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The Journey So Far: Bright Hodzor Shares Inspiring Career Story As A Painter



Turning something that was born out of passion into a profit-making venture is not an everyday story in Africa. That is why it is always uplifting to share stories of young Africans using their talent to influence their career. In Ghana, one such person who has advanced in using his creative ability to earn his keep is Bright Hodzor, popularly known as the Celebrity Painter.

This young man’s talent has pushed him to do the extraordinary. He does not only recognize this gift of making the most astonishing interior and exterior wall paintings as a talent but also as a business. With a view to that, he started Kaprisky Creations Ghana which he uses as an entity to provide jobs for other young people under his tutorship.

For the past 15 years, with a specialty in interior and exterior paintings, Bright has built a sterling career for himself accumulating high-earned clients such as Cocobod, Action Chapel International, Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Madina, Top Kid International School at East Legon, Akosombo International School, Quality Insurance Company headquarters, Wilmar, Bosch Ghana, Trassaco and Manet Estate among many others

Aside from the institutions he had worked with in Ghana, Bright is widely recognized by the artistic displays he has across the city of Accra including the Frytol paintings on one of the biggest markets in Ghana, Kaneshie Market.

Outside Ghana, his works have caught the attention of international clients across West Africa earing him several opportunities to register his unraveling works in Nigeria and Togo.

Bright is convinced that the challenges that come with his talent and creativity are his sources of inspiration. He further acknowledges the recommendation and comments from his clients as a push to do more and to do better.

Bright who hails from Leklebu Duga in the Volta Region is a Senior High School leaver from Kinbu. After completion, he could not access enough support to start his university education. In the course of finding something to do keep himself from starving, Bright began painting for friends and family for little or no pay. A cliche of a story but still a reality in Africa today. It was at this time, that his talent bloomed and the business idea dropped in his mind. He started to share his works on social media and it caught fire and spread.

In the next decade, Bright wants to take his craft across the world. After the depth of experience he has gathered and creativity he has been able to share with the world through his journey, he believes it is time to start working with more international brands beyond Africa.

For creatives in Ghana who want opportunities to be given to showcase their talents, he also admonishes them to learn how to monetize what they do.

He believes that investment in oneself and the addition of value to one’s skills can provide more opportunities to increase revenue as well as go a long way to curb the rate of youth unemployment in Ghana, and by extension, the continent of Africa.

As a result, Celebrity Painter does not miss a good opportunity to speak at conferences, seminars, webinars, and workshops organized for young entrepreneurs.

As a way of contributing to curbing the unemployment issues in Ghana, Bright wishes to work with Governmental or Non-Governmental Organisations to mobilize and train young people who are interested in his craft in every district in Ghana. This, he believes would help them gain experiences with which they can start their own business.

His company Kaprisky Creations Ghana is located at Madina New Road and can be found as @thecelebritypainter on all social media platforms.

Written by: Prince Akpah

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2020 GMB 1ST Runner Up, Abena Shows Appreciation



Hello everyone, thanks for being my pillar. Let me start by saying a very big thanks to God for all His wishes in my life.

I just feel like apologizing for not winning the crown for this year’s GMB2020 because I promised you all to bring the crown to our region for the first time.

When I showed up for this year’s GMB2020, exactly 14 weeks ago, I least expected the ‘macho’ love you’ve exhibited throughout.

If a soothsayer had ‘soothsayed’ this immense support, I’d have probably laughed over and just hope for it.

There is a common phrase I am sure everyone knows, “it takes a village to raise a child”. I am very grateful for being the child of your village. The votes, support, prayers, motivations, and above all the gift of life from God.

I am most indebted and I cannot pay back whatever you have lost just in my well-being.

For the past 14 weeks, I never could have imagined being the 1st Runner Up for the GMB2020 without the support of family, friends, well-wishers, classmates, school mates, my teachers/tutors, role models, high profile personalities especially my Chiefs, Queen mothers, and honorable members in the society.

I will never forget the first time that I have a whole lot of team including you all behind me.

On behalf of myself, my manager; @ogazy_ecentrics, and the entire #TEAMABENA4GMB2020 wishes to say THANK YOU, ‘MEDAMOASE’, AKPE NA MI’, ‘OYIWALADON’, ‘MPOYA’.

I may be biased to mention the tall lists of individuals, institutions, organizations, and people who have contributed to my achievement.

At the appropriate time when all is said and done, I will not hesitate to come to you personally to render my profound appreciation towards the love showed.

I personally believe God will not shame anyone of us, thus, #GodNoGoShameUs.

Thank you all once again. #GodNoGoShameUs

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GMB 2020: Greater Accra’s Naa Dedei Wins TV3 Ghana’s Most Beautiful Season 14



A consistent performer, Naa had been winning plaudits with her performances throughout the 14 weeks the show has been running. She won the star performer three-time.

For her prize, Naa took home a brand new car, cash of GHC10,000, a trip to Dubai, and a high-end smartphone with free data package for a year.

She also received a sponsorship package from GTP for the supply of cloth for the next one-year among other prizes.

The 2020 grand finale saw musical performances from evergreen Hiplife group Praye, Highlife sensation KiDi, Adina, Camidoh, and Mentor Reloaded winner Optional King. The five artistes thrilled the audience with fine performances on the night.

The crowning brings an end to the reign of Ekua Bannerman Mends who won the competition in 2019.

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TAIVOS™ Lab Brings CAMON 16 Premier An Unparalleled Night Shot Experience



TECNO, the global premium smartphone brand, successfully hosted the first augmented reality (AR) online product launch that integrated technology and photography. TECNO launched its latest CAMON 16 Premier at the event, which boasts an industry-first rear 64MP quad camera and a front 48MP configuration. One of the main attractions is the trademarked TAIVOS™ technology, which is one of the key outputs of TAIVOS™ lab – providing users an excellent and unprecedented visual experience, especially at night and low-light environments.

TAIVOS™, which stands for TECNO AI Vision Optimization Solution, is an advanced signal processing technology that interprets raw data through an AI multi-framed, portrait segmentation based on tens of millions of data points. This capability means that TAIVOS™ can filter image noise better and optimize image clarity, thereby enhancing night photography effects. Not long ago, TAIVOS™ technology won the CVPR 2020 LIP global competition, the first place in the dark complexion segmentation track, which also validates the prowess of the CAMON 16 Premier.

TECNO is always committed to bring products with the latest technology to consumers, with the goal to push the performance of mobile phone photography further. For this reason, TECNO has carried out a number of researches and tests on the core technologies of photography on the lab platform, in order to seek more refined technological breakthroughs. TECNO’s research centers train deep learning algorithms through tens of millions of deep skin data that are supported by multiple visual algorithms, enabling users to record and take more sophisticated photos. When compared to other smartphones, the TECNO CAMON 16 Premier can better filter image noise and optimize image clarity. Combined with the ultra-clear 48MP front camera and 64MP rear camera to enhance night-time photography, TECNO’s night shooting mode becomes a big selling point of the smartphone.

In addition, most of the mobile phones usually only sports 1080 pixels resolution for video recording and playing, while the TECNO CAMON 16 Premier makes use of its TAIVOS™ technology in tandem with the equipped 2.9 μm super-large lens pixels to be able to film better in dark environments than normal camera. This configuration delivers twice as effective results as that of ordinary mobile phones. TECNO CAMON 16 Premier can also use AI to intelligently identify super night scenes, dark environment and portrait, and divide and protect the portrait, so that the portrait can be captured but not exposed, and the night scene is more transparent, bright and dark environment is clearer, so as to take the most perfect photos. It can not only ensure the stable output of 1080P clear quality video but also enables filming in dark environments by allowing users to get brighter exposures, which other mobile phones cannot do.

At the same time, TECNO CAMON 16 Premier can also perform intelligent recognition through AI, distinguish super night scenes, dark environments, and portraits with professional-level quality. The integrated software can segment and identify portrait-style photos, so that users can manipulate and edit videos to meet their creative vision, in both night and day. TECNO has painstakingly considered these details in the pursuit of empowering users to create the most perfect images, be it in video or photo form.

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