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Swaggha Pops Up As New Generation Artiste



Swaggha is a Ghanaian Russian based singer-songwriter who was born in 1990 with the real name Daniel Nuako, the name SWAGGHA simply stands for love.

His upcoming album which is widely influenced by the sounds of J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar is being worked on by renowned alternative music producer Murmur.

Swaggha in his quest to treat music lovers with some soothing sounds wrote the album to advance the theme of loving and having a good heart for things and others around you.

The young artiste put out many singles over the years is close to finally dropping the masterpiece.
Swaggha before embarking on the production of his own album ghost-wrote for Creative Writers Agency (CWA) and TEA Agency.

He has collaborated with artistes such as Ligalize, Kan (formerly DJ of Kan of Blackstar) and Everthe8.

The former Blackstar and Gazgolder record label worker has additionally worked with famous bloggers such as Nikolai Sobolev, Expertik, Dekster and Theo Blade.

“SWAGGHA doesn’t only stand for me as an artiste, but I want to present it out to the world more as a lifestyle with my music emulating this in every way.” says Daniel.

Working on these projects earned him an enviable spot on YouTube as well as popularity in Moscow.
Coming from a not so comfortable background he has gathered experiences from it making him more stronger on his mission to always gather good hearts around him while fostering good hearts in people around the world through his music.

The artiste who is ready to illuminate wherever his music takes him has plans of taking his talents back home to Ghana where it all began and then to California.

Swaggha is available on all social media nd music streaming platforms including Youtube, Soundcloud, Apple music, Swaggha/Expertik Project,

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Media & Culture

Yaa Pono Receives Comparisons With Eminem After His Latest Diss Song



We all woke up to realize Yaa Pono was awake doing his own things in the studio trying to end the career of Sarkodie, Samini, Shatta Wale and Tinny with a diss song.

The man who hilariously rebrand himself from Yaa Pono to Ponobiom is one that won’t left you wondering whom he is directing his shots to, he boldly mention names and he repeat that again in his diss song ‘Facts’.

One Big artist who is well known for that is American Rapper Eminem and a certain Jorel was quick to compare Ponobioms courage to him for mentioning names of all the four artists he recorded the song for.

“The name dropping Kings. They don’t throw subliminal shots. They’ll mention your name drop you and you can do nothing about it @Ponobiom and @eminem” Jorel Captioned with separate photo’s of Yaa Pono and Eminem.

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Juliet Ibrahim Threatens To Expose Top Politicians Who Are Gay



Juliet Ibrahim , Ghanaian actress and movie producer has already declared her support for the LGBTQI community.

According to her in a lengthy Instagram comment yesterday, she stated that anyone who does not support gays and lesbians is shallow-minded.

She added that if people can travel outside Ghana, they’ll get to understand why being gay or lesbian is a basic human right.

You can read her comment below:

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Well, as if that isn’t enough, Juliet Ibrahim is on the mission to expose top political officials who are gays yet, they pretend to the general public as if they are saints.

She threatened this action in response to the Ghana Police closing down one of the LGBT offices in Accra.

In the comment section of the LGBT RIGHTS GHANA Instagram handle, she wrote:

“Let them not push many to call out top officials who are queer and not speaking up against this barbaric behaviour oo. Instead of focusing more on pressing issues this is what they spend time doing?”, she wrote.

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Kwame A Plus ‘Open Keys’ Of Dirty Secrets About Mona Gucci



Kwame A Plus has called on Mona Gucci to stop fighting him or else he’ll reveal some dirty secrets about her that she won’t like.

The TPP Boss in his message revealed certain little secrets about Mona Gucci and threatened that if she dares to insult him again, he’ll say more.

A Plus also told Mona that she must know whatever happened at UTV wasn’t planned against her.

Read what he posted on Instagram below:

“Dear Mona, please, I beg you. Enough is enough!!! Let’s channel our energies into productive things. You cannot fight me.

The only reason why I’m quiet is because I still like you. Nobody planned anything. It just happened.

Stop the noise and the voicenotes on WhatsApp that your friend bi said I wanted to chop her blablabla.

That Barbra girl is not telling you the truth dear. If it’s the obroni girl called Barbara then I been chopping her since 2014. Ask her!!!

The last time I was tired so I just press press her small and gave her 500 Ghana. Herh Barbara, e be so you dey? You take my money finish go report me to Mona. Nyame betua wo ka paaa 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

My lady you can’tdo anything!!! Forget it!!! On Tuesday night when you were talking to that your ex boyfriend I was on the line ooo.

When he asked you what you’ll drink and you said champagne I was on the line!! I have the recoding. All the boys were listening to you.

That was not the only time I’ve set you up to record you. In the past 7 days, I’ve recorded you 37 time.

Have you forgotten that you went to cook in a house in community 18? Come on dear!! Can’t you see that I don’t want to fight you?

Let’s stop this. I’ll call @afiaschwarzanegger to stop attacking you. You have won 🏆 the fight. It’s ok!!!

If you want to trend lets plan it well. If you are enjoying it like this too please tell me so that I don’t open keys which will defeat the agenda.

Please please please, Sister please, like I said, let’s channel our energies into better things. Forget this beef. Love 💘😻💜 you still. Enjoy the weekend. #halfmanhalfbosom😃”.

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