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The Alkaida Brouhaha, What Actually Happened Between Teephlow And Guru



The recent happenings between Lynx Entertainment and Guru which were later joined by Teephlow uninvited have raised many issues in the music industry with one being a fight over the ownership of a popular dance move, Alkaida.

After Teephlow accused Guru of stealing his shine, l know you all will be asking how. So here is what actually happened.

In 2013, Teephlow released a massive jam ‘Al-Qaeda’ taking over the whole central region with it. Guru after hearing the vibe reportedly contact his colleague with a good idea to team up with him for a remix.

The Young rapper agreed to his senior man’s idea but insisted on brainstorming with his crews before giving Guru a specific reply on whether he will accept the collaboration or decline it.

The NKZ man who couldn’t wait for Teephlow’s delayed response anymore took to the studio to record his own version “Alkayida”

Interestingly, Guru’s version has taken over the whole country including the hotspots where Teephlow’s own was a street anthem earlier, making the latter’s song become unpopular as a result.

Guru however denied contacting Teephlow over any possible remix.

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