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Voltarians Are Asking That Why Are They Not Exhibiting Local Ewe Culture At Rawlings’ Funeral



There’s an outrage on social media as to why the Ewe traditional culture is not in full display at former President Jerry John Rawlings’ funeral.

Aside being a son of the Volta land, he’s a Chief. In 2016, he was enstooled as a peace chief of Anlo State.

Hence, custom demands that some Anlo traditional dances, among other Ewe culture must be in full display at his funeral.

But instead, what we hear on TV is Adowa and other Akan traditional songs and dances.

This situation has caused Voltarians to ask that what at all is going on?

“Watching Rawling’s funeral and too much Adowa here and there instead of Agbadza, why, the man be Akan man“, one social media asked.

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Apparently, there was a back and forth battle between the Anlo State and the Government as to how the funeral would be held.

While the Government insisted on giving the former Head of State a State burial, the Anlo State also said per their culture, they deserve control over Rawling’s remains.

At the end of the day, the Government won the battle to organise a state burial.

This is even one of the reasons why the funeral arrangements delayed.

Notwithstanding, one Alex Dogba wrote on Facebook that even if the state has taken control over the funeral, that shouldn’t prevent the Anlo State for that matter the Agbotui and Tamakloe families from organising an Agbadza troupe to perform at the funeral.

“It’s sad that Anlo State can’t organise an Agbadza groupe to play at the funeral of the late Chairman Rawlings. To the Agbotui and Tamakloe families seeking to take possession of his body should be ashamed that they couldn’t get Agbadza groupe to play at the funeral“, he wrote.

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Selasi Sosu also quizzed: “Rawlings is an Anlo Chief! Can we at least dance some of the Agbadza and Akpese he loves dancing so much?? What the heck is going on?

image 2021 01 26 144737

James Afedo also added: “Rawlings Funeral. Where is the Atsiagbekor? Where is the Agbadza? Where is the Akpese? Where is the Gongu? Where is the rich Ewe culture? All I keep hearing on radio and tv is Kete. Wharisdat? Or am I tuning in at the wrong time?

image 2021 01 26 144714

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Mourinho, upon hearing of Solksjaer’s comments then offered a withering rebuke at Solksjaer, questioning his fatherhood.

“I just want to say Son is very lucky that his father is a better person than Ole because I think a father – and I am a father – you have always to feed your kids. It does not matter what they do. If you have to steal to feed your kids, you steal.” An angry Mourinho said.

“I am very, very disappointed. With me, like we say in Portugal, bread is bread and cheese is cheese, have told Ole already what I think of his comments.

“I told Ole already this because I met him a few minutes ago. If it was me saying that player A, B or C from another club – if, as he says that if it was my son that I won’t give him dinner tonight or something like that – what would be the level of the reaction.

“First of all let me tell you something. I am very, very surprised that after the comments Ole made on Sonny, you don’t ask me about it.

“It is very, very sad and I think it is really sad that you don’t ask me about it. It is really sad that you don’t have the moral honesty the same way as you treat others.”

Watch Mourinho’s reply below

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No Pastor In Ghana Can Face Me : Avraham Moshe Tells Maame Grace



Religious nonconformer and leader of Common Sense Family, Avraham Ben Moshe has openly challenged Ghanaian pastors to dare attempt to deliver him if they believe God called them.

He further stated that Avraham Moshe will rather deliver any Christian pastor who tries to convert him.

Avraham Moshe spoke exclusively on GHOne TV’s Revelation with host Apostle Maame Grace.

On the same show which was in two episodes that aired on Sunday, April 2020, Avraham opened up for the first time about his beginnings and his family history on Revelations with Maame Grace.

Described as a counterculturist of all religions, Avraham Ben Moshe gave details about his Muslim parents and how he started as a young Christian preacher.

During the explosive interview, Avraham Moshe proclaimed that God has not spoken to any man on earth before. ” With the over 7 billion humans on earth, God has never spoken to anyone before since the beginning of time. He has not spoken to any pastor before. ” – Avraham Moshe told Apostle Maame Grace on Revelations.

He said that humans have been given different forms of senses, therefore, it is only the sense of a person that speaks to him or her, not God or any divine entity.

Avraham Moshe exploded further to say that, African gods are supposed to worship humans not the other way round.

We cannot speak for the many shocking things Avraham Moshe said in Revelations, but we can only caution that you listen when making your conclusion.

Revelations on GHOne TV is a private television show owned by Global Eagle Revival Outreach Ministry in Ghana, headed by Apostle Maame Grace who is the host of the show.

Revelations seek to deliver God by unearthing dark secrets of the spiritual world that usually takes us away from the lord of God through his son Jesus Christ.

The show has seen its third season for over 3 years on television and it has grown a very massive following especially on social media.

Follow Revelations with Maame Grace via Instagram: @Gerom2020, @MaameGraceGH and

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Real Madrid 2-1 Barcelona: Zinedine Zidane’s Men Go Top Of The Table



Real Madrid are now top of the La Liga table after doing the double over Barcelona for the first time since 2007-08 by winning 2-1 on Saturday night, April 10.

It was a very entertaining game as Madrid’s counter-attacking tactics worked well, particularly in the first half as Karim Benzema put Madrid 1-0 ahead.

Real Madrid 2-1 Barcelona: Zinedine Zidane

33-year-old Benzema was first to meet Lucas Vazquez’s low cross towards the near post, squeezing a backheeled flick past Marc-Andre ter Stegen for his 25th goal in 35 appearances this season.

Barcelona fell further behind when Kroos’ free-kick took a deflection off Sergino Dest on its way past Ter Stegen.

Real Madrid 2-1 Barcelona: Zinedine Zidane

Federico Valverde could have made it 3-0 before half-time, but his shot across goal came back off the inside of the far post.

In the second half Coach, Ronaldo Koeman ditched Dest and brought in Griezmann.

Real Madrid 2-1 Barcelona: Zinedine Zidane

But it was Oscarueza who pulled one back for Barca before Madrid’s Casemiro was shown a late red card.

Real Madrid 2-1 Barcelona: Zinedine Zidane

Real Madrid 2-1 Barcelona: Zinedine Zidane

Barca almost snatched a draw in second-half stoppage time when Moriba thumped a loose ball against Courtois’ crossbar, but Real held on to record three consecutive El Clasico wins for the first time since 1978.

Real Madrid 2-1 Barcelona: Zinedine Zidane

The result takes Real Madrid level on points with Atletico Madrid but are ahead of their city rivals because of their superior head-to-head record.

Atletico, who led La Liga by 10 points as recently as 31 January, can reclaim top spot with victory at Real Betis on Sunday.

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