles and piles, 10 to 15ft tall, of all these aborted babies.

“It was too horrendous for me and I couldn’t stand it. I put this little thing down and went back into the hall and he said ‘get back in there’.

“I said ‘I’m not going back, I’m not doing that’ and he just smiled and said ‘you’re asking for something worse’.”

She said she remembered closing her eyes and finding herself in a different scenario. According to her, her time in the hellish realm felt like two years.

She added that the never-ending torture ended shortly after she started singing Christmas carols, and she suddenly “burst into heaven”.

Describing being in heaven, Kathy said,

“It was like swimming in love. Everything you can think of that’s wonderful times a million.

“I was just so happy that everything that had happened before was gone. I was just in this bliss of happiness.”

Speaking further, she said she saw her friend who recently died of leukemia in heaven.

She added: “I thought ‘thank God I’m dead, I’m in heaven with him and this is great. Where are the angles and butterflies and stuff?’

“He said ‘now Mary K you have too much left to do’ and I thought ‘oh no they are throwing me out’.

“I just said ‘no’ at the top of my lungs. I said I want to stay here with you and that’s when he threw me out and boom, I woke up and there’s bright light, these people are milling around and I think ‘oh my goodness I’m back in hell’.

“I was so confused and my daughter said ‘mum you’ve been really sick and we thought we were going to lose you and you’re back and you’re fine’.”

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Man To Divorce Wife Because His Son Looks Like A Married Man His Wife Was Dating Before He Married Her



A man is set to divorce his wife because his second son looks like the married man his wife was dating before he met her and married her.

The child’s striking resemblance to the other man has raised a cause for alarm, hence the man’s moves to file for divorce.

In a post sighted on Twitter, a friend of the embattled husband revealed that the man married an Abuja based medical doctor when he returned from Turkey.

According to him, the lady(wife to be divorced) was said to be dating a married man before agreeing to marry her present-day spouse.

On suspecting that his wife might have slept with her former lover, the man (who is filing for divorce) to confirm his mistrust took the second child who looked like the other man for a DNA test.

To his utmost surprise, the DNA test came out that the child is not his.

READ THE ORIGINAL POST BELOW. “A friend of Mine who came back from Turkey married a Medical Doctor based in Abuja. The girl was dating a married man before getting married.

Well her second son looked exactly like the man she was dating before marriage and DNA just confirmed it. We file divorce papers tomorrow.”

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KG Pupil Expelled For Reporting To School Late



According to a piece of news initially shared by Seniorng, a kindergarten student has been expelled indefinitely by the administration of the school where he goes for reporting late.

Furthermore, when the parents sought the school’s administration to have their decision reconsidered, they were reprimanded by the management.

Children House Nursery and Primary School, located on Quarry Road in Abeokuta, Ogun State, has been confirmed as the school. According to the report, the decision was made on November 17, 2021, at the school.

Alfred, a kindergarten-2 student, arrived at the school a few minutes after 8 a.m., much after the school’s 7:45 a.m. deadline. When his parents tried to defend him from being late, they refused to listen.

The school is also noted for its severe administration since professors and students have been terminated in the past for being late.

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