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Two Taliban Leaders Missing ‘Due To Major Row At Kabul Palace’



Two Taliban leaders have been reported missing following a major row at the presidential palace in Kabul following a dispute over the formation of the new government, sources have revealed.

An argument broke out between the Taliban’s co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar and Khalil ur-Rahman Haqqani, the minister of refugees in the current government and a prominent leader of the US designated terrorist organisation Haqqani network, sources told BBC Pashto.

According to a Taliban source, the two exchanged strong words while their supporters clashed with each other nearby.

Two Taliban leaders missing ?due to major row at Kabul palace?

The news of an internal rift comes as speculation has been mounting over the disappearance of the Islamist group’s two top figures, supreme leader Mullah Haibatullah Akhundzada and deputy prime minister Mr Baradar -from public view.

Baradar was also absent from the ministerial delegation that met with Qatari foreign minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani in Kabul on Sunday – an occasion he would usually have attended.

The Taliban has denied both the reports of rift and rumours as “baseless propaganda.”

Baradar, who was one of the co-founders of the group and headed the Taliban’s political office, was tipped to be the next prime minister by Taliban officials. But instead he was made first deputy to interim prime minister Mullah Hassan Akhund.

Baradar was also the first Taliban leader to communicate directly with then US president Donald Trump in 2020 and signed the Doha agreement in February 2020. He is considered a “moderate” within the leadership.

It is said that the arguments took place in Kabul as Baradar was unhappy about the make up of the new cabinet and there was disagreement over who should take credit for their victory in Afghanistan.

Baradar reportedly wanted to put emphasis on the diplomatic efforts, for which he was largely responsible, while the Haqqani group placed more emphasis on the military victory that paved the way for the takeover.

The Haqqani network is designated a foreign terrorist organisation (FTO) by the US, and its head, Sirajuddin Haqqani, has been given the position of acting interior minister despite the FBI placing a $10m bounty on his head.

The network is linked to some of the worst attacks in Afghanistan against foreign forces and the Afghan government.


15-Year-Old Girl Is Gang-Raped By Up To 33 Men In Latest Horrifying Sex Attack Case In India



A 15-year-old girl was allegedly gang-raped on several occasions by up to 33 men in the latest horrifying sex attack case in India.

The attacks took place at various locations in the Thane district of Maharashtra state over the last eight months, a senior police official confirmed.

Police have arrested 24 people and detained two minors in connection with the case so far, Dattatray Karale, additional commissioner of police (East region), said on Thursday.

According to Times of India, the girl is in a stable condition undergoing treatment at a government hospital.

It was also reported that angry crowds had gathered outside the police station where the men are being held, to protest against the attack.

Police in the city of Dombivli registered a case on Wednesday night against 33 people accused of crimes including rape, repeated rape, gang-rape and rape of a minor, Karale said.

He added that the alleged offences were said to have happened between January 29 and September 22 of this year.

‘It all started when the lover of the girl raped her in January and made a video of the incident. He started blackmailing her on the basis of that video.

‘Later on, his friends and acquaintances gang-raped her at least on four to five occasions at different places, including Dombivli, Badlapur, Murbad and Rabale in the district,’ Business Standard of India reported Karale as saying.

A special investigative team has been formed to probe the case.

‘The victim has named 33 persons. Out of them, 24 persons have been arrested and two minors detained in this connection. The girl’s condition is said to be stable,’ Karale said.

Police are searching for the other suspects, while those already arrested will be remanded in custody until September 29.

The two minors will be remanded in custody at a children’s remand home.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Closely Followed By Bodyguards As He Drives His Bentley To Training



Football star, Cristiano Ronaldo was closely followed by a security team on his way to training today, September 23.

As the 36-year-old made his way to training on Thursday morning, September 23 Ronaldo was seen driving his plush Bentley to Carrington with his two personal bodyguards following very closely behind.

Cristiano Ronaldo closely followed by bodyguards as he drives his Bentley to training (photo) ?

It’s not the first time Ronaldo has been pictured with his security guards either.

The two guards were snapped by photographers helping Ronaldo board a plane with the rest of the United team earlier this month as they made their way to Switzerland to take on Young Boys in the Champions League – a game which Ronaldo scored in but United spectacularly lost in stoppage time.

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‘We Take The Knee But After The Game, We See Another Insult’ : Chelsea Striker, Romelu Lukaku Raises Doubts Over The Gesture



Chelsea striker, Romelu Lukaku is the latest Premier League star to question whether taking the knee is having a strong impact in the fight against racism.

Ahead of the current campaign, Premier League players agreed to continue making the gesture in the continued fight against racism.

So far, Wilfried Zaha and Ivan Toney have stopped taking the knee.

Crystal Palace winger Zaha branded the act as ‘degrading’ earlier this year, while Brentford striker Toney said players were being ‘used as puppets’ in being asked to take a knee.

Earlier this week, Lukaku’s teammate, Marcos Alonso announced his decision to stop making the pre-match gesture.

Speaking to CNN, the Chelsea striker said: ‘I think we can take stronger positions, basically. Yes, we are taking the knee, but in the end, everybody’s clapping but… sometimes after the game, you see another insult.’

Lukaku believes players must come together to take on huge online platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

‘The captains of every team, and four or five players, like the big personalities of every team, should have a meeting with the CEOs of Instagram and governments and the FA and the PFA, and we should just sit around the table and have a big meeting about it,’ said Lukaku.

‘How we can attack it straight away, not only from the men’s game, but also from the women’s game. I think just all of us together and just have a big meeting and have a conference and just talk about stuff that needs to be addressed to protect the players, but also to protect fans and younger players that want to become professional footballers.

‘If you want to stop something, you can really do it. We, as players, we can say “Yeah, we can boycott social media,” but I think it’s those companies that have to come and talk to the teams, or to the governments, or to the players themselves and find a way how to stop it because I really think they can.

‘I have to fight, because I’m not fighting only for myself. I’m fighting for my son, for my future kids, for my brother, for all of the other players and their kids, you know, for everybody.

‘At the end of the day, football should be an enjoyable game… You cannot kill the game by discrimination. That should never happen. Football is joy, it’s happiness and it shouldn’t be a place where you feel unsafe because of the opinion from some uneducated people.’

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