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We Show Off Money, Car And Mansions To Motivate The Youth : Okese1



Rich Talented musician, Frank Nana Okese Afranie known in the showbiz circles as Okese1 on Cape Coast-based Kastle FM revealed why young musicians nowadays flaunt money, cars and mansions in music videos.

Speaking with Amansan Krakye on Kastle Drive, the young musician said they flaunt their wealthy and lavish lifestyles to inspire youth to work hard and make money.

“The youth must be told truthfully to make it a point that everyone must make money. We put the lifestyle out there through our music videos for them to see and follow. So that they would feel motivated to hustle hard in order to make it in life,” he answered.

The young talent was asked how he’s coping with COVID-19 since they don’t play shows due to the restrictions to curb the virus from spreading,

He said “Well way before the music we were having our money way back before we ventured into music. However, it’s true that the virus has slowed down things but music or not I’m okay.”

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