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In the past few years, we have seen several lists for ‘Richest Ghanaians’ being published online, including one that was published by a certain Forbes Ghana (yes laugh out loud!). Usually these lists have no real basis for compiling the net-worth of Ghanaians but go ahead to do so based on perceptions of what people should be worth.

My late father once told me that Ghanaians will for a long time find it difficult to let people know how much they are worth due to historical events. Apparently, there was a time that it was criminal to have more than one water closet in your house, and people were prosecuted based on that. (Did you also hear of such stories while growing up, if so share them)

Anyway, some names keep coming up whenever there is a list for rich Ghanaians. I have compiled a list of companies owned by three such men from reports online (and hopefully they are credible).  They include Ibrahim Mahama, brother of former president, John Dramani Mahama; aspiring president, Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom; and Kennedy Agyepong Member Of Parliament For Assin North. 


Micheal Ibrahim Mahama, the half-brother of John Dramani Mahama is a very successful businessman with businesses across various sector from mining, construction and poultry to real estate. He is on record to have said he employs over 5,000 people and has plans of expanding his empire to include cement manufacturing. According to NsromaMedia, his companies include:
Engineers And Planners

Engineers and Planners Company Ltd, a wholly Ghanaian owned company with close to 20 years experience and specialized in the management and hiring of heavy duty plants, equipment and machinery, haulage, oil and gas, land reclamation and restoration, dam construction and mining is now operating in four countries: Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leon and Congo Brazzaville and hope to expand further to other countries including the Gulf region. Ibrahim also has the mining concessions and contracts to mine on behalf of multinational mining firms in West Africa.

Asutsuare Poultry Farm

Ibrahim also owns a poultry farm. The Asutsuare Poultry Farm produces over 150,000 eggs per day and capable of producing 10,000 live chicks in a day.


MBG Ltd. is located in Tema, Ghana deals in the sale and rental of heavy duty vehicles and spare parts and has the following in the garage. 20 dump trucks @ US$2.5 million each 5 excavators @ US$5 million each 70 small dump trucks @ US$650,000 each 40 bulldozers @ US$1.3 million each 120 tipper trucks @ US$200,000 each.

ArcelorMittal Connections

Ibrahim does not own ArcelorMittal but in Sierra Leon and Liberia  his company works in partnership with the company which is the world’s largest steelmaking company. Engineers and Planners have also been contracted by Messrs Arcelor Mittal to provide mining services at their iron ore mining site at Yekepa in Northern Liberia. This project includes civil engineering works for installation of an iron ore processing plant and construction of a tailings Dam.



Hon. Kennedy Agyepong is the MP for Assin North in the Central Region. The outspoken, no-nonsnese politician is known to be rich and has even made claims to sleeping in  bed worth $80,000. He has a vast empire in terms of companies and NsromaMedia  confirmed the following:

Oman F.M

Ash F.M

Net 2 TV

Super Care Company Limited (Air Conditioners Dealer)

Mina D’oro Ventures

M/S Imperial World Business Limited.

The National Newspaper

Gold Coin Communication

Real Estate Company


Ghanaian serial entrepreneur and politician, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom revealed how he lost $2 million in on day, in the April edition of the Forbes Africa Magazine. Dr. Nduom’s remarkable achievements in business in Ghana for almost four decades where he has successfully built Groupe Nduom with over 60 businesses under its portfolio.

Dr. Nduom’s businesses have not been been a secret in Ghana so lets count them from 1 to 65.

1.Coconut Grove Hotels (Miners lodge at Obuasi, Regency in Accra, Bridge House in Elmina, Beach Resort at Elmina and two new ones coming up at Sakumono and Wa)

2. GN Bank (260 branches in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Antigua, Zimbabwe, Pueto Rico, Saint Kitts-and-Nevis, USA, Togo, Benin and Liberia)

3. GN Quarry

4. GN Printing Press

5. Digicut (Advertising and PR Consult)

6. Spider Lee Entertainment

7. Monica Yorke Preparatory School at Elmina (Best Basic School in KEEA)

8. AFR

9. Qualtek (ICT)

10. Gold Coast Fund Management (20years of experience)

11. Yorke Properties (Real Estate)

12. GN Re-Insurance (Best in the industry which started with an initial capital of Ghc 80million above the minimum requirement of Ghc 40million)

13. GN Health Insurance

14. GN Life Assurance

15. Ghana Growth Fund Ltd

16. Ahomka Fm (Elmina)

17. Enyidado Fm (Awutu)

18. Agoro Fm (Berekum)

19. Golden Pod (Sefwi Juabeso)

20. Okyeman fm (Akim Oda)

21. Gold Coast Brokerage

22. Sterlin Management Services

23. Sterlin Protection Services

24. Today Newspaper

25. ATV

26. BTA

27. First Digital TV

28. Fresh Pak (Manufacturing)

29. Elmina Sharks (Football)

30. Hedjorl3 online radio

31. EPPL (Manufacturing)

32. Pentrust (Pensions)

33. GN Power (Alternative Power Generation)

34. GN Finance

35. GN Asset Management and Protection

36. Ghanaian Journal (Online newspaper)

37. Kasapreko Fm (Wassa Akropong)

38. Ghana Media Consult

39. Oceean1 Tv (Elmina)

40. Light Fm (Aflao)

41. Nduom University (Elmina-Komenda-Takoradi Highway)

42. GN Microinsurance

43. Wa Fm (Wa)

44. GN Research

45. Institute for Progressive Research & Advocacy (IPRA)

46. GN Farms (Brong Ahafo, KEEA and Western Region)

47. LEDFC (Liberia Enterprise Development Fund Company)

48. GN Foundation (Scholarships)

49. GN Hospital (Dr Edjah Nduom and Dr Aba Nduom, both children of Dr & Mrs Nduom (Neurosurgeon and Medical Doctor respectively), together with other specialists and researchers are working on an ultra-modern GN Hospital at Elmina with satellite clinics in all 10 regional capitals.

50. GN Projects

51. GN Logistics (Bulk storage, courier, procurement, warehousing etc)

52. GN Electronics (Assembling of LCD TVs and decoders)

53. Nduom Sports Stadium (Elmina)

54. GN Concrete Products (Elmina)

55. GN Autoshop (Vehicle Assembling)

56. IBS (USA)

57. Sea Lions (Female football team)

58. Ahomka radio (UK)

59. GN Legal

60. Adehyi3 Fm (Bibiani)

61. GNHR

62. GN Microenterprise Business

63. GN Ambulance Brigade

64. Suhupieli FM (Tamale)

65. ISF Bank (Chicago)

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Girl Exposes A Lady Using Sperms Of Guys For Rituals; As She’s Part Of An Occult Group Called “Sisterhood Money Club”



A twitter lady by the handle @EdNarh_xx has exposed an occult group.

In a chat shared by Yaa Bayern the lady exposed one Angela who is part of the secret group calles Sisterhood Money Club. In the exposed chat, the lady (Angela) gave every information on how they make monies in this group.

According to Angela, what they group needs is the Sperms of a guy as they are rewarded with $500.

Read the full thread of the chats below.

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Slay Queen Disgraced Online After She Offered To Sleep With A Guy Just To Take Pictures With His iPhone 12



There is a leaked WhatsApp chat going viral on social media of a Slay Queen who offered to have sex with her male friend’s close friend just to use his iPhone 12 to take photos.

The shameless Slay Queen took the contact of the unknown guy using the iPhone 12 from her male friend after she saw him on her friend’s WhatsApp status.

She [Slay Queen] wanted to be on a level pegging with her other female friends who’re likely using iPhones, hence shooting her shot on this one.

Wanting to satisfy her need to use the iPhone 12 to take photos, the unidentified Slay Queen quickly after taking the iPhone guy’s contact, DM him.

In the chat, the lady gave two offers to the guy using the latest iPhone series which launched on 13th October 2020. She told the guy to either have 2 rounds of sex with her or charge money.

The guy who wanted more from the lady bargained with her, asking her to offer him 4 rounds of sex in lieu of the 2 because the phone is expensive.

The Slay Queen, however, pleaded for 3 rounds with a special package, which is to give him [the guy] a BlowJob in addition to the 3 rounds of coition. Both at the end agreed to it.

Read the chat between the Slay Queen and the guy she wanted to use his iPhone 12 to take photos below;

Leaked Chat

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What Is The Best Average Penis Size?



Most men across the world have become to concern about the size of their penis as some due to porn or dating sites like OnlyFans and more tend to raise alarm based on the kind of sizes of penies they see online.

According to our research, KubiLive today will provide you the best of average size penis that can especially satisfy a woman.

According to a NHS steerage, teenage boys are the most likely to get a ruler or tape measure out to find out how long their penis is.

On the other hand, the pressure men put on themselves when it comes to their downstairs, saying: “Man has always placed great importance on the size of his penis. Many cultures associate penis size with masculinity.

“Throughout the ages, it has come to symbolise qualities such as virility, fertility, strength, ability and courage.”

Not being happy with the size of your penis can damage a man’s self-confidence and impact their social life.

If you feel embarrassed about your penis, you may start to avoid intimate relationships or even using public urinals or shared shower rooms.

However, we all grow at different rates so there is no average penis size for teenagers.

Every penis is unique and the penis doesn’t stop growing until the age of 21.

Most men have a penis that is about 3.75 inches long when not erect.

But then, the best average size penis is between 6.35 to 6.56 inches.

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